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Why PS3 Consoles YLOD and Reduced Functionality

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by deltaMike

Article by Tom

One particular of the most widespread difficulties with the original release PlayStation 3 is what is known as the yellow light of death.

With the demands of newer generation gaming consoles you can often find that the first edition consoles often have bugs or over time can develop serious hardware failures not only with Sony but Microsoft also. One positive is that the companies overtime do learn from these problems and produce updated consoles which in most cases prevent any known failures from happening, but for the unfortunate people who already own a early model over time the console will fail. Basically the PlayStation 3 has a main problem and is know as either “YLOD” or “Red Flashing Light Of Death” this is caused by the strain/demand placed upon the console and over time heat eventually weakens the solder around the motherboard resulting in cracks and disconnects, this is always around the Main chips on the motherboard.

Sony have used a poor grade solder and a poor grade thermal compound in my opinion and neither of these will help with the lifespan of the console.

I personally have started to offer a repair service as i noticed there was a market for PS3 Repair Brighton.I beleive that the consumer should have more choices than going back to the original manufacturer of the product and paying over the odds for a fix which can also be achieved to the same standard by a skilled individual. Sony do have a reputation of not putting there customers first when it comes to the PS3, however over the years they have managed to get such a devoted set of fans they can nearly do what they want with very little impact upon themselves.

This is shown by over time how Sony have removed the functionality of each console as time has gone by. For example here a few features of the first edition console -

Load Linux onto console

Play PS2 games

4 usb ports at the front

Memory Card Reader

However this has been removed from all the newer consoles, but as i said they have such a devoted fan base and the consumer has already invested their money into the product its to late to turn back…..

If you have liked this article please or have any thoughts on it take a look at my website -

PS3 Repairs Brighton

Any if you have any PlayStation 3 repair questions id be happy to answer them.



PS3 Repair Brighton

PS3 Repairs Brighton

YLOD Brighton

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PlayStation 2 Console (New Smaller Model)

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by Christine Krizsa

The new smaller version of the PlayStation 2 gaming console (Abbreviated as PS2) matches the size of a hardcover book that makes it easier to carry around and play games anytime, anywhere. The console has an integrated Ethernet port for network gaming. The volume of the new smaller model of PS2 has been reduced by about 75% while its thickness has been trimmed down to 2.8 cm as compared to 7.8 cm in its previous model. The unit’s weight has also been halved.

The overhauled internal design of the unit incorporates the power supply into the console itself, thus reducing its weight considerably. The unit is Sony’s second video gaming console under the PlayStation series. It is a successor of PlayStation and the predecessor of the PlayStation 3. The console inherits the basic functions of the PlayStation. Due to its thinner profile, the console does not contain a 3.5″ expansion bay and therefore does not support the internal hard disk drive.

The PS2 is part of the sixth generation era. The unit has a large collection of widely acclaimed games like Grand Theft Auto series, Metal Gear Solid 3, Gran Turismo 4, the Sly Cooper trilogy, Champions: Return to Arms, and Shadow of the Colossus. Horror games available on the console include Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren, Project Zero and Resident Evil. The console also features music games like Sing Star, Dance Revolution and the guitar controller-based Guitar Hero series.

The sheer enjoyment one gets from the PS2 makes it an essential purchase. The console’s hardware can read both CDs and DVDs and is backward compatible with PlayStation games. The unit also supports PlayStation memory cards and controllers. There is also support for the internal PlayStation 2 HDD. The device is equipped with DVD-playback functionality, USB support and IEEE 1394 expansion ports.

If you would like more information on PS2 Console New Smaller Model [http://www.rupizcompare.co.uk/games-and-consoles/games-product-specific.aspx?gameId=B00023HUMG] and Gaming Consoles [http://www.rupizcompare.co.uk/games-and-consoles/gaming-consoles.aspx].

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PlayStation 2 Console or PlayStation 3 Console: Which is Better

270764466 690ad88098 m PlayStation 2 Console or PlayStation 3 Console: Which is Better
by Rob Dumas

Article by Wilson Snyder

 PlayStation 2 Console or PlayStation 3 Console: Which is Better

Consumers looking to buy a PlayStation might be curious about which PlayStation console is the best to buy: the PlayStation 2 Console or PlayStation 3. The answer to the latter question is really entirely dependent upon the consumer. If price is the primary concern when it comes to getting the console, the PlayStation 2 is considered the console of yesteryear and is therefore less expensive. If looking for a superior console and price is not the chief concern, then the PlayStation 3 console might be a better investment choice.The PlayStation 2 console first released in 1999 uses a DVD ROM device for gaming while PlayStation 3 relies on Blue Ray disc technologies. The variances among these two consoles do not stop there and consumers will find that the PlayStation 3 has several superior characteristics when directly compared to PS 2 consoles and gaming.Playstation 3 supplies advantages over PlayStation 2 offerings in the sense that characters during gaming have more powerful controls. Sports games are redefined by the PlayStation 3 consoles which allow for sharp images, better control over player movements and motion, and superior graphic quality. With the PlayStation 3, the player has the ability to avail themselves of 360 footplanting features versus the swivel, 360 range of motion supplied in the PS2 consoles and games of yesterday too. With the ability to use the footplanting features supplied by the PlayStation 3 console, the player has more solid control over maneuvers, tricks, and fast motion.The PlayStation 2 console and games do not compare to the PS3 console and games when it comes to the responsive nature of characters; the PS3 literally gives players a full 360 degrees of motion control while the PS2 simply offers quick, cutting movements separated by 45 angles of motion diversity. The latter fact makes motion in PS2 gaming a bit choppy and stiff in comparison. What