Using Stories to create Software

Article by Don Ovan

 Using Stories to create Software

At Intelligaia, we love writing stories to help create usable softwares. Human stories create an empathic atmosphere of common understanding. Each of our designs has a story to tell. Story telling is an art that we have successfully weaved into our design services

“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever”Storytelling has been around since time began – it was the way people passed down their history and legends before we started writing and storing things. The ancient Vedas are a compilation of stories which are handed over from race to another. Storytelling is a part of life, intrinsic to most cultures. Stories were found to stimulate the imaginations and thinking power of a child. Since then, fairy tales has been a hot favorite amongst children of all ages. Human stories create an empathic atmosphere of common understanding.At TED – one of the most successful platforms for sharing stories the world over, people tell stories to inspire others and see it as an opportunity to engage with others.

At Intelligaia, we love writing stories to help create usable softwares.

Software should empower people. It should make them feel in control. Not confused. Not lost. Interactions Designs play a very important role in ‘defining’ a software or device. Thinking in terms of interactions using device/technology in different settings and environments sets the stage for initiation of the stories. Our wireframe designers take notes from paper prototyping, specs provided by you, reference links, and take calls to understand the product.

Interviewing the customer before we start work on a design project is an integral part of our Design Services. Client briefs are like stories, they have certain tasks which they want done. We create UX Designs around these stories. It is important for the client to believe in our conviction of how to use these stories. To have trust in us to know what is good for their business in terms of design.

Our Interaction Designers visualize these interactions with the engineering team. Decisions regarding design iterations vs design experimentation, who approves the final UI, scope for flexibility of timelines, our process opposed to other processes are facets of various situations that we handle as part and parcel of our design services.

We love to see the stories magically transform into usable software. Our Software Engineers then develop the software. Software that transforms the way the users feel and experience. Software that impact a million! We conduct usability review in a team comprising QA, Usability Experts, and a Designer/UX. This helps us look at the product from different perspectives. We generate reports on our findings like ‘Flow’ starting from new registration, buying a product, display of error messages to how the real estate for a software is used. The work we do makes a huge impact on the final product.

Each of our designs has a story to tell. Story telling is an art that we have successfully weaved into our design services. Would you like to share a story or two? Who knows it may transform the way you think icon smile Using Stories to create Software

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 Using Stories to create Software

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