understanding the Internet

Article by Aank Budi Santoso

Currently you’re accessing the internet. But do you know if the internet is it? Hopefully this short article could make you understand what the internet like that.

Until now there has been no agreement on the internet sense. This occurs because the Internet is something that is very complex. Moreover, the Internet is part of the development of rapid technological change. Internet is meant by the people in the past is not necessarily the same as what is meant in the present, so in the future. For example in the past people said that the Internet is indomie, eggs plus corned beef. So now what?

Although there are diverse understanding of the Internet, according to Daniel H. Purwadi can be drawn a conclusion that describes the basic understanding of the internet in general, namely:

The Internet is a computer network consisting of various sizes worldwide computer network from a PC, local networks of small, medium-class networks, up to the major networks are the backbone of the Internet such as NSFNET, NEARnet, SURAnet , and others. These networks are interconnected with each other or communicate with a protocol based on IP (Internet Protocol, RFC 793) on its network layer (layer 3 of the OSI 7 layer model) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol, RFC 791) or UDP ( User Datagram Protocol, RFC 768) on its transport layer (layer to 4), so that every user of every network are able to access any service or services provided by other networks.

Meanwhile, when reviewed in terms of writing, there are two meanings of the internet, namely:

InternetInternet network (the letter “i” as a small initial letters) is a computer network which connects computers can communicate even if the hardware and software approaches (often also called internet-working)InternetInternet network (the letter “I” of the initial letters) is a network of a set of networks (networks of networks) that consists of millions of computers that can communicate with each other by using a computer network communication rules (protocols) are the same. The protocol used is the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).The first term (with the letter “i” small) is a term used in the early development of the Internet. Along with the increasingly widespread use of internet, the term latter (with the letter “I” large) received by Internet users. Writing changed. From using the letter “I” of the letter “i” small.

With the cross-network communication links on the Internet, every computer in the world there can be terbubung one another. This is what causes the communication on the internet is very liquid. Because the use of the Internet knows no national boundaries, economic status, ideological and other factors that normally can inhibit communication and exchange of information in the real world. For this reason, some people consider the internet as a revolution in the technology field



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