What is Microcomputer Hardware

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by debs

In the field of information technology hardware for a microcomputer system consists of a variety of different devices. This physical equipment falls into three basic categories system unit, input or output and secondary storage.  Let us understand the same step by step: -

1) The system unit, also know as the system cabinet or chassis, is a container that houses most of the electronic components that make up a computer system.  Tow important components of the system unit are the microprocessor and memory.  The microprocessor controls and manipulates data to produce information.  Many times the microprocessor is contained within a protective cartridge.  Memory, also knows as primary storage or random access memory (RAM), holds data and program instructions for processing the data.  It also holds the processed information before it is output.  Memory is sometimes referred to as temporary storage because its contents will typically be lost if the electrical power to the computer is disrupted.

 2) The input devices translate data and programs that human can understand into a form that the computer can process. The most common input devices are the keyboard and the mouse.  Out put devices translate the processed information from the computer into a form that humans can understand.  The most common output devices are monitors or video display screens and printers.

 3) Just like the memory, secondary storage devices hold data and programs even after electrical power to the computer system has been turned off. The most important kinds of secondary media are floppy, had, and optical disks.  Floppy disks are widely used to store and transport data from one computer to another.  They are called floppy because data is stored on a very thin flexible, or floppy, plastic disk.  Hard disks are typically used to store programs and very large data files.  Using a rigid metallic platter, hard disks have a much greater capacity and are able to access information much faster than floppy disks.  Optical disks user laser technology and have the greatest capacity. The tow basic types of optical disks are compact discs (CDs) and digital versatile discs (DVDs) which are now commonly used.


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