The Benefits of Digital Printing

The advancement and development of technology during the last decade has brought a great deal of technical innovations, many more options and new capabilities to the commercial printers of today. With this new surge of technology there is usually some confusion attached. An awareness of exactly where digital printing comes from, the advantages it offers right now and just how it compares to other methods of printing, is critical in making the right choice when it’s time to click on that print button.

Right now, probably the most popular high volume commercial printing technique is offset lithography. In offset printing, the image that is getting printed is first of all burned onto a plate and is then copied (or offset) from the plate, onto a rubber blanket, then finally on the printing surface. The complete lithographic process is effective as a consequence of the qualities of oil and water and the way they interact with each other.

The image that is getting printed obtains the ink from the ink rollers, even while the non-print areas attract a thin film of water, making it possible for those areas to remain ink-free. When using offset lithography you receive a nice, clean image however there are plenty of mechanical steps that are required to get the final product and that can be tedious.

Digital printing does away with quite a lot of those mechanical actions that are required for conventional printing, including producing the films and color proofs, putting the pieces together and creating plates. This makes for a really streamlined process in regards to printing. It in addition enables every single print to be precisely the same because the printer doesn’t have to balance the flow of ink and water during the press run.

There are various advantages that digital printing has over the competition and it’s all based around the simple fact that it is more convenient and accessible for daily printing. It can be less expensive, lower volume printing yet despite the fact that each piece might cost more then offset printing, when setup expenses are introduced as well, digital printing provides a much lower cost for each unit for really small runs. Yet another benefit is the variable data printing capacity, which is a type of customizable printing where using information from an external file or database permits text and graphics to be modified on each piece without the need of slowing down the printing process. This kind of printing is mostly utilized for marketing, customer relations and direct mail marketing and will speed up the whole process.

With the amount of advancement in commercial printing it is even easier then ever to print out our favorite photos, reports and birthday cards and the advancement of printing digitally is definitely the reason.

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