The Best RSS Readers for the Verizon iPhone 4

When people decide to purchase a smart phone, they expect it to be able to accomplish any task they demand of it. For so far, the iPhone has yet to be unimpressive. The phone can email, text, edit documents, surf the web, as be used as a controller. The one thing that many people complained that was not available on many phones was the ability to access their RSS Feeds. The convenience of using RSS feeds is that users can have access to news updates and updates from any website that supports RSS.

The ways customizing your phone are limitless, especially for the iPhone 4. Now that the iPhone 4 is available under the Verizon 4G network, more customers are now able to access this Apple technology that everyone loves so much. Some of the new things that come with the new network are the accessories. Some of the most popular of these accessories are the cases and the screen protector. These accessories, along with many others, will provide customers with everything they need to customize their phone.

RSS Runner is a great applications for the iPhone. Many users will now have access to whatever feed they would like. All they have to do is input the web address of the website that they want to receive updates on and then the application will update the feed each time they open the application. Another great thing about this app is that anyone that uses it can export their feeds. This means that if they want a particular feed on their computer all they have to do is export by emailing the addresses of the website to an email address. The users also have the ability to search for a particular subject. This is particularly useful when there are many feeds to sort through.

NewsStand is another great app users to try. It is not one of the highest ranking news apps in Apple’s App Store for no reason. This app has one of the easiest to use configurations available and offers users a wide arrangement of options to choose from. For most users, they find that it works the best because it can import feeds from Google Reader. Google Reader is one of the most used readers for the computer and this application for the iPhone is the equivalent of Google Reader only in a mobile format.

Overall, people love the idea of being able to carry their news with them anywhere that they choose to go. It provides a convenience that many other mobile devices do not currently offer. Being able to choose what website that a person receives updates on is a great way for phone users to know exactly what is going on with their favorite site. This is perhaps the best for sports fans because they can follow the news about their favorite team without having to open a web browser.

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