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Playstation 3 Light Fix

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by insidethemagic

Are you now so anxious, regarding an occurrence of problem on your PS3? There is actually a latest opening in PS3 help guide in the market recently, the PS3 lights Fix. Eventually, Rob Sheffield, the creator, has specializes on this particular field. Professionally equipped with all knowledge, he made out of what he knows an easy-to-use repair guide that proposes numerous interesting features of a Play Station. However, it assures you of a gradual method on how to trouble shoot usual problem occurrences of PS3. They are often, yellow light of death, red screen error, and all the other uncommon error, like the 80711008 code.

PS3 Help eventually contains on how to handle the most fantastic qualities of PS3 lights Fix:

1. High quality video coaching is fully detailed. Particularly, on any PS3 error problem or code where you just repair it all by yourself.

2. Dangerous fixes will never happen to your console. It will not jeopardize the whole system of you PS3 since it includes the process of the product. Contradicting, from other PS3 guides wherein they are much similar than the Russian roulette game in your console.

3. You can actually receive some updates and assistance from your distinctive PS3 help on members of your location.

4. With the Click Bank, you can be assured of the 60-day money back guarantee. This company manages the download payment of this digital PS3 help repair guide eBook. So far, they have been the most reliable names in online industry. Eventually, members can benefit from their high quality of security and its safety despite the type of method you actually opted.

5. During the final repair of your process, you can still preserve everything in your hard drive data. This certainly is an advantage to the user. Even Sony cannot offer this amenity, since they charged as high as $ 150 just to fix your PS3.

I am quite amaze, of PS3 Lights Fix. It is so far, the most beneficial creation among other competitive products of the same level. After having been tried and exposed of various selections of similar kind. The best alternative of repairing an error of your console, the yellow light death, red skin and a lot more. In fixing, it provides the swiftest, most reliable, and the most lucrative options in PS3 Help repair. However try more to get more information regarding Play Station3 Light Fix, since you can get from what you learn and will enable you to have the right alternative of finding what is best for you.

Similar to the famous Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death, the PS3 now finds itself in a time of crisis as more and more users are reporting PS3 Light errors requiring a fix. Learn how to do the PS3 Lights Fix Review.

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Ps3 Unlock Is Great Solution For Your Gaming

430376308 5da65937d5 m Ps3 Unlock Is Great Solution For Your Gaming
by Charlie Brewer

If you have managed to get a short escape from your busy schedule then online games will prove to be a good pass time for you. With the passage of time a playstation comes in as a big resource for gaming purposes and entertainment. Now with the advancement in technology a long desired solution to unlock the PS3 games has finally become available to the gaming enthusiasts. PS3 unlock is very essential to learn how to play the games on PSP. Certain emulators allow you to run play station games on PSP once it is unlocked.

There are so many people who still have the passion towards PS3 game. The most essential part is to find a suitable place to play your favorite games. You don’t have to bother about anything since with a PS3 homebrew wizard it is possible that you can play any game from your PS3 directly. There is no need of the original disc. It doesn’t require much time to run the homebrew games. The software to unlock PS3 games is 100% safe and does not require any Mod chips. It has made the whole process very easy and convenient.

The times have changed. You don’t have to feel discouraged. Homebrew installer is an alternative to the installation of the Mod chips. This installer utilizes the emulator technology. The PS3 unlocker has the capability to fulfill all your requirements. You can step into that world of entertainment you always wished for. You just need to follow some easy steps to acquire the facilities of this amazing software. The instructions given in a homebrew wizard guide will make it easy for you. The quantity of games is not restricted since you can possess as many games of your choice as you wish for.

The software made for PS3 unlock is completely non-intrusive because it uses advanced technology. You can find numerous online resources on the web to avail different astonishing services. There are some terms and conditions for security purposes. You can get a notice explaining the online information practices available on the homepage for your convenience. It is a crucial thing to select a service provider since so many spam sites also exist. It is your responsibility to ensure the authenticity before finalizing a site. Once you hire them, rest assured that you will not get disappointed with the unlocker services.

What about playing your own games from a back-up without inserting the disc each time? This amazing feature will surely entice you to get a PS3 homebrew wizard. It ensures that you can play backed-up, imported and region coded games. This automatic process will make you do the whole thing in just 15 minutes. It can save your precious time and energy at the same time. What are you waiting for then? A wonderful opportunity is knocking at your door. Let your excitement go wild and explore all the fun of PS3 games. Now it is your turn to run and grab it. Hurry!

PS3 HomeBrew Wizard it is possible that you can play any game from your PS3 directly. There is no need of the original disc.
The software made for PS3 Unlock is completely non-intrusive because it uses advanced technology.

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If A Dork Such As Me Can Repair The Ps3 Yellow Light Error Then You Can Too

430375607 0a7221d986 m If A Dork Such As Me Can Repair The Ps3 Yellow Light Error Then You Can Too
by Charlie Brewer

When my PlayStation developed the PS3 yellow light of death I was basically at my wits end. The cell phone had scarcely been picked up by the Sony technical support man when I noticed the error of my next action. They required $ 150 plus my first born to repair the issue and I did not have either! In a voice that sounded like some deranged terrorist the service centre dude then threatened to keep hold of my gaming system for up to 8 weeks – okay, I’ll pay the ransom I was pondering – but reality hit when I realized that I couldn’t afford that type of cash – and Mel Gibson is never around when you require him! Okay, so alternatives exhaused with Sony, it was time to take matters into my own hands. Can you guess what happened next? It turns out that mending the PS3 yellow light error is in fact a lot simpler than you might think. Sure, its time to put your baby on the operating table, so to speak, and open her up, but at least in this case its just electrical wires and circuit boards – absolutely no need to be squeamish! .

 If A Dork Such As Me Can Repair The Ps3 Yellow Light Error Then You Can Too

Now I am not sure about you but the thought of executing open heart surgery on my gaming system didn’t exactly fill me full of joy. Help was at hand, though, in the form of seasoned repair man Rob Sheffield, whos outstanding assistance soon put my thoughts at ease. His downloadable e-book, which only costs the price of your typical PS3 game, came to the rescue and I was thrilled to start getting the issue fixed. A quick glance through the guide told me that I had made a wonderful choice – despite the fact that I ‘m a complete techno-phobe I could still make sense of his advice. All it took was around 30 minutes of easy reading (my advice is do it on the lavatory if you are easily sidetracked) and the data was implanted in my addled brain. In the guide Rob informed me how the repair would only take approximately one hour – but I have to say I didnt believe this. The thing is, despite my best efforts to screw it up the repair was carried out in about 59 minutes and 58 seconds – you know just like that countdown in those wonderful (ahem) Mission Impossible motion pictures – with basically seconds to spare. Turns out I made a small, but time-consuming goof, but, after watching the video clip – did I point out you get video help as well – ok you do – I has the problem back under control .

Feeling very pleased of myself I put the case back together, tested for missing screws – there are always a few spare left – and retreated to the far side of the room as I got my little sister to fire it up – hey I was taking no chances! I pushed the power switch and – nothing – well no bang anyway! My PS3 just whirred, hummed and generally seemed cool as it went about the business of starting up. Within another couple of minutes my PS3 was firing on all cylinders and I was the most joyful game addict alive – well apart from the guy who just polished off Assassins Creed – and whats more I was over $ 100 in pocket!

Ok, so if a dork like me can resolve the PS3 yellow light error – you sure as bejesus can. It may well seem as challenging as taking out a level 42 wizard on WOW but it is actually pretty simple – but as they say (virtually) on television – dont try this alone. If you watch what you are doing and you can follow some fundamental instructions theres no explanation you cannot save a lot of cash and repair your damaged gaming console in a few minutes. So, if your power light starts blinking an angry yellowish colour at you then dont telephone Sony, just lookup Rob Sheffield and get a copy of his wonderful repair guide. Its much less hassle, faster and much more educational than giving your money up to the guys at Sony.

Dont let the PS3 yellow light error to get you down. It’s in fact very simple to repair when you’ve got an excellent repair guidebook. I’ve looked over the very best selling PS3 Yellow Lightrepair courses available on my webpage where I am also offering money off.Check out my PS3 Yellow Light review in order to save yourself a pile of money today by mending the PS3 yellow light error by yourself in less than an hour.

PS3 Review

430374966 1b7d874731 m PS3 Review
by Charlie Brewer

The other day I saw the new Wolverine movie and yes it appeared to be very good. Nonetheless I’d personally not necessarily go out and buy the DVD. As an alternative, I obtained the particular PlayStation 3 game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the spin-off intended for from the movie and also We have undoubtedly played it alot more times compared to I’d personally have got ever previously watched the movie.

The game is actually awesome should you be a Wolverine fan. Plus a fan of massive gore, due to the fact all those indestructible claws can certainly tear some stuff up! The game play is actually excellent together with different attacks and also combinations it is possible to perform with all your claws that may cut through anything at all. You are able to begin to the early levels just simply pushing buttons and also slashing away. Take pleasure in the graphics and also the gore.

To receive anywhere within the higher levels even though, you are likely to have got to learn some tactics and several quality moves. The particular finishing moves for any game, which might be the ones for you to use to kill the opponent, tend to be pretty gruesome. Just like stabbing a guy from the head along with one claw, even though beheading him while using other. And also, better still, ripping off the opponent’s arm and also beating him to death by using it. For those who had not gotten the idea… not just a kid’s game!

Should you be a lot more into sports than mutants, then you’ll end up being as excited as I am about NCAA Football 10 which can be coming out there soon. This specific needs to be the very best football game yet, specifically should you be just like me and also think that college football is actually a lot more interesting than Pro ball. This specific game will probably take football games into a whole new level. You’ll be able to pick out individual gamers and also stack your own offense and also defense the method that you want.

It is possible to go online and also save your team and work with it to play against teams built through your friends. You may get with each other a group to form the league with all your friends, or maybe you could find established leagues to join. This specific option usually takes the game into a whole new level.

Also, the game continues to be updated in order that it is not just simply a handful of star gamers after which everyone else. The complete team possesses distinctive gamers together with varying strengths and also weaknesses. Also to get along with a lot more complicated game choices, the particular graphics may also be improved. All the time someone becomes tackled, the particular animations are very different.

These kinds of games tend to be exactly the reason that I forked within the money for any PlayStation. And also I know of which before I get tired of these kinds of games, we will have new ones which will end up being better yet together with a lot more choices and in many cases much better action and also graphics.

Want more fun and game entertainment you can try this war games and the rpg games here.

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My PS3 Is Overheating!

430374434 a5b3b76bd9 m My PS3 Is Overheating!
by Charlie Brewer

It doesn’t matter how good something is something can always go wrong. The PS3 for example great bit of kit, excellent games, amazing graphics and Blu-ray capabilities, but it can still break down. The PS3′s particular problem is something called the yellow light of death and is caused by a few different things, however the main cause for it is overheating. Overheating can lead to more permanent damage being caused so it is something you should avoid at all costs. This can be fixed or prevented by following the precautions described below.

1. The very first thing you should do if your console is overheating is to turn it off immediately to reduce the risk of further damage. You would want to leave the console off for at least one hour before turning on again. Doing this will allow the console to cool down to a comfortable operating temperature again. Also doing this will reset the system if there is another issue other than overheating.

2. If your console is still overheating and you need to cool it down fast then try placing a fan near to the console’s vents and blow cool air into the PS3. This should help reduce the temperature sufficiently to begin playing again. If this solves the issue then it may be worth buying an external PS3 fan. They can be obtained from most gaming stores and fit snugly on the console, as they are designed specifically for this job they do not look at all obtrusive and fit in with the console’s style. They will keep the console properly cooled down even through the most intense gaming session.


Take a moment to look at where you actually store your PS3 as this can cause the console to overheat. Is there sufficient ventilation so your console can get the cool air it needs to continue working properly. If you keep your PS3 on a book case standing up is there enough room at the top for the vents to do their job? A lot of people store their console in a glass fronted cabinet which will just trap the heat and cause the console to malfunction, if you are one of these people try playing with the doors open. While you are checking this out take a look at the vents to see if they are clogged up. Dust can build up on the vents to a level where it will cause the yellow light of death. If there is make sure you use a dry clean cloth to wipe it away.

4. Adjusting the high definition setting on the console is another way to stop the PS3 from overheating. This setting can cause the PS3 to get to hot simply because the amount of work the processors have to do, so reducing the setting to a lower definition will certainly help. You will find this setting on the control panel and you just have to reduce the resolution. I know this is not ideal as you bought the console because of the graphics, but if you need your PS3 working again quickly then this has to be tried.

Just a little bit of thought and care when using your PS3 can prevent overheating on your console. Taking on board the points raised could be enough to save you the $ 150 dollars Sony would charge for the repair. Happy gaming.

If you are having Playstation 3 problems then check out our guiide here.

Playstation 3 Problems


Playstation 3 Games Coming Soon

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How to Get a Free Playstation 3

430375407 adc4dee3a4 m How to Get a Free Playstation 3
by Charlie Brewer

PlayStation 3 or PS3 is the third home video game console from Sony. It enables the users to compete online with the PlayStation Network. PS3 gives an extraordinary user experience because of its exceptional multimedia capabilities, and use Blue ray Disc as a primary storage medium. But the experience does come at a very lofty cost, around $ 500.

There are various websites which offer free PlayStation 3 as a gift. Like freebiehome.co.uk or YourPS34Free.com, just register with one such website and become eligible for getting your free PlayStation 3. These are websites which have collaboration with various product and service providers, which sponsor the free PlayStation 3. These websites have loads of offers from various companies, you just need to take these offers, some free and some at very cheap rates, and create a network under you, explain the process to them and get them to repeat the process that you did. Most of these websites will ask for an email id to log in. Make sure that the email is genuine as it will be verified, if you are uncomfortable sharing your personal or professional email id, then just create one especially for this purpose. Also make sure that the cookies and pop ups are enabled in your Internet Explorer browser.

Once logged in, click on the offers tab and browse through various offers available, which are basically risk free, trial offers. Some offers are free whereas some will require a meager amount though and will require credit card information too. Most of the offers will take around 10 minutes to complete. These offers will give you credits which can then be redeemed.

After completing the offers, refer them to your friends, as many of them as possible, your referrals will also get you credits, depending on the demand of the reward. People signing up from your referrals will be visible to you on your page after you log in along with referral links. Referring some one doesn’t mean to spam them, do it in a more subtle way like creating blogs, link sharing, getting your closed ones under your network. Prove to your closed ones the credibility of the website and the model. Share your own experience with them and elaborate the process and suggest some offers to them.

Now when you have done all that is required, it is time to get what you were waiting for, your own PS3 and that too for free. Once your account is verified again, your order for a free PlayStation 3 will be placed and it will be shipped to you and delivered at your doorsteps, without any extra or hidden charges. Enjoy the best gaming console ever, or sell your PS3 on eBay and make huge profits.

Gadgets4nowt.co.uk is a one-of-a-kind website which offers exclusive information on how to get a free Playstation 3 or PS3. To claim your prize visit our website at http://www.gadgets4nowt.co.uk/

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The Playstation 3 – Save Money On A PS3 – Learn How To Buy A Playstation 3 For Cheap

430375607 0a7221d986 m The Playstation 3   Save Money On A PS3   Learn How To Buy A Playstation 3 For Cheap
by Charlie Brewer

The PlayStation 3 (also known as the PS3) is Sony’s latest game system following the success of the first two Playstations. The system was released on November 11, 2006. The PS3 competes with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. Although the system is theoretically the most powerful of the three, it is behind the Xbox 360 and the Wii in sales with a little more then five million sold. This is slightly less the half of the other systems sales. Typically this has been attributed to the price of the system. The PlayStation 3 usually retails for almost double the price of a Wii at $ 499.

Regardless, I opted to get a PlayStation 3 for myself instead of any of the other systems. Unlike the Xbox 360 and Wii the PS3 offers high definition Blu-ray movie playback out of the box. Simply put watching movies on Blu-ray is stunning. The picture and sound is incredible. The Xbox 360 supports HD-DVD, but you have to buy an extra add on player for this function to work! High definition on the Wii? Forget it, it’s not available! I wanted to play games and have the next generation of video playback.

After hearing about the capabilities of the PS3 I started to shop around. Like most people, paying $ 499 for a game system was just too much. I tried many of the big retailers; Best Buy, Comp USA, Circuit City, and so on. Basically what I learned was that retailers such as these agree to set the price that Sony wants. You just won’t find it priced lower then this at any of these stores.

So now I will let you in on how I got a PS3 for $ 327 dollars. One word: eBay. Let me say this, there are some incredible deals on that site. Now I know a lot of people don’t like the hassle of dealing with eBay, but I found a few sites that help out with process. Basically there are many sites that list all the best deals on eBay, so it takes a lot of work out of shopping There, and try a Google search. Did I mention these sites also have games and accessories listed? Buy your PS3 today and save money, give eBay a try!

Visit [http://www.buyaplaystation.info] to save money on a Playstation 3. Systems, games, and accessories!

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Companies Now Offer a Free Playstation 3 as a Marketing Incentive

2073744226 2c2c8cc014 m Companies Now Offer a Free Playstation 3 as a Marketing Incentive
by Eduardo Llanquileo

With the current swathe of next generation games consoles sweeping the gaming community into a frenzy, there is a growing trend for console manufacturers to increase the price of their products in response to their sky-rocketing popularity. Gone are the days when games consoles featured modest technical specifications and were played mostly by children and teenagers. Today we see the likes of the Sony PlayStation 3, featuring the new Cell Chip processor designed specifically for the PS3 (now appearing in IBM’s new supercomputer), which boasts a hefty price tag to match.

Costing upwards of £400, the Sony PS3 is certainly a much anticipated beast, and many are willing to part with their hard earned cash in order to own one. For those who cannot meet the price tag, many companies have seized upon an opportunity to capitalise on the demand for these machines, and offer the PlayStation 3 as a free gift in return for participation in what many regard as a pyramid scheme.

Websites owned by companies such as the Giveaway Network, Gratis Network and Real Incentives (to name but a few), fund their free gift schemes through the promotion of affiliate partners featured on their website. Those who wish to obtain a free PlayStation 3 must first complete an offer on behalf of the affiliate partner, then refer others to the free gift website by promoting their unique referral link. Each person who is referred must go on to complete an affiliate offer, and once a prescribed number of people have done so, the original referrer can claim their free PlayStation 3.

For each person who signs up and completes an affiliate offer through a free gifts website, the website earns a sum of money. Therefore, by encouraging people to sign up and refer others to do so by offering a free PlayStation 3 as an incentive, the free gifts website earns enough money to cover the cost of the gift, and to turn a profit in the process.

Such schemes have proven to be hugely popular in the US, and a number of these sites are now cropping up in the UK. The promise of receiving a highly sought after item for free seems quite divisive; to some people, it is a highly appealing, and to others it seems too good to be true. For those who do subscribe to such sites, there is the further problem of logistics – in theory referring 13 people to the website to complete an affiliate offer may seem like a piece of cake, however in practice, it can often be a difficult and time consuming exercise. Many people subscribe to a free gifts site, refer a few friends, then find that they are unable to meet their quota in order to receive their gift and leave empty handed.

In response to the popularity of these schemes, a number of websites have appeared to address many of the issues surrounding free gifts websites. Forums, such as Exceem, provide a community base for free gifts enthusiasts to discuss each of the websites, and to describe their experiences of the free gifts scene.

Other websites, such as Gimme4free.co.uk take the concept a step further by providing services to those involved with free gifts sites, allowing members to gain referrals by advertising and trading referral links on the website. The popularity of such sites emphasises the marketing power the prospect of receiving a free gift can have on the general public.

The free gifts scene seems to be a phenomenon which is here to stay. Many of the websites appear to be legitimate, meaning in theory it is possible to obtain a free PlayStation 3. Whether or not the scheme is realistic for some people is another matter however, as referring 13 people (or more) to complete an affiliate offer may not be an attainable goal. With the emergence of new websites designed to assist subscribers of affiliate sites, the process may be made a whole lot easier – so perhaps in the future obtaining a PlayStation 3 for free will be a more achievable prospect.

Comprehensive reviews and guides of the websites mentioned in this article can be found at Gimme4free – Get a free PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, HDTV and more!

Allan Scott graduated at the University of Edinburgh in 2002 and now works as a web journalist for Totalpda LTD, the UK’s leading distributor of PDA and GPS solutions.

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Get the latest information about playstation 3 slim on web

2073748796 ba6a6fbc14 m Get the latest information about playstation 3 slim on web
by Eduardo Llanquileo

Article by Bhrat Brij

 Get the latest information about playstation 3 slim on web

The playstation 3 slim or PS3 has approximately a lot of years now, on the other hand at the moment it have got slim down and get new and improved form and definitely doesn’t dissatisfy. Initially, the PS3 Slim was at low priced. Likewise it’s a third small and floats than the massive earlier version, and as well a third additional energy competent, in the sense a little lesser running expenses and, further much important, close to silence operation same as least follower efforts are required to maintain it fresh. PlayStation 3 Slim easily endorse playback of MPEGs-1, 2 and 4 video files from compact disc or USB among JPEG pictures presenting as with some images showcased in exciting slide show.
Further PlayStation 3 Slim act as a digital media centre and is set to stream contented from some DLNA submissive network device. Look at the slim consoles you will be discover an HDMI result that is an (SPDIF) visual digital audio output. For some gamers who were to greatly waiting and hopefully Sony will have to establish IR receiver that can allow user to run PS3 with a international IR universal remote. The another thing is that somebody can’t play PS2 games on PS3 Slim gamers Consol due to backward compatibility is somewhat different for PS3 Slim. Well the current report is that there are yet yellow beam and it may be still mean problem with games console. The superior news is that latest play station slim access at a lot of lesser temperature and the numerically reported case is insignificant at that time.
So it is really early on the days definitely to be completely sure but the fresh case design and the gears have designed to trim down the overheating matter of the elder models. In one side, there is the best Xbox 360 console, the privileged 250GB, and another one, we have go for PS3 console, the Slim-250GB. Nowadays Sony has been brought the playstation 3 slim charge in queue with the Xbox, it is not a big factor. Both organisations have simplified the manner of uses black matte finish, nevertheless the PS3 console has been a current flash. In turns the Xbox 360 consol looking like outdated and yet boasts that enormous influence brick. The free offers can be something initial from free record, post, another services to free PS3 slim-250 GB, free Sony slim 120 GB, Nintendo Wii and more.
Without any cost Sony Playstation3 slim 250GB same as free of charge Sony PS3 Slim 120 GB has come by means of a variety of contracts deals. Every network provider widens several contracts deals with altering monthly payment. The agreements have a lowest amount of period of one year. This is also promising that several deals are comprehensive on a meticulous cellular phone. These agreements deals beside with their provision and the cellular phone come with free of charge gifts.

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The Answer To Sony PlayStation 3 Freezing Problems

430375523 73ea792ca8 m The Answer To Sony PlayStation 3 Freezing Problems
by Charlie Brewer

Article by Maxi Media Matters

 The Answer To Sony PlayStation 3 Freezing Problems

Despite the Sony PlayStation 3 being the best gaming consoles to hit the market, and despite its phenomenal features, the console has some software and hardware issues, such as freezing problems, and trying to deal with PS3 freezing problems by tampering with the internal circuits is not recommended, your best shot is a professional repair facility.

With more than 48 million units sold, the PS3 is more than a full scale gaming computer. Freezing problems have been reported by many users, in most cases, after the console has been used for hours at a stretch, this has been put down to overheating of internal components, and the freezing occurs when the system has heated up.

You as an ardent gamer would have tried restarting the console, checking for loose wire connections, or you may download the latest updates in the hopes that will fix the bug and your system will spring into life and function normally, or if you are really competent you may seek instructions from the PS3 manual for details of how to remove and reinstall the hard drive, having said that, repairing the PS3 console on your own is not recommended, let the professionals handle the repairs.

When you hand over several hundred pounds for a game system, you do not expect to have issues for a long time, but things happen, you may be going on merrily, enjoying the experience of nerve racking games, when suddenly you may encounter a yellow, red or blinking green light, and you may think this is it, a new system, dont be disheartened it has been reported that about 95% of problems is a heat issue.

When the units run hot inside, over time, this excess heat causes the solder on the motherboard or central processing unit to break down, the connections become loose when the solder melts, which of course results in repair issues.

Do not take the chance that you can fix your PlayStation 3 yourself, no matter how many good friends will try and advise you, faults such as YLOD (yellow light of death), freezing, hard drive errors, not reading games or movies, all need a professional PlayStation 3 repair service, you can of course send the console back to Sony, but expect to wait up to 6 weeks or more, and the hassle of packing up and sending off at a cost that may be the straw that broke the camels back.

You have the best gaming console on the market, look after it, and if things go wrong, put it in the hands of professionals to