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Usb Device Not Recognized? Fix That Difficulty With These Methods

You will find a lot of solutions to solve the problems that can arise when your USB is not recognized. Everyone wants to be able to utilize their peripherals smoothly; and we’re all aware of just how irritating it’s when a keyboard or mouse malfunctions for the reason that of an undetectable USB device. That’s okay, simply because there’s a laundry list of solutions you’ll be able to employ to fix these issues.

Let’s go over some of these methods. Due to the fact of the range of computer products being offered today, there are actually a good deal of hardware devices being installed into people’s computers and can be managed via the Device Manager that can also be found In the computer. When this driver that ‘communicates’ with other smaller machines or external hardware breaks down, it really is possible that the computer’s whole system will fail as well.

If you’re still dealing with your machine being unable to detect your USB device, you’ll be able to usually try the old-fashioned method. Power off the computer, disconnect the USB device, and turn off the circuit breaker (for a desktop) or extract the battery (for a laptop.)

Allow all of these devices to remain off and unplugged for among ten and fifteen minutes. How do you then identify if you might want to fix or update your driver? Here are the common signs you’ll want to know if your driver is starting to malfunction. These are extremely helpful tips especially for those who are still not so computer savvy.

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HP QuickDock 2.0 Docking Station: A Definitive Review

Docking stations are now becoming necessities in laptop computing. I, like millions of those who use docking stations, am realizing the benefits that are provided by these handy yet extremely functional devices. And one of the best docks that I have used is the HP QuickDock 2.0 Docking Station. I would like to share some of the most notable features of this device that makes it not only functional, but very convenient to have as well.


A single look at the QuickDock and you’ll know that it’s a perfect dock. It’s handy, extremely lightweight, and perfect for all your computer peripheral needs. It has the dimensions of 1” x 10.5” x 4.3” and it weighs a mere 1 pound, perfect for travel and portability needs. You can bring it to the office, at home, or out of town – absolutely anywhere you desire.

The black finish of this device makes it classy, sturdy, and durable in appearance, but actually that’s not far from the truth. If used properly and stored correctly, the QuickDock can last for many, many years.

Ports and Connectivity Options

The QuickDock isn’t as complete as the basic and advanced docking stations from HP, but it has the basic ports for extended functionality. It has six USB 2.0 ports where you can attach up to six USB devices at one time. This is great for extended memory storage capacity and peripherals. You can attach USB flash drives, USB mice, external hard drives, gadgets like PSPs, iPods, and other USB connectible devices.

It also has a VGA inlet for connecting a monitor where you and one of your friends can work together on a project. It’s also excellent for laptops which have small screens because you can use the monitor for better viewing like watching movies, playing online games, and many others.

It has an audio in for a microphone and an audio out for headphones. This is great if you want to listen privately to your favorite songs, watch a movie by yourself and don’t want interruptions, or talk privately with your loved ones on the internet.

It also has an S/PDIF inlet and an RCA type digital audio jack for added connectivity to other audiovisual equipment. The Ethernet port is also very important as it allows internet access for your laptop when it’s connected to this device.


The HP QuickDock 2.0 docking station is compatible with HP Pavilion dv4, dv5, dv6, dv7, dv2000, dv6000, dx6000, dv9000, tx2, tx1000, tx2000, tx2500 series; HP HDX 16, 18, 9000 series; and Compaq Presario CQ45, V3000, V6000 series.

Other Features

Although the QuickDock doesn’t have its own power cord and you have to use the cord of your laptop, the dock charges the laptop so it works just like a power cord. But if you have issues about that, then I suggest you don’t buy it. I don’t have problems with that, but I do have a problem with the short wire. I need an extension to be able to use it and plug it to the wall at the same time. Other than that, and the lack of other older ports for other peripherals (which I think aren’t too necessary as they are already much extended for the use of a laptop), I would say that this machine is absolutely satisfying.


I am completely satisfied with the HP QuickDock 2.0 Docking Station. It has every port and connector that I need, which are only for a mouse, a printer, a monitor, Ethernet, a microphone, and headphones. I am confident to recommend this device to those who need these features and are looking for a good portable dock. The QuickDock is a brilliant gadget that makes laptop computing much more convenient and functional.

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Wireless Keyboard – Basic Information and Buying Guide

When it comes to a wireless keyboard, there are a few key details that you might want to consider before you go buy one without doing any research. A lot of times the wired keyboard can create unnecessary clutter because all of the wires taking up space on your desk and work area. Another reason to buy a wireless keyboard is that you are free to go anywhere within range of your computer.

As far as the differences between one wireless keyboard to the next, the options vary greatly. But wireless keyboards do share similarities as well. The keyboard that you get will either be a USB keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard. These are the main two ways that the keyboard is able to communicate wirelessly with the computer.

There is a piece of equipment called a dongle that is sometimes used with a wireless keyboard. A USB dongle is small like a flash drive, and plugs into the USB port. This makes it possible for the keyboard to connect with the computer without wires. There’s also the Bluetooth dongle which is similar, and serves as the same function. If you already have Bluetooth on your computer, there is no need for a dongle.

USB was available before Bluetooth, so sometimes people will still choose USB over Bluetooth. If this is the route that you choose to take, you will have to use a dongle. Bluetooth can sometimes be installed internally, but there is no such feature for USB. This is a very easy setup though; all you have to do is put the dongle into any available USB ports and everything will work the right way.

Although they share some similarities, wireless keyboards come in a wide variety of options that our geared for specific tasks. Wireless keyboards will often come bundled with either a wireless mouse, or a touchpad, which is similar to a notebook computer. If you usually do most of your computer stuff from your desk, then a wireless keyboard might be a good addition. However, if you like to move around, having the touchpad makes it possible without the use of a mouse.

There are also many options that relate to the hot buttons on the keyboard. Some keyboards are very media friendly, and they will come with quick access buttons that you can use to control the media player you are using. If you know what you plan on doing on the computer, making your wireless keyboard decision should be fairly easy.

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A Glance At The Specs Of Sony’s KDL-40EX520 Internet Ready HDTV

Coming from the BRAVIA line of LCD televisions by Sony is the KDL-40EX520 Internet Ready HDTV. It has a 40-inch screen that’s capable of showcasing pictures having 1080p resolutions. Within it is a lineup of technologies that lets your eyes feast on HD pictures, having twofold the quality of those on a standard definition rival.

All you need to have is a broadband net supply at home to be able to use this television for surfing the web. Connect the TV to it and you can start enjoying what cyberspace has to offer. Stream movies, TV shows and music – no need to turn on your PC. What’s more, it comes integrated with Skype, so you can make video calls to get in touch with your loved ones in 720p resolutions clear videos.

Hooking up this stunner to the web need not involve wires. That’s because its body comes with a built-in USB port where a wireless Sony LAN adaptor (sold separately) may be plugged into. Now your home no longer has to be cluttered up with wires. An optional hard disk may also be plugged into this built-in USB port to record your favorite TV shows.

Using the large screen as a stunning digital photo frame is possible with the USB Media Player innovation. Your HD videos may also be played back, as well as the latest hits in the world of music. Just connect a USB-compatible device (digital camera, USB memory stick, MP3 player, etc.) to the TV’s built-in USB dock to access the files it contains. Extending multimedia playback capabilities is the DLNA compatibility, so you may stream files stored in other DLNA compatible devices.

Create your ideal home entertainment easily with as many as 4 HDMI inputs. Such let you to connect your choice of high-definition devices, so you don’t have to step out of the house just to have your kind of entertainment. What’s more, making everything even simpler is the BRAVIA Sync feature, which allows you to control every component with a single remote.

Edge LED backlights make it possible for Sony to design this stunner with an impressively slim profile. Aside from making sure the TV looks great physically, this backlighting system allows for color rendering that’s true-to-life. What’s more, there’s the X-Reality Engine which provides great improvements on the images on the display of standard definition units. So whenever you’re watching movies or TV programs, the stark picture quality differences can surely be seen.

Now there’s no need to manually adjust the display settings to match best whatever you’re using this LCD TV is for. With a simple press of a button on the remote, various picture elements are optimized instantly, thanks to the Scene Select feature. Accompanying your everyday viewing needs are the integrated speakers. They’re capable of yielding surround sound effects via the S Force Front Surround technology.

The KDL-40EX520 Internet Ready HDTV also comes with the innovative Presence Sensor. With this, the TV can be switched on automatically or placed in stand-by mode when you leave the room. It then switches back to life the moment you step in the room again. Then there’s also the Energy Saving Switch that switches off the TV using nearly zero power. With these features around, you can keep your monthly electric bills down.

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Types Of Portable Media Storage Devices

P33 7100 main sp Types Of Portable Media Storage DevicesGo out to the market and you will find varieties of USB devices for storage. The range is diversified from small flash drives to big external USB disc drives. These can be used to copy or store data from laptops or PCs or even servers. Lets go through the available portable media storage options in today’s world.

USB Media Storage – USB Flash Drive

A very portable and of course the most usual and regular type of USB media storage is the USB key or USB Flash Drive. Now these vary from one another in their storage capacity. Generally these have the capacity which start from 4 Gigabytes and may go up to 32 gigabytes. However now the market offers us USB flash drives which has the storage capacity of 128 Gigabytes. One of the typical features of these gadgets is its portability. These comes in different sizes which may vary from three inches and can be even less. The main focus of these media storage gadgets are the transportability rather than the storage which also enables them to be attached to the key chains and can even be carried in pockets and also worn as a chain. The cost depends on the capacity of data storage and also the portability and the other facility the USB storage device offers. However USB flash drives are the best USB media storage device if you have limited data to store.

Media Storage – DVD

The market today offers another media storage device- DVD. However your computer needs to support a DVD burner so that you may use this USB media storage device. The price of this gadget depends on the capacity to store data and its make and manufacture. This can store up to 8 GB of information. However this gadget is slower than USB Flash Drives i.e. is to say the reading writing and the transferring process is a bit slow but not cumbersome. For cheaper Media storage device and for substantial amount of data this very much recommendable.

External Hard Disk Drive

It is always wise to keep a back up of all the data in the computer hard disk as there is always a chance of hard disk crash and all the information that are stored in the hard disk may get lost. At these times your external hard disk is your savior. It is easy to store Terabytes of information in these drives at the speed of jet. Some of these `drives even come with recovery software to ensure back up. These are a bit costlier ones. As the capacity of storage is higher, sized around 8 inches in length and a bit heavy, these drives require secondary power sources. If there is the requirement of storing more than 500 GBs of Data, these ones are ideal for you.

External Hard Disc Drive Powered by USB

The most used media storage device today is the USB powered External Hard Disc Drive. It is as flexible as the USB flash drive but only with the ability to store a greater amount of data. It is very much similar to the external hard disk drive with the only difference that it does not need any other source of power. It can be easily fitted into the USB ports of the computer and can be used without any other source of power. This USB media storage device is generally 5inches long and 3 inches wide. This size makes the device compact and transportable yet its storage capacity cannot be challenged as it can store almost 1 terabyte of information. The price of this device is higher than the others because of its better features and utility which makes it the more user friendly than all the media storage devices.

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