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Blackberry 9800 Torch: A Short Review

Blackberry phones are definitely the lifeline of corporate executives and professionals, some even swear by their Blackberrys. RIM, the manufacturers of Blackberry phones, have established a sterling reputation among corporate and business customers and professionals. Their latest creation is the Blackberry 9800 Torch, also called the Bold 9800. If you are searching for mobile phone deals then this review can assist you choose if the 9800 Torch is a valuable upgrade.

The Blackberry 9800 comes with a great deal of promise and RIM has taken out the stops on this one. The 9800 Torch features a totally revamped OS, a fresh form factor, a more instinctive interface, along with other goodies. The present generation of Blackberry phones also reflect a shift in RIM’s marketing paradigm, they are now targeting the general cellphone market. The 9800 Torch is a slider phone but nonetheless retains industrial design features typical to RIM. This portrait slider comes with a full QWERTY keyboard with nice responsive keys.

The screen is a capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 489 by 360 pixels. At the bottom of the screen there are the distinctive call, menu, back, and end buttons along with the optical trackpad. There is a 3.5 mm jack, volume rockers, and a shortcut key on the right side and also on the left side there is the MicroUSB jack. The mute and lock control keys are on the top. The phone has a 5mp camera and a led flash on the back.

The general build quality is nice and also the slider mechanism works flawlessly. The keys have a good feel and typing and texting is a pleasure. The phone features the fresh 6th version of the Blackberry OS. Even the browser has been upgraded. The screen, however, simply leaves a lot to be desired. The resolution is much lower than the market average and the touch response is not very precise.

The 9800 Torch has 4GB of built-in storage and it has 512 MB of RAM. It is driven by a Marvell CPU that runs at 624 Mhz. Other standard features consist of GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Overall, Blackberry 9800 Torch deals are worth grabbing if you prefer a trustworthy communication device however for multimedia and eye candy you should look for other mobile phone deals.

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The Importance of Having a Memory Card Reader

A memory card reader is a very convenient accessory that allows the user to directly connect a memory card to a PC or laptop. But most modern smart phones like the BlackBerry Torch 9800 offer an alternative. They allow you to connect them to the PC or Mac via USB data cable or Bluetooth and access the memory card as if the device were a hard drive. A memory card reader provides other advantages that a data cable or Bluetooth cannot. And those benefits make memory card readers some of the most popular accessories available.

In fact, memory card readers have become so useful that many manufacturers are including them in the systems they sell, and motherboard manufacturers have begun to include them on their boards. One of the major reasons as to why is because they are easy to work with. New smart phones appear to be coming out all the time and the average person will get a new phone about every two years. Memory card technology, on the other hand, is evolving at a much slower pace. The memory cards you had two or even three phones ago are likely still good today. So rather than set everything up for your Torch, you can set it up in a way that’s good for the foreseeable future regardless of which device you’re using.

Convenience is also another one of the main reasons why they are so popular. The BlackBerry Torch only has one memory card slot and it’s behind the battery. So accessing multiple memory cards is a hassle. You have to unplug the device, remove the backing, remove the battery, remove the current card, insert the new card, replace the battery, replace the backing and connect the device. Rinse and repeat. With a memory card reader, you simply pull out the current card and insert the new card. Better yet, most modern memory card readers have at least several slots, which let you access multiple cards easily.

Other advantages include compactness and portability. Most modern memory card readers are barely larger than the cards they access, even those that support multiple slots. This means that working at home is cleaner since there are no messy wires involved. And the devices are small enough that you can take it with you to the office or even on the road when your travel. Most card readers are sturdy units and will hold up for years, and that way you don’t have to abuse your Torch by constantly removing and inserting memory cards.

Many consumers believe card readers to be expensive. The good news is that they’re actually not that expensive. And if you were planning to buy a sync-charge data cable for your Torch anyway, it won’t cost that much extra to buy a memory card reader instead. So before leaving the online shop with your brand new case and screen protector, consider investing in a memory card reader. The advantages make it worth it.

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Keep the BlackBerry Torch Up and Running

With all the different types of rechargeable batteries available today, one can easily get confused to what would be the best thing to have installed in their cell phone. While there’s a lot of talk about Li-Ion batteries today, they’re more expensive than other types of rechargeable, especially Ni-Cads. The question this naturally raises in many people’s minds is, “Is it all hype, or are the Li-Ion batteries really better?” The quick answer is, yes. Let’s take a moment to look at your cell phone, how you use it, and how to make sure you get the most out of it.

We must realize that the newest generations of cell phones are changing the way the average person communicates and accesses information. While the invention of cell phones has caused a massive shift from “land-line” phones and vastly increased ability to communicate; that shift will be eclipsed by the paradigm shift that the connection of cell phones to the Internet will cause. The race is still on to see where this technology connection is going to take us.

Accessing the Internet through cell phones means that those phones are active much more time than before. Between the increased screen time and the increased transmission time, battery drain is much higher than with older phones. Of all possible Accessories you can buy, a Li-Ion battery is the best possible investment you can make for your phone.

But here’s the truth: Lithium-Ion batteries are just superior to the regular rechargeable batteries. These batteries don’t just add give you more power than the stock battery, but they also charge faster too. With modern fast chargers, you can recharge Li-Ion batteries in 30 minutes, instead of the typical 3-1/2 hours of other types of batteries. Not only that, but the requirement of allowing your battery to totally die, as you have to in order to insure long life of Ni-Cd batteries, is eliminated. What this means for you is that you’ll be able to spend more time using your BlackBerry Torch and less time waiting for its batteries to recharge.

Today, more than ever, your cell phone has become a valuable business tool. Like any tool, the better you learn to use it, the more you can accomplish with it. As a valuable tool, protecting it is part of properly using it. The most sensitive and easily damaged part of any touch screen phone is the screen, so that’s the part which needs to be protected the most. A screen protector will help protect your screen from scratches. Next to having a case, this is the most important thing you can do to insure the long life of your phone.

Between the accessories I have mentioned here, you can probably guess that the Blackberry. Not just a phone, but a way of tying all your communications needs together; whether they be through voice, text, e-mail or accessing information on the Internet. With the long life that you can expect from your battery, you won’t have to worry about losing communications in the middle of a meeting, business trip, or just surfing the ‘net. Your phone, your communications system, your life, your security, they all fit together.

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The Newly Released BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry’s new Torch smart phone is a popular device which has gotten quite a bit of media attention around its launch. The Torch is BlackBerry’s representation to be on par with the latest Android phones and iPhone. While Blackberry has still retained a respectable amount of market share, they have completely lost media hype and have been relegated to being the default corporate phone.

The Torch has a number of firsts. It is the first BlackBerry slider phone with their new OS 6. Traditionally, BlackBerry has been known for having dedicated keyboards. They did go to a touch screen model with the BlackBerry Storm; however that was never a very successful phone.

The Torch keeps a dedicated keyboard, but hides it with a slider feature, thus moving on to the new touch-screen format while still maintaining the functionality of their full keyboard. The screen is a capacitive touch screen with a half VGA resolution. Unlike the Storm, the Torch has a very responsive and successful touch screen.

The new operating system provides a number of benefits. Most notable is the new Webkit based browser, which offers a nicer web browsing experience. Although BlackBerry was the first phone to utilize internet access, they never upgraded their browsing experience which kept them way behind the loop against other smart phones. In addition to the noticeably better browsing experience, the user interface has been improved. Large icons make good use of the limited screen space, and it is easy not only to navigate the phone, but also to customize it to make it more personal and easier to use.

Although the Torch is a very good phone, users may still wish to purchase accessories, just like with any other phone. Accessories which a user may want to consider purchasing include cases and screen protectors. If you mind the bulkiness of this device, then you might want to consider buying a thin case.

With that said, it is safe to note that the Torch is a great device. It really makes some much-needed improvements to the BlackBerry line of phones to help make them more modern and more competitive. The Torch is at least as good as many other smart phones, although unfortunately it may not be better. Maybe this wasn’t the direction that Blackberry wanted to go in, but it ended up being a good direction from a consumers point of view.

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