Troubleshooting Xbox 360 Problems

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by zebi

Xbox 360 problems happen all too often for console users. One minute you’re enjoying your favorite game, the next minute your console shuts off unexpectedly. There are a number of problems that cause this to happen and I will discuss a few of them.

There are three main problems that users usually face. These problems are the red ring of death, disc read errors and console overheating.

The Red Ring of Death refers to the circle of 3 red lights that flash around your console’s power button. This means that there is some sort of hardware issue. You will not be able to play any games or even access the dashboard until the problem is fixed.

There are a few Disc Read Errors that can occur:

CD or game is not detected at all
CD or game is detected as “unreadable”
Disc tray will not open or will not close

Console Overheating is pretty self explanatory.

Something is disrupting the console from getting the required amount of air circulated to cool the system.

So How Can We Troubleshoot These Problems?

The good news is that all of the above problems can be fixed. Follow one of the two solutions below.

Send the Console Back to Microsoft – If you still have a warranty Microsoft will fix the console free of charge. If you do not, you could be charged 0 or more to have it fixed. The entire process takes around 4-8 weeks.
Sign Up For a Repair Guide – This is another great solution. Repair guides typically cost -, but almost always offer a money back guarantee. You will learn how to personally diagnose and fix the majority of problems that your console could face. Some guides even guarantee that your console will be fixed within 1 hour.

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