The Newly Released BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry’s new Torch smart phone is a popular device which has gotten quite a bit of media attention around its launch. The Torch is BlackBerry’s representation to be on par with the latest Android phones and iPhone. While Blackberry has still retained a respectable amount of market share, they have completely lost media hype and have been relegated to being the default corporate phone.

The Torch has a number of firsts. It is the first BlackBerry slider phone with their new OS 6. Traditionally, BlackBerry has been known for having dedicated keyboards. They did go to a touch screen model with the BlackBerry Storm; however that was never a very successful phone.

The Torch keeps a dedicated keyboard, but hides it with a slider feature, thus moving on to the new touch-screen format while still maintaining the functionality of their full keyboard. The screen is a capacitive touch screen with a half VGA resolution. Unlike the Storm, the Torch has a very responsive and successful touch screen.

The new operating system provides a number of benefits. Most notable is the new Webkit based browser, which offers a nicer web browsing experience. Although BlackBerry was the first phone to utilize internet access, they never upgraded their browsing experience which kept them way behind the loop against other smart phones. In addition to the noticeably better browsing experience, the user interface has been improved. Large icons make good use of the limited screen space, and it is easy not only to navigate the phone, but also to customize it to make it more personal and easier to use.

Although the Torch is a very good phone, users may still wish to purchase accessories, just like with any other phone. Accessories which a user may want to consider purchasing include cases and screen protectors. If you mind the bulkiness of this device, then you might want to consider buying a thin case.

With that said, it is safe to note that the Torch is a great device. It really makes some much-needed improvements to the BlackBerry line of phones to help make them more modern and more competitive. The Torch is at least as good as many other smart phones, although unfortunately it may not be better. Maybe this wasn’t the direction that Blackberry wanted to go in, but it ended up being a good direction from a consumers point of view.

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