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Popular PC Hardware Issues and Solutions

Here are some frequent personal computer issues that you might want to resolve your self instead of spending money on a computer technician. Some of them might sound to be very severe but you’ll surely be surprised how easy it can all turn out.

Now what will you do if your speakers won’t make a sound? Simply take a look at the back of your computer and check on the speaker connections on the sound card and modem. It is very possible that the single stereo speaker plug isn’t plugged onto the socket on the sound card. All you have to do is plug it in the socket marked Audio or Speaker.

Another frequent problem would be your computer starting up normally but would wind up having a blank screen. Don’t freak out and just check on the cables as they may not be effectively attached. If the cables are good then the power button of your monitor may|might have not been turned on.

You might also experience an unclear or fuzzy images displayed on your monitor. This is not a very severe problem at all. You just have to be aware that monitors and your computer as a whole are sensitive to electro-magnetic interference. To stay away from this, keep cell phones, televisions, radios, microwaves, dishwashers and even washing machines away from your personal computer. Even your speakers can cause these interferences so don’t let put them too close to the monitor.

A lot of folks would also find it to be a dilemma to only have 16 colors on the screen. This is simply because the default settings for Windows are only 16 colors. For you to have the ability to have 256 colors or more, you’ll have to install the video drivers appropriately. There are directions on the best way to install these drivers that comes with the package when you buy them.

Another problem that you might encounter is with your CD player. CDs may keep on playing in the first couple of seconds of the song and then skips to the next song. There absolutely nothing wrong with your pc if this happens. Just verify the settings of your CD player and set it to continuous play.

The last difficulty would be your keyboard which would come up with the wrong symbols. As you know Windows is created in America and so the default country would be America including the default language. You can easily alter the language and the regional setting in the control panel. There you can personalize the settings of your personal computer to best suit you.

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Logitech Driving Force Pro Gaming Accessory Review

The Logitech Driving Force Pro is a huge step up from using any other wheel or controller with its 900 degree steering support, additional side shifter, and better feedback effects. Logitech has built a competent and durable steering wheel for the PS2 and PS3. It plays really well with the games it supports and it is available at an affordable price.

The feel of this wheel is as close to a realistic racing experience as one can imagine. The force feedback mechanism can be manually adjusted from full power to 60% power directly from the device. Some games may allow further fine tuning of the force feedback system.

To set up the pedal unit is easy enough and it stays in place while using it and it is very easy to use. You have the ability to apply a 1/2 or 3/4 throttle rather than having to tap the controller button on-off-on-off to simulate. This is a great feature to be able to do.

The sequential shifter really adds a great aspect to Gran Turismo 4. The force feedback provided by the Driving Force Pro is as realistic as you can ever hope for. When you are coming out of a turn as you uncrank the wheel, you feel the car speed up. It also allows the minimum input necessary to make the turn correctly.

The Driving Force Pro plays really well with the games that it supports but when you play you need plenty of room. You need an open outlet near you to get the power going and you will definitely need a sturdy table to mount this on. Playing with it on your lap just won’t do.

Even though the wheel could use a few tweaks to its design, You will like how the wheel handles for the PS2 Driving Force Gran Turismo games. The feedback that you receive from the wheel is amazing because you can feel other racers crashing into you. When you are driving on dirt tracks, you feel as if you are really driving on a dirt track.

You can use the Driving Force Pro on your Windows XP. It is just a simple plug and play and you’re all set to go. When using the force feedback on the wheel, and you have a game that allows contact with other players on or off the road, it has a motor inside that pushes against the wheel to give the impression that your driving is being affected by the contact of the off-road input or the other players. This is sweet.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Logitech PlayStation Racing Wheel:

*Comfortable, full-sized rubber grip wheel with 900-degree steering – turns 2 1/2 times, lock to lock

* Switches automatically to 200-degree mode, for compatibility with other racing games

* Wheel-mounted paddle shifters, sequential stick shift and a full set of PlayStation buttons

* State-of-the-art force feedback technology lets you feel all the action

* Textured floorboard features and no-slip carpet grip system, for better control and a better racing feel

The wheel is loaded with additional controls that allow you to fine tune your hot rod in real time and you can increase brake bias or ratchet up the traction control.

Using the Driving Force Pro wheel with Gran Turismo 4 will totally change the way you play the game. Instead of just pushing buttons on a standard controller, you can play your racing games with realism and more excitement.

Learn more about the logitech driving force pro that can enhance your driving experience by stopping by Matthew MacBeth’s ps3 site where you can find out all about other ps3 steering wheels and what it can do for your game.

What is an Offsite Backup?

If you’re managing a huge enterprise right now, then you most probably need to back your documents up in a very safe manner, most especially if you are processing a lot of documents every day. Why should choose data backup? Well, obviously, you will need it in case your computers break down due to massive environmental damage (such as being caught up in a fire or earthquake) in which case there will be no way to get your data back.

Also, viruses have the power to erase your files, so you have to be wary about that and always do back-up everytime.

In truth, the most important question you should bear in mind right now is, “How do I commence the storage of such huge data”? First of all, let us explain that there are two kinds of backups, offsite and onsite. Onsite backup is when you store most of your data in a specific area of the same PC. This is important, but it is useless if you don’t perform offsite backup as well. The three categories of offsite backup are as follows: network backup, FTP backup and specialized off site backup.

Network backups may be the most common and the easiest, as it can be done on your own network. A LAN usually has a network drive, which appears on your PC as an ordinary drive (depicted as drive M:, drive O:. etc), but it is not a physical drive, just a drive that the entire network can access. Sometimes you can copy on it, sometimes you can’t, so make sure your network settings allow you to backup on said network drive.

Next you have the FTP or File Transfer Protocol. It is a more private version of the HTTP, and is more focused on transferring huge amounts of files over the internet, to a private server that is accessible by you and you alone.

A caveat though, is that it is not fully secure and can be infiltrated by many hackers who will try, so it is best not to use if your data can cost you a lot of money when hacked.

The last kind of backup is specialized offsite backup, which is a service offered by most computer companies. This is the fastest and the safest way to keep your data (as companies have their own encryption method and server), and while a little costly, is really worth the price for exclusive data storage. You will need to make sure that the company you’ll be working with has credentials, to make sure your data will be stored for long periods of time.

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Google Nexus S : An Impressive Phone

The Google Nexus S is the follow on from the Nexus One. It’s a Samsung production, which explains why its aesthetics are fairly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S. So, is the new phone from Google any good? Well, the opinions on it seem to be fairly mixed overall. The phone feels light and less substantial than the iPhone4, for example, and the curved screen seems to have little point except for looking nice. Also, the headphone jack is at the bottom, a move that’s received mixed responses.

As the phone operates using Android 2.3, it does have some excellent features, such as the feature that closes down any open apps if you’ve not use them for a while. This is great for power management and the potential for future upgrades is definitely a point in the phone’s favor. Another good thing is the Samsung 1GHz Hummingbird processor. This means that there is very little screen juddering when you use the phone and it also helps to reach some impressive speeds, which is definitely very attractive.

However, the performance of the phone is affected in a couple of ways. One of these is that the phone sometimes shuts itself down for seemingly no reason, whether you’re using it or not. Google are aware of the problem and are looking into it, so a fix should be imminent, but for the time being it’s a bit annoying. Also, apps – particularly third party apps – have a negative impact on the phone’s performance. One good thing, though: the cool 3D scrolling menus are better than the Nexus One.

More widgets would also be very welcome as there currently aren’t that many on offer from Google, with the exception of a fun review tool that lets you post reviews of restaurants through your phone, complete with star ratings and other information. When you lock the screen, there are also some good graphics. This might not have much practical use, but the TV-style effect is certainly fairly cool. However, most other phones have a better interface, which definitely lets the Nexus S down.

One area where the phone does well, though, is with the contacts menu. This looks fantastic on the AMOLED screen and it’s possible to synchronize your contacts from Google, Facebook and Twitter into one location. The only downside of this otherwise great feature is the fact the process is a bit laborious and slow to coordinate. Another issue is that to run Skype, you need third party software, which is slightly annoying, although the call quality is otherwise pretty good. In conclusion, this is a solid effort with some flaws.

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Should You Give Your Laptop a Touch Gadget?

Touch screens laptops have brought a revolution in the tech world of laptops. To see the pace of new inventions and technology one could only expect sensing laptops in the future. The touch screen laptops are gaining popularity but they are not affordable for everyone because of their top end prices. So far most people are enjoying them from a distance and we feel very excited after catching their glimpse on TV shows or hi tech computer labs. Practically every person wants this laptop and many people are wondering when their prices will be lowered.

Touch screen laptops have made the work experience a lot more fun and easy, who knew by expanding our fingers we can widen our screen and flip the pictures with the flip of a finger. But touch screen laptops have made it possible by giving all the power to our finger tips. It is a blessing for those people who were frustrated by touch pad cursors of laptops now nobody has to carry a mouse with them.

The system of these laptops is based on the three principal components. The sensors sense our touch and transfer it to the converters who in return transfer it into language understood by the software. That software after receiving the data sends the commands to the system, while reading the process seems very easy but actually it has more depth.

But most of us will be wondering how the sensors sense the touch on screen, well a matrix of waves or electric current is created on the screen and when we touch the screen these waves are blocked at one spot and the sensors immediately sense this change and in case of electric current a device sense the current fluctuations and send the information to the sensory component and the cycle begins. All this process takes less then a second and we can enjoy the functions of touch screen with immense swiftness.

Touch screen has mesmerized so many people that now everybody wishes to have a touch screen laptop and most can not afford it. The solution is given by gadgets company NAVIsis as they have introduced a gadget that can convert your regular screen into a touch screen.

Users are provided a stylus to use on the screen it can be called a laptop pen and its tip is made from the material which is less damaging to your screen as compared to your fingers. Be sure to buy a good quality product which will be a little expensive then the second grade product. Installation is easy if the instruction manual is followed.

This gadget is only useful for those people who use their laptops for creative and designing activities. For regular users it is just the waste of their laptop screens. The screen will get scratches and it resolution will be affected.

The normal laptop screen are not meant to be touch ones, that’s why they can get damage if will start poking the screen with our fingers or nails. People who love new technology should patiently wait and save up for original touch screen laptops, because only then they can enjoy the true experience of touch screens.

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Xperia Play : An Impressive Phone

The Xperia Play is the new PlayStation phone from Sony Ericsson. It’s hotly anticipated and there’s a lot of pressure on it to perform. Does the phone live up to the hype? Well, first impressions are quite good. The fact it’s a gaming phone does add a bit of extra weight to the device, but this is more than manageable. There’s a good Bravia engine powering it and the screen is a good size. The phone is attractive and looks similar to other Android devices, which is no bad thing.

The phone’s gadgetry is also pretty good and does what you’d expect. There are only a couple of issues: the dual function power button and lock switch is a bit hard to access with the slide out keyboard and while the headphone port near the top of the phone is good, if you use it for a long period of time, the location means the wires do get in the way. However, while the phone is chunky, it isn’t massive, and the MicroUSB charger port does everything it’s meant to.

There’s some great hardware with this phone, including the single core 1GHz next-generation Snapdragon processor, which offers good speeds. This is more than adequate for powering the PS1 games currently available. However, if the games get more complicated over time, this could become a bit of an issue and the phone might benefit from a dual core processor instead, although this currently isn’t a problem based on the games available. Also, the Gingerbread Android 2.3 system is one of the phone’s positive points.

The visuals on the phone are really good, too, with a pretty decent 5.1MP camera. Also, Sony suggests that the phone can run games at 60fps – if it lives up to that, games fans are sure to be very happy. The screen is good too, which is obviously really important on a gaming phone. As mentioned earlier, the 4 inch screen is very good and the 854×480 pixel resolution does everything it’s supposed to do. Putting the gaming controls on a slide out feature under the screen was also smart.

Lastly, we come to the games. The controls for this are very good, with the trackpads making a very good joystick substitute. Also, the shoulder buttons and touch sensitive pads are very comfortable to use, which is good. The phone has access to the PlayStation suite games store, which suggests the games will be improving all the time. This is important as if the games fail, so does the phone. As it stands, though, as well as being a good cell phone, the Xperia Play also has fantastic gaming potential.

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Finding the Best iPhone 5 Accessories

Should you are an iPhone owner, you know the importance of having all the right accessories, and for the iPhone 5 accessories in certain are worth your interest. As with any other Smartphone, the proper accessories are going to help you maximize use and efficiency of your phone and appreciate it a lot more also.

When shopping for an pricey accessory such as iPhone external speakers, earphones or a power pack, it’s crucial to do a bit of comparison shopping. By taking the time to compare prices at a number of retail outlets, it really is often feasible to save a considerable quantity of cash. Shopping via the web makes price comparison simple. You will find several shopping comparison websites like www.nextag.co.uk that allow an individual to see which internet based retailer is offering the most effective cost on any given iPhone 5 accessory.

To partner the incredible headset, a holder could be ideal otherwise, the driver might have to route around their pockets or their bags attempting to find the phone and in which time the driver could have crashed. For individuals who work outside or with damaging materials such as a builder, it might be a great idea to purchase the highest level of protection for the iPhone 5s exterior. Of course, it is achievable to obtain insurance, actually may insurers suggest their service for a small premium each and every month.

An additional must-have iPhone automobile accessory is the Satechi Bluetooth Hands-Free FM Transmitter, which allows you to listen to music from your iPhone through your car’s stereo program, and you are also able to make hands totally free calls with it, permitting you to drive and communicate on your iPhone at the same time for business or personal calls.

Purchasing iPhone five speakers may be a especially large investment. Whilst some iPhone speakers price less than 30.00, other people price well over 100.00. An individual with a limited budget might opt for speakers that don’t have numerous extra functions. On the other hand, some additional characteristics like a built in alarm, touch smart controls and remote control can come in handy. 1 should assess which functions are the most crucial when buying iPhone 5 speakers or other accessories. .

These iPhone 5 accessories are leading picks and whether you think one or more are worth it to you, and are certainly worth checking out.

Why Dynamic Microphones Are So Useful

While searching for a mic to utilize for a live concert, durability, adaptability, and quality are just a number of the features that one will need to search for. Dynamic microphones have the strength and endurance required to overcome the elements that accompany a live concert. Made up of a few components, musicians and singers don’t have to to be concerned with having to work with a sensitive piece of equipment. Because of their capability to tolerate several different elements of a live show, these will be the most suitable choice for entertainers.

They are not only durable, they are less pricey compared to other models. Whenever searching for several for a band, affordability is a key component. Artists who are on a budget but do not choose to sacrifice quality usually select dynamic mics attributable to how dependable they are. These mics might waterproof which is often perfect once the factors of weather conditions come into play.

Performing artists need tough gear in order to be safe in various conditions and factors. With dynamic microphones, an amount of rainfall is not any cause of concern. If entertainers are not performing live in an outdoor show, sweating along with the moisture created from an individual’s breath can also in time threaten and damage equipment. Simply by opting for dynamic microphones, musicians and singers will realize that they’re deciding on a lengthy lasting item.

Along with its sturdy exterior, these will probably take high sound pressure levels. This means that they’re better at managing loud noises which are associated with electric guitar amplifiers and percussion. The key reason why they could manage and endure loud sounds better than other microphones can be due to the technique it is crafted.

In addition, they implement a magnet and wire coil which responds towards the variants of sound constructing a current, which then delivers out the sound. Often it is often referred to as a smaller versatile loudspeaker. Since the mic is composed so basically, it provides a controlled frequency response. Within this smaller frequency response, not all the sound frequencies are handled. Individuals could debate that the sound definitely isn’t truly complete and it’s a simple sacrifice so you can contain additional components of a live performance.

Quite a few are supplied with power supplies or perhaps require battery power. Generally operating using a power supply is truly a hassle. It takes extra room to choose a location to set a power supply, and typically the place has to be in a location that is secluded to ensure the artists can’t trip over it. Any time a microphone demands batteries, this can easily empty and consume cash. Endlessly purchasing batteries to replace them is additionally an aggravation.

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Comprehending The Perfect Benefits Of Digital Optical Cables

Optical cable is known as one of several simplest ways for connecting your devices together to transfer digital sound signal. This cable is also known as SPDIF or Toslink. It features fiber optic which can transfer light instead of electrical signal as the digital coaxial cable. There are available several types of cable and your selection can rely on what you will use the cable for.

Among the several options available, the single mode and multimode cables are two common choices that are often applied nowadays. The single mode cables are certainly suitable for the application in multi-channel broadcasting system as well as in long distance telecommunication networks. Alternatively, the multimode cables are perfect to be utilized for short distance connections such as LAN and video surveillance systems.

Furthermore, digital optical cable is yet another kind that is mostly used nowadays. It uses for the connection of digital home cinema, CD players, games consoles and other quality hi-fi equipment. You can utilize one of these for connecting your DVD to AMP for example. This kind of cable can also be known as toslink cable which refers to the types of plug.

The technology of fiber optic sends data without the requirement of electricity through the conductor. Instead of the electric signals, the modulated light is used for rapidly sending info with an insulated glass fiber-type material. You cannot disrupt the signal by the outside sources; especially the electrical power that is in the form of your AV power cords may possibly cause interference in your standard copper based cable.

Additionally, digital optical cables can function well in transferring sound signals by utilizing fiber-optic technology, or stands of glass that can transfer the digital data to the receiver. Digital optical ports are available on some music players, but they are more typical in the comprehensive systems which are used for entertainment or gaming.

Usually, digital optical connections are considered the best because the pulses of light that travel through the cables can refract faster and much more clearly than any other kind of communication technology available. Consequently, digital optical cables are also the priciest cables, and they will be more expensive per foot than the other available choices.

This type of digital cables must not be confused with either coaxial digital cables or HDMI cables. The coaxial cable is another alternative that utilizes standard copier wire for transferring the audio signals. This cable resembles RCA cables and it is placed in the same manner. However, it exclusively focuses on the sound and it is capable of transporting more information. Moreover, instead of sending the light pulses, it can also send pulses of electricity that are then decoded in the same fashion.

Since coaxial digital cables are available in cheaper price, they are identified as the most well known type of audio signal cable which can be used in the entertainment systems. On the other hand, you can utilize the HDMI cables between any devices which have the proper ports and they are also employed for very high-quality signals.

If you want to examine more info on optical cables, you can check out the review of optical video cable that may assist you to find more info on this field. If you would like to buy them, ensure that you pick the right cables for your needs.

Fibre Cable Uses

The discovery of guiding light by refraction was first demonstrated as long ago as 1840, though developing this technology to perform effectively by using suitable materials did not happen until the 1960s when Charles Kao and George Hockham discovered that the reasons why this technology was limited in its application was not due to light scattering or absorption, but due to the purity of the material used to refract the light. They demonstrated that by using extremely pure transparent materials such as glass compounds, light could be transmitted much longer distances at much higher densities, ultimately outperforming technologies such as the transmission of RF signals though copper, coaxial or wireless means. This discovery led to both Charles Kao and George Hockham receiving (and sharing) the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for Physics.

Although fibre optic cables only send data by using transmitted light, they have a huge range of uses, though the most common use is in telecommunication networks. Using fibre optic cables can be very advantageous as, technically speaking, the transmission of data, or light, in its simplest form does not require electrical power; though in many circumstances, the transmitted light must be controlled or ‘shaped’ in order to send more complex data.

Typically, when used to transmit telecommunication data over long distances, optical fibers are constructed with a high purity glass core as this is the best known refractor of light, in terms of efficiency or attenuation. The construction of optical fibers can also include acrylic or other high purity transparent plastics such as polyperfluorobutenylvinylether. By using glass as a core and sending data using near infrared signals, data can quite easily be sent as far as 60 miles without amplification.

As well as telecommunication and computer networking applications, fibre optic cables can also be used in remote sensing. For this purpose, the sensor can either be a fibre optic cable or a non-fibre optic sensor connected to a fibre optic cable. Many different types of sensing can be achieved by controlling the light transmission’s wavelength, intensity, polarization and phase.

Another more common application that fiber optic cables are used is simple illumination. While it is common to see fibre optic lighting on signs, artwork and, most commonly of all, Christmas trees, fibre optic cables can also be used to reroute sunlight into different areas of a building. Fibre optics is also used in medical procedures to view areas that are normally very difficult to view. An endoscope is an instrument that uses a fibre optic cable, sometimes with a lens, to view objects or areas through a small hole such as in medical endoscopies.

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