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Games for the Motorola Bionic

Many consumer’s view smart phones as small computers that are easier to carry around than laptops. With a smart phone, you can place and receive calls the same way you would with a normal cell phone, but you can also use them to check the latest news and weather, send and receive emails from work and family, and entertain yourself through music, movies, videos, pictures, and games. Games in particular are a growing use of smart phones; who doesn’t want a way to pass a few minutes of down time while stuck in traffic or while waiting for a meeting to start or end? This article will discuss some of the games you might find fun to play on the Motorola Bionic in particular and in your average smart phone in general.

When it comes to mobile gaming there are a few categories that you will look at such as free games, paid games, arcade games and even RPG games. The first games we will discuss are the free games and paid gaming apps. Although many believe that you get what you pay for, that is not always the case with mobile games. In reality most of the top games that you will download are free. For example, Angry Birds is the number one downloaded game for many smart phones and it is absolutely free.

Have you heard of games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario? There are many emulator apps that allow you to play these games on the Bionic with little or no effort. This means that you can virtually play any one of your favorite games directly on your phone.

However, keep in mind that you will not be able to play many of the more modern games because of the hardware specs of many smart phones.

That said, if you are looking to play some good games, then you don’t need to go out and spend a ton of money to have a good time; just get on the internet and download your favorite games as ROMs and an emulator app capable of playing them, and you will be on your way.

Beyond trying out ROMs and emulator apps, you might also want to spend some time working on improving the performance of your Motorola Bionic itself; for this, you can check out some of the many accessories available for purchase on the market, such as a screen protector or a case. These will keep your phone in tip top shape while you are enjoying the heck out of it. A battery will also be a great accessory to pick up because of the amount of gaming you will probably do.

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Notable Features of the Apple iPad 2

Apple’s iPad 2 is the newest device from the company, and is perhaps one of the most advanced pieces of technology in terms of mobile devices. The new iPad isn’t just a redesign either, but it’s a complete improvement on the original. The most notable difference in the newer iPad besides the size is the new addition of a front camera. This was added so that owners could use Facetime on the device and communicate face to face with the people that they know. Overall, the iPad 2 contains minor improvements but they are significant enough that people will trade their old iPad in for the new improved model.

One of the biggest changes besides the look and design of the iPad is that the accessories are all going to be different as well. While there are not many accessories to choose from as of yet because the iPad was recently released, there are soon to be many different accessories but not all of them are going to be practical to own. One of the most practical accessories that an iPad owner should buy is the screen protector. While a screen protector won’t improve on the overall look of the phone, it will still add some style.

When it comes to keep your device protected, getting a screen protector would be wise. Some users think that it is more important to make their product look better but many times they put the iPad at risk of damage by choosing style. It is important for a case to be both stylish and protect the iPad at the same time. No one should ever sacrifice protection of their iPad over a good looking designed case.

Of course, there are those things that make it better than other of its class. The App Store is one of the best features that Apple users have access to. Among some of the best applications are the best social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook and other apps like Shazam and RSS Readers. Downloading these applications allow users to enjoy their tablet a whole lot more. Other tablets do not have the same customization options as this Apple device. That is why the App Store is one of the main reasons why the iPad is so successful.

Overall, this device is an amazing product that makes a great alternative to a laptop Smaller, stronger and better looking, the iPad 2 is definitely an amazing piece of technology.

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Things To Think About Before Acquiring A Touch Screen Laptop

More and more people these day are using laptop computers. All you have to do is go out and take a look around, and see all the different instances of people doing work, playing games, doing homework, or just catching up on the news on their portable computers. With prices dropping rapidly, and technology on it’s ever increasing march forward, they seem to be the latest thing.

One seemingly recent technological advance that has actually been around a while, but has only lately been showing up on laptop computers is a touch screen. You don’t have to move your mouse around to manipulate the cursor on the screen, nor do you have to fool with that inconvenient little square in front of your keypad. You simply touch the screen wherever you’d like to move the cursor, and use the keyboard for the rest. If you have a smart phone, then you’re already familiar with touch screen technology.

One thing that has kept touch screen laptops from going completely main screen is the difficulty in providing a viable product. Manufacturers have to build a screen that is both sensitive enough to respond accurately to the user, yet robust enough to withstand at least a couple of years of touching and poking and prodding. Other products, that have successfully employed touch screens, such as certain smart phones, electronic dictionaries, and personal organizers, use a much smaller screen, and the screens have limited functions.

So how about using a touch screen on a laptop computer? Is the technology there yet to provide both the sensitivity, and the robustness that such a thing requires? This actually depends on how much you’ll be using your touch screen, and what kind of computing you do, and how much money you’re willing to pay. Laptops with a touch screen are a little bit more expensive, and you have a slightly higher risk of using the warranty, which of course means bringing your computer to the shop for repairs.

If you are a heavy computer user, and you don’t always have time to find enough desk space, or counter top space to set up and connect your mouse, then having a touch screen would probably be a good addition to your computing toolkit. On the other hand, if you usually use your computer at home, or in specific places like Starbucks, school, or the public library, where there’s plenty of countertop space, then perhaps you should until technology makes them more affordable, and longer lasting.

The bottom line is that touch screen computers are a wonderful technology. Whether you should take advantage of them right away, or wait a while, is up to you, and how much you use computers. Hopefully this article has helped you to make that decision.

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Taking Mobile Phones To A New Level

What exactly is a satellite phone? How does it compare to a regular cell phone? What are its benefits? What are its drawbacks? Would a satellite phone be a good option for me?

A satellite phone is very different from a normal mobile phone. Instead of communicating with cell towers placed along areas of coverage as a cell phone does, a satellite phone communicates directly with satellites in orbit around the planet. This means that satellite phones have a much wider area coverage of regular cell phones. In fact, there is almost nothing in the U.S., where you can not get a signal with a satellite phone.

Companies that travel and work in remote locations using satellite phones. Businesses need ongoing communication so that operations can continue and the safety of their employees and resources. Satellite phones are essential for any business operating in remote areas.

Businesses are not the only entities to use satellite phones. Outdoor enthusiasts also have them. Satellite phones assure hikers, backpackers, back country skiers, and other outdoor adventurers in remote areas that they have a communication line to safety.

Experts estimate that only 50% of the planet’s surface has a cellular telephone. Since satellite phones have become more affordable and accessible to ordinary people, the cost of building cell towers has been reduced. These savings are presumed to consumers.

Another benefit of satellite phones is that they allow for worldwide access. It does not matter where a person is on the planet, they have access to a phone signal with a sat phone. In emergency situations, when many cell phones do not work, satellite phones still function. Imagine being in an earthquake and being unable to contact your loved ones. You would not know if they survived, where they were, or if they needed help. And they would not know the same about you. With a satellite phone, that is not the case. You could communicate with loved ones no matter where you are. If cell phone towers are destroyed, you can still reach them.

Survival specialists agree that any person spending a significant amount of time in remote areas ought to have a satellite phone. Travelers ought to find out if the area where they are going to be traveling has a mobile phone signal before departing. If there is not signal in the area, they ought to think about purchasing a satellite phone. Satellite rings are surprisingly affordable.

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Surfing The Web From Your Flat Screen HDTV

There are many ways to connect to the Internet these days, everyone has options that were not available to them a couple of years ago. Of course, the desktop or laptop can be your first choice, but there are others. There are fixed-price books that are much like laptop computers, but not as powerful. That will allow you to surf the web and some basic word processing and e-mail and social networks.

These are handy if you want to carry something smaller, but do not want to use your mobile phone to connect. So there is another option, although the cell phone option is large and comfortable, they are small and to surf the web, can be a strain on your eyes. You have other options, such as tablets and game consoles that connect to television and even game consoles hands are able to go online. You can always use your iPod or similar device.

But now there is even a newer option that seems to be so convenient, it is hard to believe that it is just starting to become a standard on newer televisions. The built in Wi-Fi ability on new television sets is a breakthrough in convenience. All you have to have is a wireless modem set up somewhere in your home and you can do all of your surfing right from the comfort of your own couch or favorite chair.

You can do what you would on your desktop on the web, but you have to connect any additional wires to connect to your TV. You can download movies and watch videos and do any of the social networks you like. It really is hard to believe that it has taken so long to include this technology, but it fits perfectly with the form of entertainment these days, and be able to integrate the standard features of TV with the best offered by the computer is a breakthrough in home entertainment.

You can send emails, check your Facebook status and rent a movie for everyone, without having to leave your couch and using the best and biggest monitor in the house. Most of these sets have been built in applications to make it even easier to navigate away from a touch of a button.

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Different Kinds of Cases for the HTC Evo Shift

There are many benefits to using smart phones. In fact, many modern cell phone owners would not consider utilizing any other type of phone because these devices are so multi-faceted and useful. This does not mean that smart phones are perfect and do not have defects. Many of these smart phones do not have a physical keyboard and many consumers see that as a disadvantage. The HTC Evo Shift however is a very popular phone because of the built-in keyboard. Many people consider this balance of Smart Phone capabilities and regular cell phone features to be an enormously beneficial compromise; however, such a combination gives the phone a somewhat odd shape, making it difficult to determine what accessories would be suitable.

You can still find the best accessories that suit you if you know what you are looking for. For instance, you can determine the best case for your purposes by examining your normal practices. The type of case you decide to get depends on the how often you will be using the phone’s features. For instance, if you tend to use your phone primarily for touch screen applications, then you should look into case with a screen protector in order to preserve the device’s sensitivity. These items are able to provide your phone with necessary protection without adding extra bulk to the phone’s somewhat unwieldy shape.

However, if you tend to use the phone’s slide-out QWERTY keyboard rather than its touch screen, then you should look for cases that would best protect the device’s body. Hard-shelled cases are ideal for these purposes. A case that is thick and strong is the type of case that you should be looking for. This is the best way to preserve your phones life. Although this particular model is large even without the added mass of a case, such an accessory is sometimes necessary in order to keep your phone in good working condition.

If you are a very careful person then you and do not need a protective case that bad; choosing a stylish case can also be a great option. Thin, rubberized cases can provide a fun splash of color or an attractive design to your device. This type of protective cover will help keep your phone clean and dust free. Also, these kinds of cases do not add any extra bulk to your device.

This phone is reputed to be an excellent, versatile choice within the world of Smart Phones. However, this device can be improved upon even further with the addition of proper accessories. By choosing the right case you will be able to boost the overall experience that you receive from this device.

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Car Chargers for the Motorola Atrix

While on-the-go the perfect accessory for any smart phone user is a car charger. Even though wall chargers are great, they do not offer you a way to charge your device while you are on-the-go. While with a car charger you are able to charge your phone while you drive and never miss a call.

The second reason a car charger may benefit is because they can help you out if you are stranded or in an emergency situation. If you are unfortunate enough to get stranded or have an accident, it can be very comforting to know you can reach help no matter where you are. However, if you don’t have a car charger and your battery runs down while you are in the middle of nowhere, you will be out of luck and in a bad spot.

The third reason a car charger may benefit is because it can help preserve the long term health of your battery. All batteries degrade naturally over time, but the more time you spend discharging a battery, the sooner it will become unusable. On the other hand, if you keep it plugged in, this may preserve its life.

The fourth reason a car charger may benefit is because it can stabilize your phone while you drive. Having something to plug the phone into keeps it from flying away when you turn corners.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to picking up accessories such as a charger. However, you might also want to look into additional accessories to improve your phone’s performance and function, such as a screen protector. This is a quick and easy way to keep your phone working and the face of it scratch free if you have any accidental drops or bumps while using it.

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How Accessories Affect the HTC Incredible 2

The accessories play quite a number of both functional as well as stylish roles. Given the phone’s excellent design, the accessories make a great stylish addition, enhancing the overall design and functionality of the phone. Protecting the phone is the number one reason as to why anyone should invest in accessories.

The best way to keep the whole phone looking brand new is through a case or pouch. However, there are other functional accessories that are vital for the phone to operate at full capacity, such as memory cards, headsets, external batteries amongst others. The case offers protection from damage and wears and can be found in a variety of designs. Other accessories such as spare or external batteries are crucial when planning to travel. There is no telling how long the battery will last, depending on the level of usage. It pays to be prepared when that time comes!

The Bluetooth Headsets are an additional accessory that is quite crucial as well. More than once do you need to take a make a call while you drive but cannot do so without jeopardizing safety; a headset allows the user to talk hands-free and focus only on the road. Since HTC uses microUSB on all of their models consumers will not be short of accessories that will be compatible with their device. The screen protector is meant for guarding the screen against damage. Rather than complement the phone, accessories offer vital safety protection measures that eventually result in better functionality in the long run.

Screen protectors guard against dust, scratch and any other damage or wear the phone potentially faces. If anything, the first thing most HTC users go for is protective wear for their devices, if only to prolong its life by keeping the device safe. There is a selection of other essential accessories that allow a user to undertake a number of extra uses. The significance of accessories, such as the OEM stereo hands free, enable users undertake more tasks than the average user would. Many users prefer accessories from OEM manufacturers but aftermarket accessories can be just as good and less expensive.

Also since smart phones have become very popular there are a number of companies that create accessories, so the options and variety are limitless. Every accessory comes in a range of designs and varying functionality. These items also increase the value of the phone. There is really no amount of words and articles that can be written to truly show the importance of having accessories on your smart phone.

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3D Mobile Phones Now Possible Thanks To LG

In 2011, mobile manufacturers are now striving to build 3D systems into mobile phones. This aim sounds like an difficult plan to carry out. Due to the intricate procedure, which is needed for operating of any 3D monitor/display screen. Even so, new enhancements in technological innovation make it possible today.

If you are lucky enough to own a 3D phone, you will love the features integrated. Users can engage in 3D video games and enjoy movies on your 3D phone. A parallax barrier within the 3D mobile phone produces a 3D image for the users. This particular method directs light to the viewers eyes. This is these light waves, in the correct order which enable the 3D picture to be seen.

This LG 3D mobile phone is equipped with 4.3 inch screen, which is able to showing 160 million colours at any one time. The resolution is 400×800 pixels, that in turn ensure incredible picture quality. The LG Optimus has a internal memory of 8 GB, which is expandable up to 32 GB. On top of that, the 5 mega-pixel digital camera lets the user to capture 3D pictures which they can then transfer and watch on their 3D TV. It has various other intriguing capabilities, such as auto-focus, geo-tagging and even a LED flash. It is really simple to save these images one the internal memory of your phone. You can then enjoy them later on a large screen using HDMI cable. This will make the whole 3D experience even better. We all like to take photos on are phones, but just think about having the ability to take and view 3D photos and videos.

There is no point having a great phone with lots of features, if these features slow the phone down. The Optimus has quick processor. This processor allows the end user to perform a number of tasks concurrently, without a lag in performance. The LG handset has surpassed other 3D phones in terms of the standard of the Android operating system. The Android OS was designed by Google and has grown to become one of the most popular phone platforms.

Right now, you do not need to use another device for the purpose of watching videos, taking pictures or enjoying 3D game titles. You only need a 3D mobile handset such as the LG Optimus. Actually, we have heard rumors that LG will be putting this technology into a new tablet PC as well. This is great, if you want to see the images on a bigger, portable display screen.

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Google Nexus S : An Impressive Phone

The Google Nexus S is the follow on from the Nexus One. It’s a Samsung production, which explains why its aesthetics are fairly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S. So, is the new phone from Google any good? Well, the opinions on it seem to be fairly mixed overall. The phone feels light and less substantial than the iPhone4, for example, and the curved screen seems to have little point except for looking nice. Also, the headphone jack is at the bottom, a move that’s received mixed responses.

As the phone operates using Android 2.3, it does have some excellent features, such as the feature that closes down any open apps if you’ve not use them for a while. This is great for power management and the potential for future upgrades is definitely a point in the phone’s favor. Another good thing is the Samsung 1GHz Hummingbird processor. This means that there is very little screen juddering when you use the phone and it also helps to reach some impressive speeds, which is definitely very attractive.

However, the performance of the phone is affected in a couple of ways. One of these is that the phone sometimes shuts itself down for seemingly no reason, whether you’re using it or not. Google are aware of the problem and are looking into it, so a fix should be imminent, but for the time being it’s a bit annoying. Also, apps – particularly third party apps – have a negative impact on the phone’s performance. One good thing, though: the cool 3D scrolling menus are better than the Nexus One.

More widgets would also be very welcome as there currently aren’t that many on offer from Google, with the exception of a fun review tool that lets you post reviews of restaurants through your phone, complete with star ratings and other information. When you lock the screen, there are also some good graphics. This might not have much practical use, but the TV-style effect is certainly fairly cool. However, most other phones have a better interface, which definitely lets the Nexus S down.

One area where the phone does well, though, is with the contacts menu. This looks fantastic on the AMOLED screen and it’s possible to synchronize your contacts from Google, Facebook and Twitter into one location. The only downside of this otherwise great feature is the fact the process is a bit laborious and slow to coordinate. Another issue is that to run Skype, you need third party software, which is slightly annoying, although the call quality is otherwise pretty good. In conclusion, this is a solid effort with some flaws.

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