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Article by Justin Scott Jenkins


The most potent way to keep thieves away from your Computer is to restrict a tech from working on your hardware and / or block viruses

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Computer Repair Manchester

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Article by Fix Computers

 Computer Repair Manchester

Some Laptops with the Nvida chipset (Nvidia GeForce 8M-series GPU) are failing due to a manufacturing flaw, this is due to the chip overheating. The main contenders are Apple, Dell, and HP laptops. The problem stems from the solder used to keep the Nvidia GPU attached to the motherboard. After repeated use heated up the low-quality solder, the GPU would come loose thus resulting video failure.

How to fix the Nvida chipset problem.

1. Takee the laptop apart and remove motherboard.

2. Find the Nvida chip on the laptop and use a pen touch to heat up the chip for around40-50 seconds.

3. Put a towel over chip and press down fairy firmly for 20 seconds

4. Next reapply thermal paste to chip and then place a penny on top of chip.

5. Next screw heatsink back on, job done.

6. Before putting laptop back together, re attch monitor and cable and switch on to test.

Also go onto YouTube and you will find many videos showing you how to fix the overheating problem with the Nvida chip. Many people have fixed the problem using the instructions below but sometimes this fix will only last a short amount of time.

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Is The Dell Range Of Laptops Right For You?

If you have been considering the purchase of a laptop computer but have been struggling to determine which one is right for you, you are not alone. Most laptop buyers browse dozens of computers and read hundreds of reviews before making a decision. Savvy shopping is always a great idea, and taking the time to learn which computer will best meet your needs is always recommended. Today, we will take a look at the various Dell laptop lines to help you determine of one of these computers might be the best choice for you and your needs.

When it comes to Dell laptops, there are two very popular models to choose from. The Inspiron line is great for students, casual users, and business people on the go. These computers come in a wide range of specific model numbers and are customizable, making it easy to create a computer that fits your needs. If you are looking for a laptop that is better suited for gaming or for high performance computing such as graphic design, then the Studio product line is what you are looking for. These computers are also easily customizable, and pack a great deal of power into a small package.

There are far too many benefits owning a Dell laptop. Dell is one of the largest and the most sought after company in the world of computer hardware, and they have a reputation that is unscathed and unchallenged. While the customer service is handled by outsourced customer care executives, the repair and the warranty that is associated with Dell laptops is known to be the best in the world. In other words if you as a customer decide to send your laptop in for repair then you can expect an excellent service with a very less turnaround time.

One of the things that is most popular about the Dell laptop is the company’s system builder option. If you visit the company website, you can easily create a computer that is tailored around your needs. Whether you are worried about getting a high performance video card, a huge hard drive for your files, or enough ram to make multitasking a breeze, you can create the computer that you really want. With that said, however, there are also a number of prebuilt laptops that offer the most popular features, so finding something to meet your needs is rarely difficult.

Overall, Dell is s great choice when it comes to buying a laptop computer. The company also has a financing scheme that offers customers the choice of paying for the laptop in easy monthly installments. Also they have a design studio to let users create laptops which reflect their style and personality. The computers that are built by Dell are high quality and Dell computers has a tendency to integrate the latest technology quickly so as ensure that the buyers are able to choose something that does not get obsolete very quickly. Overall, Dell is s great choice when it comes to buying laptop computers.

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Internet Connection Issues

Let us talk about a pretty common problem that could happen to everyone at anytime-internet problems. It is very beneficial for you to be informed on how you should go deal with your own internet connection problem just before you pick up the phone and start whining about it. You might just be undergoing a minor problem that you simply can fix.

The first thing that you should do is to determine whether the issue is in your end or in the end of your internet company. Of course you can always do something if the problem is on your end but if it’s not then you can call them up. For difficulties in your end that may be out of your control, you can contact us at fast computer repair. Las Vegas Computer Users Liberation Team.

Now you basically need to know if you’re having a dial up connection or a broadband connection. A dial up connection makes use of a phone while a broadband connection doesn’t necessarily need a phone for you to be able to connect to the Web.

When you have a dial up connection then try to follow these actions: Check if the computer is having a squealing sound, if it doesn’t, then check that the modem is plugged into the telephone line at both end. Also make sure that your cables and wires aren’t tangled or damaged especially when you have youngsters and pets around. Next thing you should do would be to check and see if your telephone line is having a dial tone and that you simply can make a call without having any static. If your phone is working, the last thing you need to do is to reenter your username and password and be certain that your caps lock key is turned off.

When you follow all these actions in your dial up internet connection and you still can’t connect to a browser, then it is time for you to call up your internet service provider. It is always better to be sure that you simply do not have a issue on your end prior to you call them up.

But if you are having a broadband internet connection, follow these actions: Check on all of the wires and cables connected from your PC to your modem and vice versa. Be sure that every thing is attached properly and there are no damages. After that, check on the status of the lights inside your modem. Try to see if all of the lights in your modem are solid. If some of them are flashing or not turned on then you better call your internet service provider. Specifically observe the service light of your modem.

An agent would usually help you out as soon as you call up your internet service provider. Try to be patient as some of them may not be as good and as beneficial as you think they are. Build rapport with them by calling them by their names as they give it to you. Explain to the problem politely and do not try to make them nervous as most of these agents are not Americans and they might be very nervous as they speak with us.

Tell them that you have already checked on the lines and that you have already re-entered your username and password. Go through the trouble shooting process that they will instruct to you because they’re all following a well structured troubleshooting guide.

If you were able to go through the entire troubleshooting steps yet the internet problem exist then ask them to please escalate the problem to a much better technical support agent. If they become rude and unhelpful then ask them that you’d like to speak with their team leader or supervisor. And if worse comes to worst that they won’t let you talk to a supervisor or team leader then you better have the service disconnected.

You can always shift to a much better internet service provider which caters to your needs and even sends you a technician right to your doorsteps if everything becomes too technical that you can’t manage it. Remember that you are paying for it and you’ve every right to be connected with the world through the Web.

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How to Connect Two Computers in a Home Network

Almost each and every home right now has the following: first, a desktop computer or two, and then at least one laptop. Why is this the case? Well, in today’s world, it’s almost as if each person will need a computer for himself. However, there is also a dilemma that is plaguing most homes – they often times fail to connect their computers in a single network, even with the abundance of networking resources available. If you have a similar problem, then read this article further.

Listed below are the basic steps to take when you want to hook up at least 2 of your house’s computers in a single network. Even if you already have linked your home’s computers you can still learn from this article as it dictates to you what essentially is occurring in a simple home network.

Your Internet modem probably only has a slot for one computer, which means you are only provided a single IP address by your Internet Service Provider. But there is actually a way to share this connection to other computers in your home. Just follow the simple steps below:

1) Firstly, you must connect both your PCs using a CAT-5 wire. With this you will produce a kind of cross-over.

2) Since you’re now connecting the two computers, you will need to differentiate them by assigning to them different IP addresses. You can do this by editing the properties of the LAN Card (or the Network Interface Card). It can be any number that you would like, it doesn’t matter, as these IP addresses only work on the home network and not over the Internet.

3) Thirdly, and probably the most essential step in this process, is to install your proxy software. This is the only way for your first PC to share its Internet to your second computer, by acting as a proxy server.

4) After that, you will then connect your first computer to the router (but of course you will need to install the hardware router). After your Internet Service Provider detects your router, it will automatically assign a public IP address and all the computers in your network will attach to the hub of that specific IP address.

It really is fairly tricky to build your first ever home network, but with enough practice and if you’re determined enough, you can solve it without any professional help. You can also use Wi-Fi methods of creating a home network, but Wi-Fi tends to be unreliable at times, so it’s all up to you.

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Popular PC Hardware Issues and Solutions

Here are some frequent personal computer issues that you might want to resolve your self instead of spending money on a computer technician. Some of them might sound to be very severe but you’ll surely be surprised how easy it can all turn out.

Now what will you do if your speakers won’t make a sound? Simply take a look at the back of your computer and check on the speaker connections on the sound card and modem. It is very possible that the single stereo speaker plug isn’t plugged onto the socket on the sound card. All you have to do is plug it in the socket marked Audio or Speaker.

Another frequent problem would be your computer starting up normally but would wind up having a blank screen. Don’t freak out and just check on the cables as they may not be effectively attached. If the cables are good then the power button of your monitor may|might have not been turned on.

You might also experience an unclear or fuzzy images displayed on your monitor. This is not a very severe problem at all. You just have to be aware that monitors and your computer as a whole are sensitive to electro-magnetic interference. To stay away from this, keep cell phones, televisions, radios, microwaves, dishwashers and even washing machines away from your personal computer. Even your speakers can cause these interferences so don’t let put them too close to the monitor.

A lot of folks would also find it to be a dilemma to only have 16 colors on the screen. This is simply because the default settings for Windows are only 16 colors. For you to have the ability to have 256 colors or more, you’ll have to install the video drivers appropriately. There are directions on the best way to install these drivers that comes with the package when you buy them.

Another problem that you might encounter is with your CD player. CDs may keep on playing in the first couple of seconds of the song and then skips to the next song. There absolutely nothing wrong with your pc if this happens. Just verify the settings of your CD player and set it to continuous play.

The last difficulty would be your keyboard which would come up with the wrong symbols. As you know Windows is created in America and so the default country would be America including the default language. You can easily alter the language and the regional setting in the control panel. There you can personalize the settings of your personal computer to best suit you.

Now if ever you come across the uncommon PC troubles, you should know who to call. You can contact us at small business computer repair. Las Vegas has a great personal computer repair place known as LV Computer Users Liberation Team.

Las Vegas Computer Users Liberation Team specializes in Business Computer Repair in Las Vegas and has a reputation for having satisfied clients. They provide dependable, quick, top-notch service That nobody in Las Vegas can compete with. You can check out their website at http://vegascult.com/

What are the Parts of a PC?

If you are reading this article, then most probably you are reading it from a computer. There is also a large probability that you have been using a computer for many years, and will be using it for the years to come. I have a question for you, though – do you know what’s going on inside your computer as you are reading this? Better yet, do you even know what the components inside your computer are?

If you’re one of those casual users who don’t know what the PC is made of, then there is a need to orient you of the computer’s core components. This article will enumerate the five most essential parts of a computer, what they do, and their importance. If this is your first education on PC parts, then welcome!

First off, let us begin with what you usually see, and the one you’re probably staring at right now, the computer monitor. The single most essential output device of a PC, the monitor is where you can see what your PC is doing in real time. It’s a visual representation that lets you understand and work with your PC, and the input that you do via your keyboard and mouse can be seen on your monitor in real-time.

They keyboard and the mouse are responsible for the input functionalities of a computer. They keyboard is the alpha-numeric device that looks very much like a typewriter, with the addition of a number pad and more specialized keys. It’s the easiest way to enter data and can be used according to how a program implements it. The mouse is the pointing device that lets you navigate the 2-d surface of the monitor, and up to now is seen as the most important console for all kinds of programs and games.

Let’s go to the less common ones, the ones that are located in the PC case. We have the CPU, or the Central Processing Unit. As the name suggests, the CPU is where all computing happens – without it, the PC won’t be able to do anything at all. In other words, a computer wouldn’t exist without a CPU.

The motherboard is where all the hardware is connected, and this is where the CPU is attached to as well. The faster your motherboard, the faster the data processes become. The last important component you need to know about is the hard drive. This is where all your data is stored, and is usually declared in your Operating System as Drive C: or D:.

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How to Choose the Best Computer Brand For You

Everyone all over the planet is attempting to buy a PC that has a brand or a laptop coming from a thoroughly-established and well known PC manufacturer. What you should consider in buying a PC is not the brand alone but also the support services that come with it. This is where people make mistakes.

A very serious mistake that one can make is buying a PC without ever thinking of its future maintenance requirements. When you buy a computer, make sure that there is one manufacturer-approved repair center near your area, so at the times when your computer gets damaged, you can quickly go to those places and ask for repairs. Additionally, you must select a PC that is known for the durability of its parts so that you will not waste time always replacing PC spare parts in the near future.

A thing you should also take into account when buying your very own PC for the first time is the resiliency of the brand. What does that mean? It means you should choose a brand that’s been known to be durable and have the strongest protection against system failures and virus attacks. Always bear in mind that buying computers is not like buying dresses where unbranded clothes are acceptable: the brand is essential for you to be assured of occasional product support and of the high quality of the PC .

What’s best about getting your PC or laptop from a known brand is the professional support that comes with it. Your PC will get repaired in the fastest, safest, and most guaranteed way possible. Esteemed Pc Repair Businesses Clifton Park NY services in New York, for instance, can handle problems related to software or hardware the fastest way imaginable. That is great most especially if your PC suffered from a virus infiltration which is hard to detect when you’re low on PC protection. It can disturb your PC’s efficacy and effectively can disturb your own performance as well.

Here’s one truth anyone should tell you when it comes to computer repairs: if you are not a professional, your knowledge will always come short when it comes to troubleshooting what is wrong with your PC. That is why you will most probably need professional PC repair. It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s easy and it will get you back on track while strengthening your PC’s defenses.

Repairing your PC doesn’t take too much time nowadays as expert technicians already have ready-made solutions for all sorts of PC difficulties. With a comprehensive solution that even the layman could understand, a method that isn’t invasive and is 100% guaranteed to work, you will feel like you yourself have fixed that PC. All you need to do is take that phone call.

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Do You Need To Clean The Computer’s Registry?

Logically, the closer your Mac gets to maximum capability, the slower it’s going to run. You will find a lot of programs out there for computer systems and cellular devices alike designed to automatically scan your pc for unnecessary junk and get rid of it for you entirely. Whenever you delete or uninstall a system from your laptop there is a really great opportunity that you’ll find nonetheless some smaller items that get left behind in the registry.

The algorithms utilised are generally the incredibly same as these utilised by governments to permanently delete files. There is an application that will assist you do all the above suggestions at the same time. This implies you don’t must use various various applications and perform each and every job separately. If your pc is going to be helped then a fantastic registry cleaning each and every now after which is usually useful.

You’ll find fairly several available programs for a file delete but be cautious of totally free programs. Some might be excellent or they could possibly just want access for your pc. All of these do occasionally happen and the remedies for this are an pricey trip towards the repair shop or clean the registry.

One way of undertaking so would be to install a registry cleaner that will aid you solve your computer’s complications like blue screen, slowing down, intermittent shutting down, and pc freezing. One of essentially the most probable good reasons why these elements are bugging you is the fact that your Windows registry is cluttered with an excessive amount of junk DLL files. A computer system is just like your shoes, bed, and any other belongings that have to be cleaned frequently.

We can also evaluate personal computer to a sink. Would like to make sure that you privacy will not be leaked out into the massive internet planet? A registry cleaner is usually a software program that conveniently removes the congestion in your Windows registry.

When you have more programs installed in your computer then it might become slow, to speed up your computer use this Reg Cure software. regcure reviews is a software to clean up the registry of your laptop.

Fixing Up the Pc

A large percentage of computer users will suffer from slow computer performance within the lifetime of their machine. In this article I wanted to talk about many of the causes which can lead to this, especially errors which can pop up within the operating system itself. Any errors which occur inside the operating system can have a very serious impact on the performance of the programs which are running on your computer. This article discusses that matter in some detail. We going to be covering the different sources of problems which can occur, as well as the remedies for them.

You may be surprised to know that there are things that you can do about this as a simple computer user without gaining a huge amount of technical knowledge or system maintenance skills. When you understand what is causing the issue, it naturally becomes much easier to solve it. Usually the Windows registry is at the heart of most of the major difficulties you can run into. The registry is a very important database which works at the heart of the Windows operating system making sure that everything runs properly by coordinating all the information needed by all the different components of the system. This is the reason why it is such a vast database, crammed full of huge amounts of information which are necessary to the running of the computer.

Because of this, it is possible for an individual to unintentionally type in information in to the pc registry when you are updating it that can easily eventually halt the pc from operating fully. In reality, this is why nearly all computer professionals will tell you to never go anyplace near to the personal computer registry by hand, since it is actually much less hazardous to utilize specialised software programs in order to edit it on your behalf. Any time faults exist inside the Registry, then you have to make use of these unique software programs that’s produced to be able to locate plus rectify the actual values in the personal computer registry immediately. Carrying this out can save you an enormous sum of time and even likewise avoids the possibility of adding completely new faults through editing it personally.

For this reason, software has been designed to do the task for you of looking for errors and repairing them inside the Windows registry. It requires a lot of in-depth analysis to locate the entries which conflict with each other so that they can be replaced. Analysing all the data in this way allows the program to find out which of the entries are incorrect so that they can be either removed or corrected. However, for a human being to do this would mean spending the rest of their lives sorting millions of entries one against the other two lots of tiny errors or inconsistencies. It’s just not humanly possible, but it is the kind of thing that software programs are extremely good at.

Malware is another potentially destructive influence which can have a big impact on the way the computer works, especially with regards to the Windows registry. A person can pick up malicious software on the computer quite easily, and these days it does not always come from careless user behaviour, as programs are now capable of bypassing the security they exist on your machine, automatically installing malware. By carefully examining the Windows registry, you can often detect this type of malware after it has become installed on your computer. By using Windows registry software to locate and fix these changes, you can also track down those rogue programs quite easily.

To help protect you against the possibility of further worsening, you should be able to make backups of the Windows registry using the registry software that you choose. This could save a lot of trouble because you would otherwise need to reinstall windows into the Windows registry stopped working completely. To help you get your Windows Registry working, I’ve linked to a resource in an article I wrote before this one. I provided a link to the article below so that you can read it and find out more about this topic.

A windows registry repair software is a highly effective computer program for eliminating issues in the registry. To find out more about this, and to learn just how to get your pc to run better, just head to http://www.windows-registry-repair-software.net.