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Refurbished Laptop Computers

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by coleydude

Refurbished laptop computers offer a decent alternative to buying either brand new or used. There are several advantages over each of those alternatives.

If you are buying refurbished over buying brand new then you are saving on price. In almost all cases, a refurbished laptop will carry the same warranty as a new one, so that should be a strong vote of confidence right there that you are not just throwing your money away into something that might turn into a big problem down the road. If you are considering buying refurbished, make sure that it carries the same warranty as a new model, and if it doesn’t, don’t buy it.

If you are buying a refurbished machine instead of a used one, you might end up paying just a bit more money, but you are getting the piece of mind that comes from having a warranty with your purchase. If you buy used then it is a complete crap shoot and the machine could conk out on you the next day, and you have no recourse at that point. So by buying a refurbished machine you are attempting to save some money while still enjoying the benefit of buying a new machine and the warranty that comes with it.

You should look for deals on refurbished machines online and watch for there to be sales on them so that you can get the absolute best price. If you are patient and know the market well you can wait for a sale and usually get free shipping as well on your order. Watch the major manufacturers and keep an eye on their outlet inventories and then when a sale occurs you will be ready to jump on a deal when you see it.

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The Ups and Downs of Hardware Warranties

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by sstrudeau

In IT shops around the globe the decision is made daily as to whether to go with a new piece of hardware, or a refurbished unit.  Therein, do we need two processors or four?  Can I get by with a 1-year warranty, or do I need a 3-year next-business day warranty?  For each of these decisions, the answer differs dependent on the application and purpose of the hardware.  It is not uncommon for different warranty options to add as much as fifty percent to the total cost of ownership for IT systems.  So how do you decide on the basic no-frills warranty versus the “Cadillac” gold warranty?  The answer is never the same twice…

Let’s face it; technology does us no good when its sitting, broken, in the corner of the office.  At the same time, budgets have limits, and while it would be nice to have fully redundant backup systems for every piece of IT infrastructure – that just isn’t going to happen in most real world scenarios.

When looking at which type of warranty is appropriate for a new server, switch or other piece of IT gear, it is common to do a risk assessment on the particular piece of hardware a company is buying.  Just by asking a few simple questions you can find out immediately what your tolerance for downtime is:

· Is this supporting a mission critical system?

· Are there backup/redundant systems in place in case of hardware failure?

· If the machine fails, what type of time window can the business tolerate to get a repair made?

· Is this supporting development or production areas?

· Do we want to be self-supporting or rely on the vendor for repairs?

Warranties, especially in the IT world, can be complex.  While most pieces of new equipment come with a standard manufacturer warranty, that often does not mean you will get immediate replacement should the hardware fail.  Many standard warranties can take days to get new equipment in place and only after going through a remote diagnosis procedure.  While this may be fine for some IT systems,  it doesn’t cut it for systems that are supporting your customers and other mission critical services.  This is why many vendors such as Dell, HP and Cisco offer various tiers of warranty support.  This includes everything from 4-hour on-site service to “next business day” hardware replacement on your HP hardware, or other IT equipment.  If one of your core Cisco switches supporting your e-commerce site fails, it’s a good bet that you can justify the cost in going with the 4-hour on-site replacement option.  If it’s a development SQL Server, chances are you don’t want to spend a fortune to get that back online – as long as it gets back up within the next day or two.

Often times a company does not think of the consequences of being down until something does go wrong.  As part of normal IT hardware procurement procedures it is often encouraged that customers think through disaster recovery scenarios.  Nobody wants to spend money they don’t have to, but if a company does not think of the consequences upfront, the cost can be far greater down the road when you do need warranty service.  To warranty or not to warranty – how much risk is your company willing to take?

About the Author: Steve Oono is the VP of Sales for Mojo Systems. They are the leading industry provider of Sun servers, HP servers, IBM, Oracle, and Fujitsu hardware and servers. For more information, please visit http://www.gotomojo.com.

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Refurbished Netbooks Available For Sale Online

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Photo by theacerguy
Are you truly in need of a netbook but on a tight budget? Worry no more because there already are plenty of cheap netbooks available on the net. Furthermore, you can still get the specifications you desire with cheap netbooks. You just need to know where to search for them. There are now plenty of online shops that sell cheap netbooks, for cost as low as $400 and in a great condition. If you can’t get all the specs you really want, then at least you can go for cheap netbooks with specifications that are closer to the ones that you are searching for.

Cheap netbooks available online are mainly refurbished netbooks. Refurbished netbooks may also possess a warranty from the online store itself. Look for online stores that provide a couple of months of warranty, and on top of that, a replacement option in the event the refurbished netbooks are not working when received.

When purchasing cheap netbooks and refurbished netbooks online, take a few things to consider. Scams are all over the information superhighway and the online stores are the most effective way of conning people and ripping them off of their money. Be smart enough to research the legitimacy of the online store where you will be purchasing refurbished netbooks from.

Be practical with purchasing cheap netbooks, nevertheless, never fall for really low prices. These are certainly scams. Research about the regular prices and compare with those of the online stores that sell refurbished netbooks. If the price difference is really big, that’s considered too good to be true.

You may also have a look at the website’s registry. Presently there are free online tools which you can use to lookup whom the online store is registered to. It could either be a sole proprietor or could possibly be under a company’s name. With an online registry lookup tool, you’ll be able to find these details, together with the contact details of the website owner and also the date that it was registered. Never buy anything from a completely new web store, unless you have a dependable information of it’s legitimacy from someone you really know.

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Things To Think About Before Acquiring A Touch Screen Laptop

More and more people these day are using laptop computers. All you have to do is go out and take a look around, and see all the different instances of people doing work, playing games, doing homework, or just catching up on the news on their portable computers. With prices dropping rapidly, and technology on it’s ever increasing march forward, they seem to be the latest thing.

One seemingly recent technological advance that has actually been around a while, but has only lately been showing up on laptop computers is a touch screen. You don’t have to move your mouse around to manipulate the cursor on the screen, nor do you have to fool with that inconvenient little square in front of your keypad. You simply touch the screen wherever you’d like to move the cursor, and use the keyboard for the rest. If you have a smart phone, then you’re already familiar with touch screen technology.

One thing that has kept touch screen laptops from going completely main screen is the difficulty in providing a viable product. Manufacturers have to build a screen that is both sensitive enough to respond accurately to the user, yet robust enough to withstand at least a couple of years of touching and poking and prodding. Other products, that have successfully employed touch screens, such as certain smart phones, electronic dictionaries, and personal organizers, use a much smaller screen, and the screens have limited functions.

So how about using a touch screen on a laptop computer? Is the technology there yet to provide both the sensitivity, and the robustness that such a thing requires? This actually depends on how much you’ll be using your touch screen, and what kind of computing you do, and how much money you’re willing to pay. Laptops with a touch screen are a little bit more expensive, and you have a slightly higher risk of using the warranty, which of course means bringing your computer to the shop for repairs.

If you are a heavy computer user, and you don’t always have time to find enough desk space, or counter top space to set up and connect your mouse, then having a touch screen would probably be a good addition to your computing toolkit. On the other hand, if you usually use your computer at home, or in specific places like Starbucks, school, or the public library, where there’s plenty of countertop space, then perhaps you should until technology makes them more affordable, and longer lasting.

The bottom line is that touch screen computers are a wonderful technology. Whether you should take advantage of them right away, or wait a while, is up to you, and how much you use computers. Hopefully this article has helped you to make that decision.

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Where To Buy IPhone

C997 38002 main dr Where To Buy IPhoneIf you think that when you buy iPhone, you will be simply getting a cool cell phone, then you are far from the truth. The iPhone is way more than that: it is an internet device, iPod and extraordinary phone all in one. The release of the first iPhone took the World by storm, but the latest 3G version is even more successful. What makes this smart phone so much better than anything we have seen before is the fact that you can always extend its functionality by downloading more and newer applications that will help you be more productive or give you more entertainment options.

If you live in the United States, then the easiest way to get an iPhone is to sign a contract with AT&T – you will have to pay for the phone, the first month fee and tax. Since Apple has signed an exclusive contract with AT&T, they are trying their best to prevent illegal use of their smart phones in the US; when you buy one from AT&T you cannot unlock it and use it with another provider legally; even though you might get it unlocked by the use of some software, this will immediately void your iPhone warranty. Another factor to consider is that if you want to buy it from an Apple retail store, you will have to have a two year contract with AT&T (for the 3G model), you must be over 18 years of age and credit check is required.

Of course, as long as you qualify, you can buy iPhone online as well; when buying from the Apples site, you are allowed to purchase only one per order, but the process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is fill in your details – Apple will send them to AT&T for credit check and once that is out of the way, you will get your phone shipped to the address that you have provided and on the same address you will receive your monthly AT&T bill.

In Canada and some European countries, you will have to go through a similar process, but in most cases more than one provider will stock and sell it. Even though you cannot legally unlock iPhone that has been purchased from the US, you can still take it with you and use it overseas since AT&T provides a World Traveler service, which allows you to use the phone in more than 200 countries.

Of course many people want to buy iPhone and use it with any provider they wish, but you should understand that if you attempt to unlock it yourself, you might not be able to use it afterwards. Unlocking programs are sold virtually all over the Net and their authors claim that they work really well for 2G and 3G phones, but you might be wasting your money or even inflict damage to your phone. You should always buy iPhone from authorized sellers, which are the Apple retail stores, the Apple’s web site and the AT&T sores; use an online store locator that will help you find one near you and you can become a new iPhone owner right away.

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