Why PS3 Consoles YLOD and Reduced Functionality

Article by Tom

One particular of the most widespread difficulties with the original release PlayStation 3 is what is known as the yellow light of death.

With the demands of newer generation gaming consoles you can often find that the first edition consoles often have bugs or over time can develop serious hardware failures not only with Sony but Microsoft also. One positive is that the companies overtime do learn from these problems and produce updated consoles which in most cases prevent any known failures from happening, but for the unfortunate people who already own a early model over time the console will fail. Basically the PlayStation 3 has a main problem and is know as either “YLOD” or “Red Flashing Light Of Death” this is caused by the strain/demand placed upon the console and over time heat eventually weakens the solder around the motherboard resulting in cracks and disconnects, this is always around the Main chips on the motherboard.

Sony have used a poor grade solder and a poor grade thermal compound in my opinion and neither of these will help with the lifespan of the console.

I personally have started to offer a repair service as i noticed there was a market for PS3 Repair Brighton.I beleive that the consumer should have more choices than going back to the original manufacturer of the product and paying over the odds for a fix which can also be achieved to the same standard by a skilled individual. Sony do have a reputation of not putting there customers first when it comes to the PS3, however over the years they have managed to get such a devoted set of fans they can nearly do what they want with very little impact upon themselves.

This is shown by over time how Sony have removed the functionality of each console as time has gone by. For example here a few features of the first edition console -

Load Linux onto console

Play PS2 games

4 usb ports at the front

Memory Card Reader

However this has been removed from all the newer consoles, but as i said they have such a devoted fan base and the consumer has already invested their money into the product its to late to turn back…..

If you have liked this article please or have any thoughts on it take a look at my website -

PS3 Repairs Brighton

Any if you have any PlayStation 3 repair questions id be happy to answer them.



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