Article by Andrew Beene

There are only three things that humans must do while on earth. Pay the tax, serve fellow humans, and developing Human Nature. It’s more than grand when we redecorate what is already amazing. The never-ending search for betterment through reshaping nature brings comfort to humans as long as the purpose comes in good faith, not great profit. Whether the project involves building up drip irrigation in Cerritos, a solar-powered electric generator in New Jersey, or natural air-conditioning in Dubai, the objective entails human society development and nature protection at the same time.

The use of enhancement of human lives and properties with respect to the responsible utilization of natural resources has become possible with the use of technology. What’s fascinating is that from the primitive humans, we evolved to maximize nature’s power by smartly investing in education, hard work, and wit. Today, we even improve the new materials. At first, we stopped the great river currents and build irrigations. Now, one landscape contractor Long Beach-based doll these up by building drip irrigation in Huntington Beach and drip irrigation in Orange County.

The possibility is endless. Landscape drain systems Long Beach companies never stopped developing California to give way to more and more innovation in widening the public’s demand for superior and modernized environment. Drip irrigation in Huntington Beach proves this fact.

Technology does harm the Earth. The global climate change evidently shows its power. The misuse of technology results to the effect of global warming. Humans made the error. Thinking about this, it took us millions of years to achieve our current brilliance in the act of creating and destroying things. For the past three hundred years, humans discovered and invented great things. High technology is all around us. Isn’t it obvious that it would only take some time to save this planet using the same or even higher technology? Technology is not created out of greed. Maybe that’s the picture as of now. But this same technology will save the future if we use it now.

Tax is here to stay for now, but humans and nature may perish. It’s up to us really. We either make the choice of making this world burn to ashes or enjoy that sweet scent of morning breeze that came not from synthetic products but from the breathe of Mother Nature. Choices are made for the common good. It may not be happening since profit-making is in every corner. But it’s not supposed to stay that way. Like Obama said, “Yes We Can.”

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