The Negative Effects of Technology on the Planet – Our Cultural Vision is Driving the Destruction

by The DEMO Conference

The bad effects of development are many. In our march to progress we have degraded the all-natural globe. Forests are chopped down, topsoil is washed away, canals are polluted and our waste is left in the oceans.

On the surface this appears to be a fairly latest issue. If we went back 100 or 210 years it might appear that mankind treads very lightly found on the world. On face value the culprit is commercial development. But this really is not the case. The culprit is our cultural vision; our cultural vision wields technologies in a destructive fashion.

Prior to civilization all cultures found on the world saw themselves as belonging to the world; they were a piece of it. These cultures had differing levels of technologies. Some were quite crude, others very complex.

But the damaging effects of technologies were non existent. All development was exercised within certain all-natural regulations. Civilization changed this. Instead of seeing guy as a piece of nature persons saw guy as a separate and high purchase of being. So the rest of nature simply existed as a resource for man’s benefit.

Due for this world-view civilization utilized their technologies to subjugate nature. Indigenous societies not did this. Utilizing technologies in purchase to bend nature to man’s will is what creates bad effects. The damaging effects of technologies are not inherent in the technologies itself; it is actually what we utilize it for that is the problem.

For almost all of civilization’s history the damaging effects of technologies were localized. When the Phoenicians ruined the forests of what exactly is today Lebanon the trauma was localized. When the Greeks and Romans collapsed due to the exploitation of their land with advanced technologies the impact was localized.

Destruction of the all-natural environment has been happening since the birth of civilization yet it really is just today that we are seeing it on a international scale. Our commercial development has progressed to the point where we may do more damage in 100 years than we may in 10,000. But again this might be not a condition of the technologies. It is that our cultural vision sees us as separate from nature that enables us to destroy it.

Nobody knows if commercial development is sustainable because we have not utilized it in a sustainable way. But maybe it’s potential to do thus.

The technique our culture operates is unsustainable. If we cannot discover a method to work a complex society within all-natural regulations then we’ll inevitably return to a much easier existence. We cannot blame technologies for our own shortcomings. We are carrying the development so it happens to be as much as us to employ it for wise and not for the destruction of the world.

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