The Playstation Move Isn’t Just For The Kiddies

Sometimes adults get so caught up in the day to day activities of adulthood that we forget to stop and have some fun along the way. The Move for Sony’s Playstation 3 is a great way to get some exercise and have some fun with the family. All three major companies; Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, have their own unique version of a motion controlled console game. Choosing the best for your situation is as simple as reading about them online.

Ease of Installation

The Playstation Move works with Playstation 3 consoles only. It’s a very small device that plugs into one of the Playstation 3′s USB ports. That’s it. Step two would be to turn the controller on and start playing; if you needed step by step instructions.

Ease of use and affordable price tag make a package that’s great for any age or level of technical knowledge. It came as no surprise to true Playstation fans to hear that Sony shipped more than one million Moves during the first 30 days of ability. Only 24 games were available at the time, but that list has grown quite a lot in the last few months.

The Playstation Move’s Eye

The Eye is the sensor for the Move. Controllers that resemble an ice cream cone are calibrated depending on the game being played. Most games request that you calibrate at different areas like your shoulder, hip and belt line. The Eye uses this calibration to know where the controller is in relation to your body.

The Eye is used to take victory pictures in addition to allowing players to move and play their favorite games. It records and reads movements at about 60 frames per second or fps. The human eye won’t easily detect any lag or jumping frames; 60 fps is relatively fluid for gaming and movies.

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinetic is relatively easy to set up, but takes more time to calibrate due to the fact it has no actual controllers. You are the controller with the Kinect. Two cameras detect multiple people and even zoom automatically to allow room for more people in a video conference.

The Nintendo Wii is often considered a console that’s designed more for the kiddies due to the cartoon-like avatars and most of the available games. The controllers are lightweight and easy to use. Setup and calibration are simple as well.

Make it a Family Fun Night

The Move Bundle is full of great family games for a night of fun right out of the box. Set up your Move, calibrate the controller and start playing. It really is that simple. Controllers usually reach full charge in 30 to 45 minutes. To avoid running out of power soon after starting your fun night, consider charging the controller while preparing snacks.

Two controllers add to the fun. The Move Bundle includes the Eye, 1 controller and a sports package. Wield a sword or other weapon with a single controller; add easier shield movements with a second controller for the Gladiator Challenge. Play against each other without having to trade a single controller if you decide to add a second controller for about $ 50.

Create Competition between Family and Friends

The sports game that comes with the Move Bundle is just the beginning. Other games available include EyePet, Heavy Rain, bowling and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Nearly 35 available titles make owning a Playstation 3 with Move the perfect way to create some good competition between family and friends on game night.

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