Why Java application Development?

by TylerIngram

Java is a high-level platform-independent programming code. It may function in distributed environment found on the Internet. Java is supported by GUI feature providing greater feel over C#; however, using Java is further easy. Java is based on an object-oriented language programming model. It also lets developers build applications for online games, video, audio, and chat. Other applications that can be developed using Java are banking applications, 3D image viewing application and shopping carts. Java is a broadly used language for the development of web based applications and e-commerce solutions that depend on corporation computing. Java is also one of widely described and documented languages used for web application development.

Java is based on the WORA concept that means “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. Java software applications are designed and written only once and they can run across any platform. It is supported by Windows, Macintoshes and UNIX computers. Java is also a preferred language for web servers powering a number of interactive websites. If you want to develop a standalone application, Java can provide you required solution. Java also has applets which can be used for creating small applications. You can also use these applets on a web page to interact with it.

Here are some well known features of Java:

•  Simple
•  Architecture neutral
•  Object oriented
•  Portable,
•  Distributable
•  High performance
•  Multithreaded
•  Robust
•  Dynamic and
•  Secure.

Here are some advantages of Java application development:

•  Writing a program in Java is easy and its compilation and debugging is also easy.  It is easy to learn Java than any other programming languages.

•  It is object-oriented thus it can be used for developing module programs and those codes which can be reused in other applications.

•  Java does not mind on which platform you are running it.

It remains platform independent that means it is flexible in nature. A Java program does not differ in functionality and performance on two (or more) completely different platforms.

•  Java is distributable. Applications based on java are designed to work on distributed computing.

•  It is one the securest programming languages providing desired reliability to a program. It can also check possible errors in programming. This job is done by Java compilers that can detect errors of a program during its execution.

•  Java is also the best language for a program supporting and executing several tasks simultaneously. This feature is called multithreading and Java does have this feature.

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