Ten Great Careers For Computer “Geeks”

by Scott Beale

The universal popularity of computers into our daily lives, both at the job at house, has reduced the image of computer consumers to be “geeks.” The word geek itself has evolved a bit – going from meaning a socially inept individual who gets along better with computers than individuals, to somebody who is an expert with computers, a guru even. In truth, countless computer service businesses use the name geek in their nomenclature as a result of this new meaning.

Not everyone who is adept in utilizing a computer is a geek, but there are individuals available that are thus interested in computers so perfectly versed in them, they wear the title geek with delight. Many of they might not have had formal training. They’ve been playing with computer hardware, or software because they were 10 years of age. So what if you do in the event you have this form of computer knowledge? A several years ago, it was easy to receive a perfectly paying computer job, without any post secondary knowledge. Advances in development, the dot-com implosion and wider popularity of development doesn’t create it thus effortless anymore. The advantageous information is, you don’t want a 4 year degree to secure a effectively paying job in the computer field. Even if you’re not a self professed computer geek, in the event you have an interest in a computer job, here are some superior fields to research.

Computer Networking

Computer networking jobs entail designing, repairing and keeping PC networks, generally in a company setting. There is not any industry standard for software, but Microsoft dominates, with Novell taking a remote next destination. Cisco dominates the category in hardware routers. Courses of research accessible include A+ (standard computer hardware), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator), Novell Netware and Cisco Certification.

Career positions in this category include network shape, network management and network protection. Depending found on the company, a computer networking expert will do all, or a few of these responsibilities.

Computer Security

Computer protection is another growing field. Many companies have built networks, sites and become reliant on computer development, without employing safeguards to safeguard their information. There are numerous malevolent computer geeks available who attack systems, or software for fun, interest or profit. Data extortion is today a usual organized crime system for the Russian mafia!

Security violations have built unique jobs in network safety and software development. Courses of research are mostly in Microsoft goods and software development languages like Visual Basic, C++, .web, compiler and assembly languages.

Career positions in this category include network safety, software programming, internet shape, internet development and webpage management (host side).


The approval of computers into company has built a desirable need for databases. Almost every industry has a need for databases for advertising, customer retention and daily operations. Industries like banking, insurance, hospitals and utilities completely depend on them. Terrorism threats have built hot regulations, like the Patriot Act, that need a database of all foreign nationals who enter the nation.

Creation of these databases relies on software, primarily developed by Oracle for big scale databases, Microsoft SQL for online applications and Microsoft Access for small scale and custom applications.

Jobs in the database category include information architects, database administrators and info systems managers.

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