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Playstation 2

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by Kitsuney

The original Sony Playstation was one of my absolute favorite video game consoles when I was growing up. I never could lose the fun factor that came with the games and the console itself. There was just simply too much to love and too many good games to sit down and really just stick to it, there was always something else to move on to. That didn’t die off with the Playstation 2. In fact it was only inhanced 100%. The PS2 was truly a great console, having the most superior graphics in its time and having an absolute massive amount of great games to play. It was backwards compatiable with the Playstation, so you could play all Playstation games on the PS2. That was awesome, considering how many great Playstation games there still were and people wanted to play. There were a variety of awesome new games coming out as well, including Kingdom Hearts.

That is the main reason, to me, that the Playstation 2 was the winner over all the other available consoles. The interest in Kingdom Hearts was massive. In fact, I was so interested in it, I bought the Kingdom Hearts Guide book to read before I even had a Playstation 2 just to get a better look at it. I may have used it later to help me out, but I got it just to get that taste for it. It’s such a great game, and it all started on Playstation 2 so that makes the PS2 stand out very high for me personally.

Plus the always great Final Fantasy, with X and XII being on PS2. Sonic the Hedgehog had a few games come out, and a compilation disc, and that was really enjoyable to have those back again. It sold over 150 million consoles worldwide, being the highest sold console ever. Sony sold over 100 million Playstation 1 consoles as well. It was very clear that they hit the mark on making video game consoles. The Playstation 3 has sold over 50 million units, although not nearly as successful as its two original consoles. The Playstation Portable has sold over 67 million units itself.

It doesn’t seem that Sony will outdo it’s PS2, and for very good reason. It had the best controller, the coolest look, DVD and CD playability, backwards compatability to one of the best consoles of all time, awesome sequel games to the originals, and brand new games that became worldwide smash hits. The Playstation 2 had all 8 cylinders running high. It will remain number one in sales for a long time to come, because Sony did everything right with the PS2.

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I’m Agron Bashota, and I wrote this article.

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Sony Playstation Phone

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by insidethemagic

Could Sony Ericson Xperia Play be Sonys entry point in the mobile phone market? Even though it remains just a rumor at this point the Xperia Play has been gaining interest ever since its 1st public announcement by Engadget in late January.

The phone boasts a 4 inch LCD multi touch screen and also a slide-out playstation gaming pad. It combines the Android operating system with the one of the PSP Go to allow for a remarkably touch-friendly user experience. A few of the smartphone’s top features include its eight mega-pixel camera, three-dimensional SVG functionality, and Bravia technology for faster video playback. The Xperia Play features the usual search, home, back and menu buttons which we see on almost any Android smartphone. The actual gaming pad itself is setup very much like the PSP Go and has a pair of shoulder pads, the common D-pad to the left, and Sonys signature four-shape buttons on the right side. The Xperia Play additionally has two touch-pad joy sticks in the middle which mimic any traditional Sony playstation game controller.

At this time little details have been published about the video game titles that will be available for purchase. Nonetheless, these are said to be available through apps you can download about the fifteen dollar price. Engadget tried out the device with a range of Ps One emulators that include Ridge Racer Revolution, Super Mario Bros. 4, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 and Gundam Battle Assault 4 and they described an exceptionally user-friendly gaming experience.

With no official announcement coming from Sony still many questions remain unanswered about possible mobile phone carriers and price. We can expect to see a special deal made with a leading service provider the same as the initial launch of the Apple iphone. For right now, we only have got a small amount of instances to compare with.

The Sony Playstation phone appears to be a pairing of Xperias X10 phone plus Sonys PSP Go. Packed with Sonys modern technology the device appears to be a really strong addition to the Android os family. My only major issue would be the life of the battery, an area where some Android mobile phones have been seen to suffer. Any gaming gadget would certainly need a somewhat potent battery which can be challenging to squeeze into the very small size of an Android cellphone.

Overall this Sony Playstation phone is still an appealing idea with many questions yet to be cleared. Official word coming from Sony is anticipated in the near future however we should not expect to see the device on shelves before mid or late summertime. Despite the fact that this really is Sony Ericsons very first Android os phone this company has received plenty of experience building gadgets for the significant number of os’s not to mention brands. It is easy to have belief that the particular phone could be put through an important stringent examining stage in advance of really being produced on the majority of folks. The product has already really been unveiled throughout a few other countrys for example India in which at this time there has not yet happen to be any specific major grumbles or even imperfections with the actual machine.

Simply put I will frequently be extremely curious about technological know-how ever since a really early age. One of the best units could be the Sony Playstation Phone mainly because it really is breathtaking. look at the sony playstation phone review for more information.

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PlayStation 4 : Games, Features And Entertainment At Its Best

3937794582 c85afff407 m PlayStation 4 : Games, Features And Entertainment At Its Best
by GeekInSpace

With every day more and more speculations are being generated on the ever-profitable on the web rumor mill relating to the unveiling of PlayStation 4. The PS4 would be the working name given for the PS3 follow up counted upon to reach markets within the following 12-18 months. We have witnessed no formal word with the gaming system from manufacturers Sony yet, but this of course hasn’t ever finished outrageous hypothesis that growth will get rolling pretty soon that is began on numerous things:

-PC graphics are initiating to go out of gaming console graphics behind, and video games just like the Uncharted series seem to have moved the PS3 wherever it can head out when it comes to graphics functions and physics.

- Nintendo is currently starting to leak details pertaining to its Wii follow up currently codenamed ‘Project Cafe’.

- Consoles have a tendency to endure for all around six yrs prior to a sequel is unveiled which is supported by the gaps among PS1, PS2 and PS3.

All of this indicates we may possibly check out a Sony PlayStation 4 available on the market some time soon and gossips and hypothesis appear to help this theory.

Precisely what could we foresee from a PS4 as soon as it gets there? Well to start with, we must anticipate a gigantic leap onward in energy and this also has been observed in all earlier examples of video games systems using the basic craze simply being for systems to about double in terms of their performance. This would end up in photo-realistic graphics and that thus would carry on the craze for a lot more cinematic gameplay for the games. It truly is right to look forward to that this graphical plunge might be most conspicuous for that PS4 as PlayStation has constantly led on the ‘core gamer’ marketplace – the marketplace of game enthusiasts who enjoy realism and shoot ‘em ups and who are generally an older male demographic.

This really is in stark opposition to, as an example, Nintendo, who have a tendency to instead plan their goods at a much younger household market and each sexes. This at the same time indicates we can expect fewer ‘gimmicks’ in terms of Sony. True to form on the other hand the Project Cafe has now been exposed to feature a controller with its very own monitor.

You can find also many new technologies being continually created that may very well be carried out for a next PlayStation 4.. As an example controllers that choose up brainwaves have usually been found to beprobable and an increasing number of tools and businesses are presently employing the idea of a ‘cloud’ for storing information remotely. Perhaps we’re going to take a look at these on the following console or perhaps that will not be a truth of the matter till the primary 9th generation games system…

Mandy Hathaway is a techie blogger who writes about the latest buzz of the coming Sony PlayStation 4 at her blog: PlayStation 4.

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Sony Playstation consoles: Leisure delight to all gamers

430374323 10aee4f596 m Sony Playstation consoles: Leisure delight to all gamers
by Charlie Brewer

If you happen to be gaming freak, the first and foremost among all gadgets that needs to be considered is a gaming consoles to enjoy long hours of unlimited fun with loads of your favourite games. Nowadays these gadgets are also among the hi-tech electronic products of daily use and users worldwide tend to keep themselves updated with the latest gadgets pertaining to gaming. Sony Playstation consoles are one of the most popular names in the gaming arena and have passed through several generations, making an impressive impact with each one of them. Even various new types of games are being invented to be played with these consoles.

Sony Playstation consoles are designed and developed by Sony Corporation and has made an impact upon all game lovers. The origin of these amazing products can be dated long back in 1986 with just 200 models of the first console. With the developments of technology, newer advancements are evident with the launch of these products which stated as a device designed for multimedia and multipurpose entertainment aspects. Smarter moves every single time with the launch of better consoles ultimately made Sony the leader of these attractive gadgets for unlimited gaming addiction and fun filled leisure activities.

With the development of Sony Playstation consoles, the first thing which comes to mind is games. In fact, all the game developers are coming up with newer adventures in the field of gaming to let users indulge in this pleasurable addiction. Every time a new Playstation launches, newer games are added to it which makes it more attractive to users. The latest among the gaming series is the Cheap Playstation 3 Games that is giving tough competition to others like Nintendo and Xbox gaming devices.

In fact, Sony is now a brand name in providing future oriented gaming products and that holds true every time a new console from Sony comes to forefront.

Sony Playstation consoles serve as an ultimate source of entertainment. It is absolutely hard to resist as they are not just gaming consoles. It even features movie viewing attributes on brilliant high definition displays. It is the best way to indulge in the world of video gaming with numerous game choices from which you can easily select the ones of your preference and get started with the gaming addiction. It ranges from the basic models to advanced ones with hi-tech advanced features and offers a perfect way to stay entertained at all times.

Philip Austen is an author of Xpert4u a Price comparison site that provides the relevant information on various Games, electronics  products and mobile phones products.

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Acquiring the Best Gaming Console in India

3815433376 24ebc0019f m Acquiring the Best Gaming Console in India
by THQInsider

Finding the best gaming console in India may not be that difficult if you compare gaming consoles while keeping a few things in mind. Your ultimate choice is going to depend on what kind of games you will want to play and possibly who besides you will be playing.

The most popular games today are well known for being family friendly and encourage health and fitness. If you are a really serious gamer you might compare gaming consoles that offer a wide range of games as well as an online gaming portal. You should know that not all game consoles are good for on line gaming. Many of the latest reviews will tell how positively impressed users are with the libraries and exclusives included which should be considered if you are going to find a good gaming console in India.

Many consoles like the Xbox and the Sony Playstation offer more than game function.

Capability to surf the web is a very popular feature. Many feature the ability for DVD and Blu-ray playback. However, often the most important factor is how realistic the graphics and action is. It is a great idea to visit a local store and get behind a game controller and test the console out before you buy. This is the perfect way to find out first hand if you are impressed or not.

One of the most common complaints by users is the controller. This is typically due to the controller not fitting well in the users hand or its design is too awkward to fit comfortably in the user’s hand. Sometimes the buttons on the controllers can be too small or placed outside of the user’s natural motion making it difficult to operate. These are all very important factors and going for a test run at your local store is a sure way to reveal what works best for each individual. There are a lot of models in both Xbox and Playstation, with even handheld models like the Sony Playstation PSP Go.

If you are interested in some of the extra benefits like playing movies and online gaming there are several consoles on the market with these features. Some play both DVDs and CDs and some even play Blu-ray Discs while some have the option to stream movies. Many offer the online gaming but an expert opinion is best to seek out for which ones actually perform best online.

Now, if you truly want the online game experience you are going to need good storage capacity. On the other hand, if you are not so interested in online gaming you can get by with less storage in your game console. Some games come with multiple capacity options and some use the flash memory instead of a hard drive.

One should take note and use caution to avoid compatibility issues with some titles because backward compatibility does matter. In other words, old games will not necessarily play on new consoles. Some consoles do offer backward compatibility while some do not. So, if you have in mind to play your old games on your new system, you will definitely want to compare gaming consoles for their features and functionality to find the best gaming console in India.


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PlayStation 3: Third Time’s a Charm

1047043808 6705a2f60d m PlayStation 3: Third Times a Charm
by Matt Brett

Since bursting into homes in 1994, the Sony PlayStation has taken the world of video games by storm. It doesn’t seem poised to end there either, as PlayStation’s current incarnation, the PS3, has sold over 40 million units worldwide since 2006. The general design of the PlayStation model has remained fairly faithful to the original brief, a next-gen, CD-based take on the popular cartridge-based models of the day.

The control pads take their cues from the early ergonomic pads used by the SNES or Sega Mega Drive, and this, in my opinion, is where the humble PS won out over the Nintendo 64 and still wins out over the Xbox. Talking about control pads in lieu of software specs or even games may seem crass, but consider this; the controller is the part of you that connects to the game. It’s the interface between man and machine. Why else would they now come equipped with rumble effects and all sorts of gadgetry?

Whereas other console’s controllers can be hard-edged, almost square (any old-timers remember the Dreamcast? What was up with that!?) and have buttons placed too far apart to reach one-handed, or reach in a hurry without A LOT of practice; the PlayStation has always boasted a pad that fits right there in your palms and can be adapted to suit any number of innovative styles of button-bashing. Much to my friends’ annoyance, I assure you.

The fact that anybody can pick up a PS of any model and be fairly familiar with the controls is a major contributing factor to PlayStation’s longevity. The other was a free-for-all policy that Sony wisely employed back in the 90′s. Sony invited anyone and everyone to design games for them, which led to a huge influx of fresh ideas, designers and innovations (as well as fuelling a secondary industry of game magazines and online reviewers). So, when Sega or Nintendo had 50 or so games on their fledgling devices, PlayStation adverts confidently emblazoned their logo with the tagline ’200 Games’ it didn’t matter that a lot of these games were complete and utter rubbish, what mattered was that first-time gamers were spoiled for choice.

It has to be said that PlayStation’s M.O hasn’t changed significantly since then. It is still the most cost-effective, user-friendly, and widely owned system around. It still boasts a huge collection of games (a good many of which are unfortunately still arse) and it still has the unnerving Bowie-esque ability to completely re-invent itself every few years without changing what made us love it in the first place.

If you want to find out more about the PS3 or Games for PlayStation, or more about the author, please click on the links for more information.

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21st Century Video Game Consoles

216662819 d54fa4e3ff m 21st Century Video Game Consoles
by aarmono

Article by Victor Nunn

 21st Century Video Game Consoles

Consoles, or home video game systems, are a very popular form of entertainment. Experts at Sony estimated, in the year 2000, that one out of every four households in the USA had a Sony Playstation. It has now become a universal phenomenon, and Sony has plenty of competition from other companies. A console is a highly specialized computer, much cheaper than a computer (ranging from $ 30 to $ 200 for a Sony). Loading takes place quicker, and a console can easily be connected to your TV or stereo, doing away with compatibility issues. Most consoles have to be just plugged in to be played. And the most important reason for a console’s popularity – multiple player facility. All video games have these core components in common – CPU, RAM, User Control Interface, Video and Audio Outputs, Software Kernel or Operating System, and Storage.

Here is a list of the most popular consoles, and the average minimum prices that they are available at:

The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Console, at $ 180, has a handheld console type, widescreen display, 333 MHz processing speed, and has multiplayer facility. It comes with a re-chargeable lithium-ion battery, and can run for 2.5 hours. The basic features accompanying the PSP are the built-in stereo speakers, exterior headphone connector, brightness control and sound mode selections.

The Microsoft Xbox Console costs about $ 130. This has DVD playback ability, as well as broadband internet connectivity. Best of all four players can participate at the same time. This high-end console system has a 733 MHz Intel processor, and voice-activated headsets.

The Nintendo DS Console is also priced at $ 130. It has an installed RAM of 4 MB, and can display 260,000 colors. The re-chargeable lithium-ion battery can run up to 10 hours. And surprise, it has an internal clock with an alarm!

The Nintendo Super NES Console, at $ 37, is a steal. Some of Nintendo’s biggest characters are now available here – Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, you name it. With stereo audio support and 32,768-color display, the total catalogue of games is above 500.

The Nintendo DS Lite Console, $ 25, has dual screens and touch-screen technology. The free Wi-Fi connection helps you to vie with players across the globe.

These are just some of the many games available nowadays. Some video game systems even have built-in special effects now, whether it is lighting options or mapping. Just remember to look for the one with the maximum battery life, and a good processor.

Vuctor Nunn writes about Video Games Coupons, MadCatzStore Coupon Codes and

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Sony PlayStation 3 Is Geared For All Ages

2716861830 074e7bb4a6 m Sony PlayStation 3 Is Geared For All Ages
by itBox24

Article by Maxi Media Matters

 Sony PlayStation 3 Is Geared For All Ages

The video game systems like PlayStation are no longer geared only towards the younger generation, people of all ages are now enjoying sitting with family and friends and playing video games on their television sets.

Being one of the coolest video game systems to have, many people own a Sony PlayStation of some type, either the original or PlayStation 2 or the very latest version of PlayStation 3, unfortunately, this all singing all dancing machine has it faults, and some people can be discouraged, and their mindset is to replace, but hold on, as there are businesses out there that specialize in PlayStation 3 repair services.

When a game system stops working is can be disappointing to say the least when you are without your special friend, but in this day and age, getting it repaired in now a less expensive option.

If you have a problem with your console it would be a huge waste of money to just throw the system away, it may be just a simple fix, and even if a bigger problem it would still be less expensive to fix than it would be to replace.

The demand for system repair has increased with the realization that these consoles can be repaired as opposed to purchasing a replacement, thus as the demand for system repair increases many more businesses specializing in PS3 repair are mushrooming across the UK.

Sophistication has grown with the PS3 gaming console over the last few years, the modern system have near computer like capabilities, and with all these technological improvements, your mind will be racing thinking about repairing the console.

If your console should have a fault it would be foolhardy to go in like a ‘bull in a china shop’ with a repair book in one hand, prodding and poking, you may mess up big time, and end up throwing the entire system away, simply because you have broken something.

The best possible way forward is seek out a same day PlayStation 3 repair facility, they do exist, and get it repaired prompto. A spokesman for the PlayStation Pros (PS Pros) said “we offer a while you wait same day repair service, a typical repair time is 40 minutes from when we diagnose the problem, or if you are not local to our premises which are in London, you can use our post in service we pick up and deliver back, furthermore our repair prices are the best around. We are a reputable company, and our business accolades encompass verification by the two largest Internet security companies, a member in good standing of SquareTrade, PayPal verified business, and attained PowerSeller status on eBay, also verified authorize Net Merchant, and more importantly we are fully insured”.

Gamers no longer have to throw away their video gaming systems when they go wrong. A PlayStation 3 repair service is being offered more and more, and for this reason the business is growing fast.

If you are the proud owner of a PS3 console, you have sophistication and power at your fingertips make sure you take the right course of action if you get a problem, and you will continue to ‘carry on gaming’ to your hearts content.

For further information visit: http://www.ps-pros.co.uk

PS Pros is represented by online advertising consultancy, Maxi Media Matters. Please direct all media enquiries to:

Email: admin@maximediamatters.com or call 0845 6807389

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Sony Playstation 3 : Pushing Limits of the Virtual World

430373903 ea1008138d m Sony Playstation 3 : Pushing Limits of the Virtual World
by Charlie Brewer

Article by Raina Kelsey

It has been more than twelve years since the Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has entered the gaming space. Since their first gaming console offering, Sony PlayStation has been successful in craving out a special name in the game player’s niche. Till recently, PlayStation’s legacy remained untouchable and its leadership barely challenged. However, with the launch of seventh generation gaming consoles from two other major player in the league, namely Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony PlayStation lost good grounds in terms of market share and brand loyalty.

Their latest seventh generation gaming console – the Sony PlayStation 3 seeks to win back lost grounds. The PlayStation 3 was first launched in Japan – the company’s home ground on November 11, 2006, with the North American release coming a mere six days later on November 17, 2006. The system was then released in Europe and Australasia on March 23, 2007. Right from day one of its launch, the gaming console gained enormous popularity among all gamers around the world. According to Media Create, 81,639 PS3 systems were sold within 24 hours of its introduction in Japan. Initially, the Sony PlayStation 3 was available in two configurations – 20GB and 60 GB. However, the 20GB module was discontinued after a while due to lack of demands and was replaced by an even higher 80GB module.

The PlayStation 3 is based on open and publicly available application programming interfaces. The PlayStation 3 includes the ability to store different user profiles, explore down loaded photos, play music and movies from the hard drive, compatibility for a USB keyboard and mouse for additional aid in navigation through its user interface and computer like game play, and a full fledged web browser. These features and options gives a Sony PlayStation 3 user the freedom to diversify the usage of the gaming console apart from its primary function – to play high quality video games.

Raina Kelsey is a gadget expert and writes about the latest gadgets in the market.

Sony Playstation 3Video Game Consoles

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The Sony Playstation 3 – 250GB Bringing Gaming Reality Home

1047043808 6705a2f60d m The Sony Playstation 3   250GB Bringing Gaming Reality Home
by Matt Brett

Article by SiteTalk Mall

When one thinks of gaming there are definite names that pop in one’s mind and the most common and obvious name is Sony playstation. This brand of gaming consoles is quite favored by many and has established its dominance over the world. One of the reasons why the gaming console company is quite common with many households is the fact that the company is always on its toes providing the gaming market with new improvements and added features to aid in ultimate gaming. The Sony playstation 3 – 250GB is the latest product to be rolled out of the company, and this gaming console was designed specifically to bring the gamer as close as possible to the game as possible, having incorporated the latest technological advances in both the audio and visual aspects in entertainment.

Sony understands that the human being is a social being and thus have included the ability for one to connect to the PS network and have thus fitted the console with a networking port. With over 40 million play stations connected to the Sony playstation network, one can easily hone their skills. The Sony playstation 3 – 250GB gaming console has built in Wi-Fi that will aid one in connecting to the network of online gamers.

Enhancing the gaming experience doesn’t only involve the inclusion of other gamers in a game, there is also the selection of games that one has. Trying out new games is one of the best experiences and the playstation manufacturer has enabled the gamers to access the hundreds of games found over the internet. Once one has bought the Sony playstation 3 slim – 250GB, one should proceed to register for a playstation membership to access the various online goodies offered by Sony. As much as there is the gaming experience, once registered, one can then proceed to subscribe to the Netflix network and access and download movies as well as some TV series making the entertainment quest complete.

Imagery is one of the most looked into aspect in gaming and the Sony playstation 3 – 250GB offers this over all the other features. The first thing that the gaming console has accomplished is the ability to provide great graphics on all screens, but the full experience will be realized when one has a screen that can achieve up to 1080 pixels of resolution. The gaming console thus displays crisp images that make the gaming experience a great personal or communal affair.

The sound aspect will complete the Sony PS 3-250GB package. Surround sound is provided in the play station package making it quite easy for one to merge in the gaming zone. Not only will one enjoy sharp and crisp sound in gaming, but the other aspects of cinema and music will be enhanced in the console. Compatibility of the console is also quite important when one is into the whole entertainment aspect. The pricing of the console is also quite reasonable and provides one with great quality to price ratio.

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hidden ps3 feature i found. while playing songs on your PS3 you can manipulate the visual player using the right analog stick. pressing and or holding in any given direction can change: speed and point of view.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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