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 TV computer how to pick one machine   television, computers, computer monitors   Network Appliance I

Appliances School Preparation moving, Miss Lee, now the room is small, only put a TV in the living room, and her husband can always go to war to fight: the wish to watch the game, that they want to watch Korean dramas, Miss Li, the would like to add more in the bedroom altogether TV! But the computer how to do? If you have one machine like a computer, TV dual-use, thinking about how to change to how change. Available to the store and saw Miss Li committed a hard: Promoters say that the flat-panel TV can be used as a basic computer monitor, and then how should one choose? Step one: a clear understanding ofPC TV is not the same asFact, in theory, as long as a computer display interface, TV used as display is very simple; the other hand, if a TV card, computer monitor is easy to use and watch television. However, the actual situation is far from simple, because people for the requirements of the computer and TV shows or be different. Computer television body machine purchase, we must first understand this point. Show on television is that people want it to larger screen, and television show are usually dynamic images, especially sports, the requirements for dynamic display on the higher number of flat-panel TV manufacturers have been in this done here. The computer display is a static display for the more demanding, especially text, images, require a very large precision, but people may not need a very large computer monitors, computer monitors too sometimes uncomfortable but, in general, the daily application Following the 17-inch computer on it. This means that choice when one machine needs to pay attention to the integration of two. Step 2: Select to understand Two functions should take the In fact, the needs of computer television body machine is not the unique needs of Miss Lee. Now, home appliances, IT, communications interoperability between products has increasingly become a trend, the single family television audio-visual features are no longer meet the needs of the consumers. But this is not a simple exchange of television, in graphics, chip, resolution, refresh rate and so need a lot of technical support. Industry experts remind consumers in the purchase computer television body machine, it is best to choose the computer, TV, combining the functions of two chip products, I know that some brands have almost the equivalent of one machine TV to a host computer to move the TV in, so the computer is even more credible in the function. The following parameters in the purchase of one machine should take note: one machine should be a higher refresh rate; resolution at least 1024

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