The Pros And Cons of The X-Box Console

Many critics and gamers consider the X-box 360 console as the greatest gaming console out on the market today. However, if you are still thinking about whether or not to get the 360, here is the X-box 360 console review to let you in on the pros and cons of having the console system.

The pros of the Xbox 360 console:

The graphics is arguably the best among the gaming consoles. Graphics are clear, sharp and crisp, making the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

There is a better selection of games and accessories as compared to the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. The selection of PS3 games is not that plenty and varied, while many Nintendo Wii games are crap.

The xbox console is considerably cheaper than the PlayStation version: selling at a retail price of only US 9.00 as compared to the PS3 price of US 9.00.

The extra HD DVD drive for the 360 console allows you to watch quality DVD movies in it, which you can buy for around US 9.00

The X-box 360 gaming console also comes with the Xbox live console. If you sign up for the feature, you can download games, music, TV shows, movies, etc., and also allows you to play online multiplayer games.

The X-box 360 console features wireless controllers, as well. It makes playing much easier, which can work up to 4 headsets and 4 wireless controllers simultaneously.

If the xbox 360 console sounds good so far, here are the present cons:

Although the price of the console is relatively cheaper than its competitor, the price is still considered a bit much to most gamers, especially to those on a budget.

Most games in X-box 360 gaming are PG-13-often violent and hardcore. If you aren’t into that, then you do not have many choices of games of other genres.

The power source is ugly, bulky and heavy. It doesn’t go too well with the sleek look of the console. Plus, you will have to be very careful where you place it. The power source tends to overheat and is a potential fire hazard.

The console is known to be considerably loud when playing. It can be annoying especially if you’re only playing a DVD movie. The solution is to turn down the volume so you wouldn’t have to hear the noise that much.

The ultimate decision will of course be all up to you. Depending on your wants and needs, you can choose whether you will really need the 360 console. Think carefully and do your research if you’ll enjoy it. If you’re buying it as a present, see if the receiver will also enjoy it. After all, the fun and enjoyment level should be on top of your mind at all times when considering a gaming console.

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Written by jdweber_10

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