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HTC Inspire, Entertainment on the Go

The Inspire is HTC’s latest Android phone and does not sell short of its quality or quantity. With an impressive array of specs and features, this behemoth is sure to turn a few heads. AT&T first venture into the 4G world appears to have been successful and here are just a few of the things that can be expected when picking up the sleek Inspire.

It is ran on the well known Android 2.2 OS along with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. 4G comes standard on the Inspire as well as the Sense user interface. Deciding not to skimp on the camera, HTC put an 8 megapixel rear facing camera on the Inspire, dangerously blurring the lines between digital camera and smart phone. The aluminum body weighs in just less than 6 ounces and mammoth screen is 4.3″ across. With 4GB of internal memory and an 8GB microSD card, storage space will never be an issue on this phone.

Once in the hands, the Inspire is just the right blend of beauty and sturdy construction. The aluminum body is a great change in a world that has come to be dominated by plastics. While a case may be necessary for those of us with butterfingers, this phone feels like it could take a few spills and keep on ticking. The hardware and software’s ergonomics are both amazing. The extra large screen makes typing out even lengthy emails a breeze, and with that amount of typing a screen protector may be a wise investment. The 8 megapixel camera has a very quick auto focus and may prompt others to leave their cameras at home.

One of the first accessories to buy is definitely going to be a kickstand or docking bay. The 480 x 800 resolution is just too good to not take advantage of. HTC developed this smart phone to be a completely mobile cinema center. This is one of the first phones featuring built-in DLNA connectivity or the ability to stream videos from the phone directly to computer monitors. This was not enough for the Inspire though, they also included the ability to stream Dolby and SRS surround sound to other devices as well.

With the 4G network slowly being implemented, a lot of potential consumers will be looking towards 4G compatibility on their next purchase. Sometimes people are forced to choose which toys they want, whether it is a new internet ready TV or that 4G phone, why not have both in the same small package? The HTC inspire was made for the media lover in all of us and AT&T was not going to rely on slapping the ’4G’ logo on and not backing it up with a great phone.

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HTC Evo RSS Readers

As we step further into technology, the mobile market has spread like a wildfire throughout the country to vastly expand on the bandwidth availability given to wireless customers, while many users of the HTC Evo don’t just manage their social networking profiles, email accounts and contacts, but also try to keep in touch with current affairs and world news and events. At the forefront of the effort to provide timely updates and service to mobile clients are RSS reader applications which harvest content from websites and list the day’s headlines in a convenient window. RSS, short for “Really Simple Syndication” is the new standard of mobile text content distribution, and the following programs are the best options out there. Together with the right accessories, a good RSS reader turns a phone into a mobile content hub.

Perhaps the best-known of all other RSS readers. Google Reader allows users to add links to all types of content broadcast through RSS from sites all over the web. gReader takes this collected content and turns it into a convenient list with two-way sync and search features available. gReader is secure and highly supported by the Google team. Anyone unfamiliar with RSS will find this as simple to understand and operate as a case.

Unlike the mostly text-based gReader, FeedSquares offers a flashy graphical user interface that may be easier to use than gReader if users have opted to fit their phone with a tinted screen protector. This app uses a large, bright interface while using various kinds of options for feed control, which make it one of the most impressive applications for RSS feeds. The rectangular feed boxes also allow users to page through their feeds one at a time for in-depth viewing or arrange them on the screen as tiles.

This is another great Android ASS reader applications. Not only does this application just take feeds from websites and update them, but it also allows you to download articles so you can read them later. The program allows for up to a thousand articles to be stored on the user’s phone for later review. This ability turns a standard HTC Evo into a mobile article repository, guaranteeing users a constant stream of content from their favorite blogs and websites. NewsRob is one of the most popular and frequently downloaded readers on the Android platform. Its creators update it regularly.

FeedSquares is not the only graphical user interface-based RSS reader application. The Pulse News Reader, a top-rated RSS reader available on the Android Market, offers numerous benefits to users on the go. The software is highly configurable, including options such as font size adjustment for easier reading. Pulse News Reader has the additional benefit of closely integrating with social media, providing you full Facebook integration along with the typical feeding options.

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iPod Nano by Apple – How It Has Become The Most Popular Mp3 Player In The World

Nowadays technology is developing each day. Apple iPod is not and exception. Since September 2005, when Nano was released, the gadget has undergone lots of changes and on the market now is the sixth generation of it.

The Shuffle had amazing success and it inspired the creation of the Nano. The clients were delighted that they could save some money by purchasing an mp3 with just one function and no extras. But there are loads too who are not that happy and want small devices with more functions. Actually, what they wished for was the size of the mini and the functions. The Mini had one big disadvantage and that was the low battery capacity. That was why company came on with a fully functional yet smaller model.

Shuffle generations differ from one another quite slightly. The differences are mainly in their shape or colour, or some little memory which had been added to the memory of the original model. This cannot be said for the Nano however as it has seen many changes, some of which significant. One of these significant differences between the first generation Nano and the next ones is that the battery life of the first models was a mere 14 hours, while that of the generations from then on – 24 hours. There were some fluctuations in the size and the shape of it, with most models having the well-known rectangular shape, while others however have the square shape, like the players from the third and the sixth generations.

The functions of new player also faced changes with the generations. The first outstanding feature came in with the third generation of player, which was the first one to have the ability to play video files. The next generation of devices had another interesting function – you could shuffle the songs only by shaking it. With generation five things went further as the a bigger screen and even a video camera. But then the sixth generation came and Nano was taken to another level.

A multi-touch interface replacing the standard click-wheel was the first obvious and significant change in new model. If we speak about functions, it was not the same as its preceding model too, with the camera option and the video playing being lost. It was the most compact player though. One of the major changes in thesixth generation player was the capacity, as the first generations offered 1Gb, 2Gb or 4GB, while the sixth came in with a memory of 16GB. It’s not hard to see who much time was invested in this and how much new technology has reflected on it.

Nowadays, the 8Gb Apple iPod Nano is the most commonly bought and used mp3 player in the world, as it meets all requirements of an average iPod user: it’s compact, it’s cost-effective, it’s fully functional and it has enough memory for you favourite songs. But it is a matter of time to see what more Apple can offer us.

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Mobile Phones and the Modern Magical Mirrors

The fairy tale story of magical mirror showing the fairest maiden on earth and genie fulfilling all our wishes have enthralled us in our childhood. Modern technology has made this concept come true through simple concept called mobile phone. This modern genie is capable of providing us all the facilities like playing games and hearing music anywhere and anytime, mobile camera, video conferencing, continuous contact with friends any time and a lot more.

Cell phones are described as small electronic devices used by two people for communication. First generation mobile phones were slightly better than a walkie-talkie. But today, personal computers are struggling hard to compete with the facilities in cell phones. Mobile phones use the most advanced technology available to provide the best to their clients.

The first revolutionary additions to the mobile phones were the facility to send text messages. The next revolutionary step was the introduction of FM radio and camera in mobiles. This led to a production of whole new set of phones called Smartphone. These cell phones had the facility to link to internet and fast data transfer. They were and are the sweetheart of company executives and CEOs to this date.

The QWERTY keyboard introduced in the Smartphones made managing office work through mobile a pleasurable activity. Multimedia advancements led to development of numerous applications which can be used in mobile phones. These applications can be about anything from stock market to mobile games. The camera quality in mobile phones also improvised enormously. Comparing the introductory VGA cameras with todays 12 megapixel mobile cameras leave us spellbound at the advancement of the technology in such a short period.

The recent advancements are dual camera, dual SIM phones and mobile phones with GPS facility. GPS phones help you find your way through any city in the world. Advanced phones are capable of doing many tasks like booking movie tickets to translating books. It is like a true genie or a magic mirror which gives you all the details you wish starting from weather report to sports news and to estate prices at a finger touch.

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Regarding Dead Space

I finally chose to pick this game up, seeing that it was released on “Platinum Hits” and allow me to say that Dead Space is a game that’s on the top of my list. There isn’t a different way to describe it. The entire time I had been playing this game, it had me scared near my seat. The key reason that i am saying it is that I had been not expecting that this particular game is scary plus it was scary, you won’t ever know very well what is lurking just near the corner.

Dead space has created to produce the stress that you have within your heart after which scare the daylights that you experienced. Within the start of the game you are just walking down the hallway and out from nowhere a huge scary monster comes out on the corner, you aren’t given rest on the game. If you are a big fan of extravagant Sci-Fi flicks, especially movies with aliens, than the game will grow you.

You are able to really tell how the developers place in many operate in scaring you all some time. The Graphics are absolutely amazing. The levels and each part of the environment has been made in great detail, I compare the atmosphere to Doom 3 and Bio-shock. The aliens happen to be designed very scary, they appear like those aliens in “The Thing”.

These aliens never provide you with a warning when they are about to take off, well I’m lying sometimes they do.The sound within this game is completely amazing, sometimes when you’re walking, minding your own personal business, you may hear screams in the distance, usually you’ll hear metal bars dropping which means an opponent is near.

This game has got the best quality of sound when i know right this moment due to the great audio. The majority of the weapons are Sci-Fi, and thus you will not look for a large amount of today’s weapons hanging around, usually you will discover laser guns, Plasma rifles, Plasma cutters along with a saw weapon called the ripper, the reason why this weapon is known as the ripper happens because it’s very gory and also rips the aliens apart.

The game play is truly great and it has lots of fluid controls which are just easy to master. You could start playinglike a pro on this game and you can pick this game up. The game possesses an amazing feature that you can counter attacks through the use of close quarters combat, that may be useful when being attacked by your enemy when you run out of ammo, and also this happens a lot through out the game. The bottom line in here’s for a moment get bored and also you desire to get a fresh game than the game won’t going to fail you at the local game store just for $10.

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3D TV Glasses And The Illusion Of Depth

3D TV glasses have become a staple in many homes, in large measure due to the high sales volumes enjoyed by many recent films that employed three-dimensional techniques. In response to that success, large segments of the movie-viewing public have clamored for the ability to watch these realistic programs on their televisions and become active participants in the programming. Companies that manufacture televisions offering three-dimensional capability are now enjoying remarkable financial success.

As the technologies necessary for this depth-oriented imagery have moved from the big screen to the living rooms of consumers around the world, the visual equipment required for viewing the images has advanced as well. These optical devices have now progressed from the paper and cellophane shades that are handed out in movie theatres to hardier and more permanent models designed for home use.

Necessary tools for viewing

3D TV glasses are a necessity for most three-dimensional viewing, as the images that appear on the television screen are blurry and out of focus until they are balanced by the lenses used in these special devices. Each lens plays a part in deciphering the blurry images on the screen and creating the illusion of depth that is so critical to the medium.

Active shutter

Active shutter lenses are perhaps the most technologically advanced offering on the market. Because of changing brightness levels in the image frames used in three-dimension films, the human eye requires as assist in adapting this stimuli for the brain’s use. Active shutter lenses use liquid crystal technology to alter the brightness of each lens so that the eyes can make sense of the images.

The prices can vary

As might be expected for new technologies, these eyeglasses are anything but low in cost. Many of them can run as much as seen hundred dollars or more, which can deter most families from even considering the purchase. After all, few people can easily afford to pay thousands of dollars for a family of four, no matter how inviting the prospect of three-dimensional family movie night might be.

Fortunately, cheaper models are also available, and can be found with a minimum amount of research. These less-expensive options may not receive the rave reviews that the more expensive equipment garners, but they generally get the job done.

The companies that make these televisions are even now manufacturing models that are advertised as requiring no additional eye wear. Most experts agree that these units are several years away from being on par with the present generation of three-dimensional quality, though, which means that 3D TV glasses will continue to be necessary for some time to come.

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Top 5 Music Apps For The HTC Evo Shift

There are many accessories and music applications developed for the set and there is sure to be something in there that will satisfy even the pickiest connoisseur. To convert the HTC Evo into the perfect music device, try the free app called Slacker Personal Radio. It comes with one hundred preset music stations, so there is something for everyone.

Another great application is Museek. This app will take a current playlist and find music that is similar to the tracks in the playlist. It allows for effortless browsing, music streaming, & lyrics and the user can view the music collection in 2D or 3D. Considering that the nice big screen of the HTC is a major attraction of the cell phone, just remember to protect it with a screen protector. Screen protectors are essential accessories that will help keep the screen looking brand new. The screen protectors are lightweight, yet durable. They offer protection, without hindering viewing capabilities of the phone.

RingDroid is the perfect app for customizing ring tones. Just use any MP3already in the library, or use the record mode to mix and record sounds directly from the phone. It allows the user to take full advantage of the touch screen for editing. Upon completion of the editing, just finger tap to save on the SD card or just save on the phone as an alarm, a notification, or a music clip.

VuClips is another free video application that allows for speedy downloads and comes with a library featuring hundreds of artists and clips. Android Musical is the last app we will discuss. There are two versions available. One is the Android Music Lite, a free version; the other one is a paid version, called Android Musical Pro. The free version has many of the features found in the paid app. It is a great app for aspiring songwriters, as it has breath-activated pitch pipe, a touch screen 128 instrument keyboard and piano, drums and a metronome capable of using note and time change values. The application allows one to be creative on the go.

Protecting the device from any damage is the number one priority. This can be done with a case. One good style available is the leather case, as it is strong and padded for extra protection. Cases made from much stronger material, for the more butter-fingered people out there, are available in numerous colors. Finally, for the music lovers who need their music while jogging or in the gym, there are the armband cases which can be worn while exercising.

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What Makes the Motorola Droid 2 A Good Contender In The Phone Arena

The Motorola Droid 2 is a smart phone that includes a wide range of features, which make it a great choice for first time smart phone buyers. The Motorola Droid 2 follows hot on the heels of Motorola’s previous smart phone, the Droid X, which is perhaps one of the most sought after smart currently available.

However, the Droid 2 offers an alternative for people like me who, while interested in smart phones, may be intimidated by the dizzying number of purchasing options and high price tags of modern smart phones. The Droid 2 comes with several of technological advantages, such as a 1 GHz processor, an 8 gigabyte memory card, 512 megabytes of RAM, a 5 mega pixel camera, and a physical QWERTY keyboard. All of these features and more are why I like the Motorola Droid 2.

Also, there are a number of Motorola Droid 2 accessories that have already hit the market, whether in department stores and electronic stores or over the Internet. If I want the reassurance that I will be able to talk as long as I want, for example, I can look into purchasing one of the many available Motorola Droid 2 batteries. Or if I become worried about the possibility of damaging my screen, I can invest in one of the many kinds of Motorola Droid 2 screen protectors sold in almost every phone accessory shop in the country. Overall, the Motorola Droid 2 is an excellent choice for first time smart phone buyers not only because of the rich set of features it is supplied with, but due to the extensive number of accessories you can purchase to improve its functioning, or to keep it from bumps and dents.

As described above, the Motorola Droid 2 includes a host of features that, while available in other smart phones, are not always available in the same package, or for such a low price. One of the biggest bonuses of buying the new Motorola Droid 2 is that it ships with Android 2.2, which is Google’s newest version of their wildly popular operating system platform Android. Android 2.2 includes numerous advantages and features over its predecessor, Android 2.1, including web browser that is faster and the ability to engage in cloud messaging.

The 1 GHz processor that comes with the Motorola Droid 2 means you will be able to run Android and all sorts of applications with ease, while the 512 megabytes of RAM will give you the freedom to run several apps at a time without lagging. The 5 mega pixel camera means you can capture clear shots of documents, friends, family, or whatever catches your eye while you are out in the world. And while more smart phones each year seem to come with virtual keyboards, the Droid 2 sticks to the tried and true physical keyboard to allow you to type with reliability.

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The HTC Thunderbolt and Sports

As far as smart phone consumers go, most sport fans are the total package or perhaps the perfect storm. They put demands on their devices that most other consumers do not. They need a phone that has the power to stream games while manipulating fantasy lineups and running other apps. They also need a cell phone that is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of their activities, such as bike treks and pickup basketball games. And because they’re on a budget, they can’t easily throw money away. Does such a phone exist? Yes, one in particular is the new Android-based HTC Thunderbolt.

Let’s start with the build. While the HTC Thunderbolt is sleek enough for a professional, it also features a sporty design and a strong build to prevent abuse. Like with most phones, you will need to add a case and/or a screen protector. Fortunately, there’s a great selection of accessories on the market. There shouldn’t be much problem looking for the right accessories at prices that correspond to your budget, especially if you stick to cases that provide screen protectors.

The main features of the sports fanatic dream phone are streaming video, playing music, and running applications at the same time. And this is why we think this device is such a good choice for the sport fan. In this regard, few phones bring it the way the aptly named Thunderbolt does. Of course, all of that power comes at a price. With the 1.2GHz constantly using up power, the factory original battery of 1400mAh sometimes wouldn’t be enough. Because of the mediocre battery, most sports users might like a spare battery, a travel charger with a USB and cigarette lighter connection.

We’re not complaining about the power-hungry nature of the phone though. Like any sports fan, we want our sports apps and lots of them and you can’t have it both ways. The 1.2GHz dual-core CPU is a true beast, and with the 8GB of internal memory you won’t have any trouble having the game playing while you have you fantasy lineup editor and research apps open as well. After conducting several tests, we were able to watch a game, visit forums, watch Twitter, change our line ups without going overboard on the HTC Thunderbolt’s memory and processor.

One issue with owning a popular smart phone is standing apart from the crowd. But as we mentioned earlier, this device has unrivaled selection of accessories available for it. So what does this mean for the sports fanatic? Well, there’s a whole range of sports-oriented gear available too. You can even purchase skins and cases of your favorite sports team. You can also buy pouches and charms that have logos, helmets, uniform numbers and so forth. And the gear covers all the major sports, such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, MLS, European Soccer and so on.

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Website Developers Save With Hostgator Coupon

When you have a website finished, do not expect it to automatically be available on the Internet. You need a hosting service to make that happen. That is a large shared server. The service is sold to website developers and you can use it along with the other customers. The server itself is huge and contains sites from all over the world. You purchase the right to put yours on through the service. You may find a hostgator coupon that will have a good price offer for new customers.

Decide whether you want a live support system or not. This can be an online chat or telephone support. Some hosting services offer information to read and tutorials online but no live assistance. You will also want to know about downtime.

It is wise to know how much downtime the service allows itself each month. Downtime means the time that the server is not keeping your website live on the Internet. If there is a specified time, ask if random unexpected downtimes are included in the total. You do not want your website unavailable for a large share of the time you are paying for.

A provider can figure what consists of allowable minutes per month. Random downtimes needed for repair may or may not be included. Some will pay a refund in a month where downtime minutes exceeded the amount stated in the service level agreement (SLA). Each will have a service level agreement (SLA) that states the details. Some hosting service providers may give a partial refund if the downtime exceeds what you have been promised.

You may be interested in free web hosting. Before you make that decision, there are some drawbacks to consider. You would be guaranteed no set amount of uptime minutes (when your site will be available to the public). In addition, you might be forced to display advertising of their choice on your personal website.

Considering the relatively low price of paid web hosting, you may want to avoid that. Besides, with a paid service, you are able to sell advertising space. That way you get paid for it and decide what kind of ads you will display. It is worth the small cost. Some find a hostgator coupon online that makes a better offer for the same amount of service from the hosting provider.

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