The Mobile Marketplace – iPad or Other?

Technology continues to move forward apace. And today we are comfortable with mobile device technologies that enables us the speed of the flash drive yet furthermore provides the processing force and full graphical features of the full blown PC or computer.

No longer really a costly toy, the iPad has morphed the handheld marketplace into anything that is similar to a full PC answer. Initially the iPad with its screen keyboard and cute qualities appeared nothing over a glorified Kindle book reader.

The iPad was too big to be a ‘phone and Apple didn’t even provide it a camera! But, when Samsung delivered the Galaxy Tab and Dell came out with all the Streak 7 it appears to pretty firmly vindicate the Apple iPad’s existence. Both the Dell and Samsung Tablets run Android the working program that Google showed amazing understanding to be in 2005. Gene Muster, Piper Jaffray’s top marketplace analyst has been quoted as suggesting he expects mobile advertising to hit $1.3 billion by 2012.

This real query is this, excluding working program truly the only real graphic difference is the scale of the screen with all the Tab and Streak opting for 7″ up against the 10″ (9.7″) screen of the iPad.

In this example it’s a case that the size changes everything. While the Tab as well as the Streak functionally will possibly match the iPad their appearance is the fact that of oversized phones, big enough for individual utilize but not capable of providing the watching experience a 10″ screen is capable of. In a mobile planet size actually does matter.

It’s that single element that moves the iPad into a different league.

Ideally firms are searching to supply customer facing employees with a easy intuitive interface requiring minimal training, which enables the servicing of customers. The mobile device App formatting fits that specification.

A easy part of software that is part certain providing the employees with ALL the needed info to “close the deal”. Examples of the are account managers with customer info, a healthcare rep who offers a marketing movie to play and records the information of the call or perhaps a door to door representative who can receive the contract finalized with a finger as well as the then utilizing 3G, send the contract instantly.

Now, an application is tailored to become a consumer friendly graphical interface. Both your staff and your customer can see info in a normal and recognisable structure. The application has a company procedure via a series of logical and intuitive screen methods that “lead” the company task and take it through to its all-natural conclusion, for illustration a fresh sale or contract signing. This really is why you want that additional screen size!

At this hurdle all but the iPad fall, and when connected to improvements in the due to be introduced iPad2 including back and front cameras and an SD slot, a device of that magnitude can supply bar code scanning and product recognition, providing the appropriate application is added.

So, you’re the Sales Director seeking efficiencies and to maximize sales. You have your sales team sorted out with iPads along with a Sales Force Automation application (SFA app). What are the pros? Simply this. You sales force will today sit down with your customers and see their whole history. What they purchased last time, what quantities and just how much they paid. They may run modern product demos while they sit with all the customer and answer concerns, they may show new organization promo videos. They could scan in barcodes and re-order with instant customer signal off for faster delivery. How much time might this conserve your sales force and just how much might it strengthen your sales?

To signal a contract you customer just has to run their finger across the screen and it’s completed. An e-mail copy is automatically transferred to the customer and, better nevertheless the transaction is transferred instantly to your purchase program both time and place stamped.

More effective purchases from a device that refuses to should be booted up, real time linking to a live program with 3G correspondence and, where the connection is absent, a cache program to permit function to continue, plus e-mail, Skype and all alternative correspondence norms.

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