Video Conference: Remote technology to create innovation and development – video conferencing, innov

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 Video Conference: Remote technology to create innovation and development   video conferencing, innov

HC TV Network  Information: 2010 is to promote the economic structural adjustment, change the development mode to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, a key year. At present, international Financial The crisis is not over, the world economy into major changes, and major adjustments. History tells us that overcoming the crisis and achieve economic recovery depends on the power of technology. Technology innovation is not only a response to the international financial crisis a powerful weapon, is an inexhaustible motive force sustained economic prosperity.

? 2010 1 11 Wen Jiabao “2009 annual national science and technology awards”Text: “Wave of new technology in the world,” Premier Wen Jiabao said at the meeting on current trends in the world economy, expressed the hope to advance China’s economic path of “innovation-driven, endogenous growth” path. This economic entities in all areas of China pointed out the way forward: technology development is the mainstream trend, to win the opportunity to use the power of technology and development.

Specific to the practice, to really high-tech into business productivity, improve enterprise efficiency and efficient, the technology used for the business results will be even more attention. In the telecommunications field, in recent years Network Video Popular concern about the meeting.

Popularity of the network so that the daily means of communication has undergone a tremendous change, from the initial call to today’s network Communicate, Video conferencing is undoubtedly the most comprehensive range of professional Audio and Video Communications products. It is based on Internet network applications to meet the needs of remote business communication and office, with minimal investment for maximum gain, this is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the video conference.

Now simply log on to the largest network of video conferencing platform, you can experience the first time brought the long-range communications technology fast and practical, platform, 7 * 12 hour online technical support remote assistance, to better ensure you make HD High-fidelity audio and video communications.

As high as the largest network of video conferencing vendors, innovative ideas leading the development of the industry, the first video conferencing system to hire popular way to promote, and in 2009 launched a more mobile, convenient, Environmental protection The “universal-type video conferencing” solutions, and promote further development of video conferencing industry. Clear and vivid sound system, video interface fiber cents in, more and online session with the auxiliary functions, such as Electronic Whiteboards, multimedia players, synchronized presentation, screen sharing, collaborative browsing, conference name, electronic voting, the whole recording session, can accommodate a thousand people attended the meeting, the meeting completely replace the traditional mode of access to energy efficient meeting times.

As high (Seegle) Collaborative video conferencing has good applicability and scalability without the need for expensive hardware and network configuration, you can only access the network carried out by multi-computer video conferencing; In addition, the system support the cascading technique Construction of the scale of flexible meeting, on-demand configuration, so that video conferencing resources in the most rational use of video conferencing users to continue to create more economic value.

Technological innovation, efficient energy saving has become a business advantage in the market whether the key factors that determine the corporate winners and losers in the competition, pros and cons of the “world of new technology wave,” to grasp the main trends, through video conferencing Product innovation and development will create more business opportunities and development.

 Video Conference: Remote technology to create innovation and development   video conferencing, innov

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