Technology: a teacher’s best friend

Article by Kevin O Brien

Teaching is a hard but rewarding job with a great deal of effort and belief going into teaching the next generation. At time it can be trying, at times it can be difficult and at times it can be downright irritating, but on the whole it is one of the most worthwhile jobs one can do.

Teaching the next generation about the world and guiding them through the various pitfalls and hiccups of life and learning is both a privilege and an honour.

By choosing to teach, teachers are giving their present to the future generation. From every class comes the next generation’s researchers, scientists and leaders. By nourishing them with information and guidance teachers are, in an obscure way, ensuring the survival of humankind.

Learning and understanding the mistakes of the past in order to avoid repeat such mistakes in future is of great import and will give youngsters a firm grounding in the core values one should hold by the time adulthood is reached.

Teaching can be, by all accounts, a difficult job at times. Knowing how to keep the youngsters interested in some of the drier essential subjects can be extremely trying and some methods which work in other subjects may not work here.

Textbook learning is a fine example of something which can be improved upon; it can often be dry, dusty and boring and children in this day and age can often struggle to connect and engage with dusty, old tomes of yore.

Children these days want technology, technology and more technology! That which will most grab their attention is the thrice mentioned keyword to every child’s heart and, more importantly, their minds.

The meteoric rise of technology has been embraced with open arms by children of the younger generation who know little about what life was like before the internet and could not fathom not being able to send numerous texts a day to their family and friends. So here lies the key: interactivity and technology.

It seems destined to eventually end up at the point where children will do all their learning on computers and so integration, to a degree, along these lines seems like the logical course to pursue.

Interactive whiteboards are a step on the road to such pastures and they will aid the cohesion of your classes learning no end with many different features and applications meaning that you are able to switch up your lessons and most importantly keep the little blighters’ attention for more than twenty seconds!

Look for interactive whiteboard resources on the internet where you will also find free lesson plans.
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