The Dilemma of an Xbox 360 With No Picture

Article by Jack Bush

 The Dilemma of an Xbox 360 With No Picture

The popularity of the Xbox 360 is not what is on your mind when it gives you no picture. Isn’t the video extremely important to play video games?The fact is that at times Xbox 360 can lose video feed. Basically, overheating is a problem.Inside the Xbox console are many high tech electronics. The much needed air that cools off the various parts does not have much wiggle room in the console with all those electronics crammed in there. Long periods of playing the system results in intense heat buildup which in turn leads to no picture.

The Xbox 360 no picture problem can generally be fixed. A simple fix is to turn it off for an hour. It should be cooled down enough to play then.If you can avoid overheating any more, you should have perfect picture. Further overheating will result in no picture once again. Having to stop playing their favorite games is irritating to any gamer whether this problem is serious or not (which it is not).

Apparently the clamps holding the GPU to the motherboard do not like heat and loosen their grip when it gets too hot. You lose video when it gets so hot and the clamps get so loose that the graphics processor unit becomes detached from the motherboard breaking the electrical connection. Still having the problem? Consider sending it to a Microsoft repair center where they can fix it. If your warranty is voided for any reason, then you could be paying $ 150 out of pocket. The wait for the repairs is around six weeks.

Try improving the flow of air around your system before you send it off. Do not store it or play on it while on a bookshelf or in a cabinet.Keep your console away from other electronics as they also generate heat. Air circulation can be improved just by opening a window and sitting your console near by. Keeping the air moving by way of a small fan is a great method of keeping the airflow constant.

Having decided to use a repair guide and shop online, you need to keep caution as a close friend. You will find that there are some good guides out there online, but that there are some really bad ones that you need to avoid. Find out what others have used and which ones they recommend. No need to do what others have already done. Consider what your friends have experienced. All you want is your xbox 360 no video problem gone and your system able to play games.

If you choose not to send your console away to Microsoft and pay them to fix it and not play for two months, then you can choose to repair it yourself. The xbox 360 3 red lights fix guide is here to help you. More information can be found in the review on James Dean’s xbox 360 3 red light fix

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If you don’t want to give 0 to Microsoft service center or wait for 2 months to Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix. Here is your step by step professional Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix Guide. Read the James Dean’s Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Review for more…

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