Top 5 Popular Xbox 360 Console Problems

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by yum9me

Are you facing Xbox 360 problem? Well, you certainly are not alone. There are several common problem which experienced by Xbox 360 gamers, one of the them is Xbox 360 RROD (Red Ring Of Death) error. Here listed the top five Xbox 360 glitches, causes of happen and some repairing tips:  

1. E74 error – AV Cable : This should be easy fixed problems. Generally, e74 error more related to AV cable, so you can try to use a different AV cable. If it doesn’t work, it could be due to encoder chip. If after changes the AV cable working then there is 90% chance it cause by scalar chip problem which the “ANA” and “HANA” chip connected directly to the AV cable.
2. E64 to E66 errors – DVD Drive: Easy settle problem which due to DVD drive disconnected or the cable which connected to DVD loosen. You just need to re-connect back the DVD drive to the boot.
  3. Power Supply – This could due to PSU or GPU/CPU problems. Mainly that Xbox 360 console not able to get clean power from the power supply. You can try to get a new power brick and turn on back your console.

4. E67 & E79 errors – Hard Drive: Both errors code indicated that problem may come from hard drive itself or a problem with the internal connection to the hard drive. You can try to remove the hard drive and playing the Xbox 360 without it. You may also need to check console’s eProm, e67 and e79 may due to missing or eProm corrupted.

5. E73 error – General hardware: Related to famous Red Ring of Death problem. E73 error can due to several possibility and multiple causes. The highest potential suspected culprit is a short/bad cold solder joint related to RAM, GPU and CPU chips. Thing become worst when the console getting overheating.The bad solder joints encounter the high amount of heat generated cause the weaken and possibility the solder connection to break. There surely a way to solve this issue by fix the X-clamps that hold down the CPU and GPU chip to seated evenly. Another way deals with over heating the console and basically trying to re-solder the broken chip pins. Do not attempt either of these fixes if your Xbox 360 is under warranty. Send it in and let them fix or replace the unit.

With the professional and quality Xbox 360 repair guide, you’ll be able to save both time and money on repairs, and of course you will be able to continue on enjoying playing with some of your favorite Xbox 360 games. If you have an problematic XBox 360 and out of warranty, get a quality information Xbox 360 repair guide which can get your Xbox 360 back on action in no times.

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