Utilizing Console Server to Cut Costs

A specific program, console server is used to run on UNIX systems that have many serial ports. These serial ports are used for plugging other machines consoles. Thereafter the software on the primary console server is utilized to control each machine working anywhere on the network. With the help of this, system and network administrators can solve any problem that comes up anywhere on the network. This eliminates the need for them to be present in person at the location where the problem has occurred. Along with the ability to use the server and get access all over the network, a logging report of all the lines is prepared using the console server detailing the information being sent and received all over the lines. There are several consoles that have many connections this way, but to control a server only a single connection is allowed. Remaining connections are in the read format only., even if it is possible to acquire connection control.

What are the advantages such a console control provides?
In present times large corporations employ IT managers and system administrators who maintain computers across locations and handle own intranet.

Such a network may involve thousands of computers placed all over the building or across the city,.that have to be taken care of. If to fix the problem at any of the location, system administrator is deployed all the time then it will require spending massive amounts to run the network properly, especially if many systems administrators have to be employed and paid salaries.

The advantage that a console server provides include cutting down on traveling expenses of system administrators. They can locate, check and diagnose wherever there is a problem in a computer across the vast network. Their presence at the place where the problem is located away from the central location is never needed. By eliminating the need to travel not only time and money is savedbut a single administrator can be used for multiple diagnostic tasks on the network.

What are the initial costs involved in installing console server to run a network?
While it is true that the initial expenditure would be high for a console server, the benefits provided by them are too many to worry over the expenses alone. It has to be kept in mind that this initial spending can be recovered easily within a few years on the salaries and expenses that would have to be paid to the IT managers and system administrators. By using the console switch to remotely control the network, the tasks that would require several IT administrators can be accomplished by a single system administrator from a central location. With the savings made in the salary and traveling, the operating cost to run and maintain a big network works out to be negligible. In case the network is very large then  two-three servers may be required that can add up to the initial cost.

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