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Amazon’s New Third Generation Kindle Is In High Demand

It seems like it’s been a long wait, but Amazon has finally released the new, upgraded and improved Kindle e-book reader. Dubbed the third generation Kindle by Amazon, there are a number of improvements.

The latest enhancements on display in the Kindle 3 seem likely to appeal to most e-book reader fans. It keeps the same 6″ e-ink technology screen, but the display’s contrast has been improved by 50%, which should make reading even better. The speed of page turns, already good for the Kindle 2.0, has been made 20% quicker.

The outside dimensions of the reader are reduced by 21% and the weight is just 8.7 ozs – a 15% reduction. Battery life with the Wi-Fi off is now a month, and even with Wi-Fi turned on a ten day life is expected. Memory capacity has been increased by a factor of 2 to 4 GB, sufficient for around about 3,500 books. So the new Kindle is smaller, lighter, easier to read, has a longer battery life and allows users to carry a small personal library with them wherever they go. What more could you wish for in a mobile electronic device?

For many, a color screen might have been one item on their wish list. However, whilst Amazon have been working on a color e-ink technology display, it simply isn’t ready for commercial release at this time. Perhaps this might be incorporated in the next Kindle 4 release. There is no SD slot available for memory expansion – a feature which some users may have hoped for. Nevertheless, considering that the memory capacity is now at 4GB, most people won’t suffer too much as a consequence of this.

In addition to the various upgrades, Amazon have adjusted the price downwards and introduced a new Wi-Fi only model for those who don’t anticipate the need for a 3G connection. Just $ 139 will get you the new entry level Wi-Fi only model, with the 3G plus Wi-Fi version on sale at $ 189. The new Kindle 3 now comes in graphite, the same as the new DX model, as well as the original white.

Amazon has also opened a dedicated UK Kindle store on their British website. UK customers will no longer need to get their Kindles shipped from the States. To begin with the UK Kindle store will have 400,000 Kindle books available. It seems reasonable to suppose that Amazon may consider opening other dedicated Kindle stores for its other “local” websites in France, Germany etc. in the future.

Sales of the Kindle 3 are high. Prospective customers face a wait of around about 4 weeks before their readers are shipped at the moment. It does begin to look as if reports of the Kindle’s demise, as a result of the launch of Apple’s iPad, were somewhat premature. The latest upgrades, the reduced prices and the fact that there is no monthly connection charge, will appeal to many potential customers. It looks as though the launch of the third generation Kindle may serve as a timely reminder of just how influential Amazon are, and will continue to be, in the world of e-books and digital publishing in general.

Check out the Amazon Kindle for yourself and view the wide range of Kindle accessories available to help you personalise your reader.

The Coolest Electronics To Focalise In 2011

Mobile Phones : Mobile phones are probably the most popular consumer convenience available today. In 2010 we regarded the launching of the 1st Super Amoled screens & 1GHz central processing unit with the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S & Samsung Wave 8500 which was believed to be the best processor & best screen on a fluid. But just a week into the New Year we have got a line these tumbled with launching of Motorola ATRIX & LG Optimus 2 X with 1GHz Dual core C.P.U.. Samsung too declared the Infuse 4G with a Super AMOLED Plus engineering that should lead to picture quality yet sweeter than ahead. LG Optimus Black has the groundbreaking Wi Fi lineal characteristic that allows users to link devices through Wi Fi connexions without the need of a Wi Fi hotspot. But LG was n’t filled by Wi Fi Direct but it too added the world’s brightest screen and the first 2 mega picture element video-call photographic camera added inside this pioneer device. Motorola ATRIX comes with a Biometric fingerprint reader which is actually cool & utile to maintain secrets a secret. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is a highly rumoured telephone set which is set to be freeing at The Mobile World Congress this February. It’s a touchscreen telephone with dedicated keys for gambling on a slider board. With the class already of to a mind-blowing commence its instantly the play of Apple to yarn dye with its Iphone. Nokia in the recent years looks to be dawdling behind when it comes to starting times & that’s the case this year also.

Tablets : Last twelvemonth Apple laid the ball rolling in the lozenges marketplace it the I-pad & then Samsung followed suit with it’s on Galaxy Tab. These where the solitary 2 options in 2010. But this yr its a whole new ball game. RIM is stated to put down the tab market with their selfsame rim BlackPad PlayBook, Medallion to come into it with the Palm Pad Hurricane, Motorola another giant to record, HORSEPOWER already rendered conception models of the HP Slate. & Notion Ink the Indian company commenced by a few technical school IIT-KGP to bring the Go. Apple should to launch the Ipad2 like any Apple production it is expected to be a game record changer. Samsung is besides not likely to give-up on their successful Galaxy Series & sets to plunge better frameworks with Super Amoled video displays & threefold inwardness-es hopefully.

3 D : 3 D has been hither for a few classes forthwith & Embodiment put it in the vanguard after its epic poem success but there was no existent substance to ascertain except that. But straight off ask more 3D TVs to come out as there is more content available & it will be much cheaper. As well watch out for more 2D to THREE D TVs from Samsung & others that converts 2D content into 3 D .3 D photographic camera’s are already out in the market & instantly JVC has rolled out the first consumer 3 D camcorder in the world that is capable of memorializing in full HD which is actually cool for those who can give it .3 D without glasses is not a remote dreaming as Nintendo is set to plunge the Nintendo 3DS this class. This is a must have for the game-a-holics.

Other things to look out for : Televisions : The idiot box is set to become a lot smarter. The Andriod onrush is on & it all placed to catch the TVs as well after creating print on the mobile phone & tab marketplace. Videos might at once come with pre-installed Google TV or you can buy a set-top box with Google TV much like Apple TV. The remote control will be used to access the Andriod market place & download apps. There are no official promulgation notwithstanding but it would be moderately cool to have a smart box. Besides anticipate the usual the TV’s to get bigger & thinner and the displays to get brighter, better & crisper.

Watches : The new Nike + Sports Watch GPS utilizes the Nike + sensing element based in the shoe for trailing time, rate, distance, small calories burnt as well as heart rate.

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