Why Purpose Dictates The Necessary Audio Visual Equipment To Hire

Corporate events are not all the same. Not only can they range in size, they can also differ in purpose, in location and in the time of day they are held. None of these may seem significant, but each can alter the criteria when it comes to choosing the audio visual equipment for the event, changing the emphasis from lighting to sound and from speakers to video presentations.

 Why Purpose Dictates The Necessary Audio Visual Equipment To Hire

However, regardless of why a conference, meeting or ceremony might be taking place, there is ample variety available from leading audio visual equipment hire companies. The range includes laptops and spot lights, multicore cables and large screens, leaving any business with affordable options to satisfy the range of event solutions.

When it comes to choosing the specific equipment though, there are some things to consider, not least whether the event is to be held indoors or outdoors. These are two very different environments, of course, calling for different sets of solutions. Other factors are the size of the venue, the inclusion of visual presentations, and the motivating factor behind the event. Overall, effective solutions can be found that fits any occasion.

 Why Purpose Dictates The Necessary Audio Visual Equipment To Hire

For an outdoor event, the weather has a huge influence, as well as the time that proceedings are to take place. If it is to be held during daylight, then there is little need for lighting, but sound and quality of structure are important. It is possible, for example, to hire a stand complete with aluminium tripod trusses that can be wound up into position. The stand provides a clear line of vision for the audience to the speakers, while the easily erected tripod allows for a canvass roof that shelters those on stage. A selection of speakers can be accommodated on the stand, while in low light or at night time, lights can be attached to the trusses to illuminate the stage section.

These stands can also be used indoors, but indoors an larger independent structure can be constructed of any required number of trusses. Trusses come in lengths varying from 2 metres to 3 metres, which generally are rented by the section. How many sections are hired depends on budget and space, but they are relatively inexpensive. Lighting plays a much more significant role indoors since it can have a far greater impact, and everything that might be needed to make a lighting show a success, from source lights to the lighting desk can be hired, individually or as a set system.

For the large corporate event, proceedings are often recorded and later edited to create a DVD of the entire conference or ceremony. In order to create the best possible footage, professional cameras, stands and even tacks and dollies are available to hire. The track and dolly will allow a camera to record while moving, giving a hugely impressive sweeping effect. Auto cues are also available, to allow speakers address delegates more directly by not having to look down at notes. For effect, meanwhile, plasma tv screens as large as 50 inches can be placed behind speakers to provide graphic aids for delegates, or supportive imagery.

The motivating factor behind the event simply translates to its purpose. If the event is an awards ceremony, then generally an elaborate lighting system is needed to help create a sense of occasion. Similarly, a sufficient sound system is required to carry the announcement of nominees, as well as the music that may accompany winners as they receive their award. Unless the ceremony is particularly elaborate, it is unlikely that autocues and such will be necessary, but cameras are almost always needed to document the night.

Basically, practically every piece of audio visual equipment that could possibly contribute to the technical success of an event can be hired from a leading av company. From microphones to vision mixers, the audio visual equipment hire options are vast and it is only a matter of finding a company with resources big enough to supply whatever is needed.

While venue and time both clearly have an influence over equipment decisions, purpose is also a factor when trying to choose from the range of event solutions available. However, there is always scope of imagination and ambition, with plenty of hiring options that will see those realised too.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Piranha, a team of av experts who offer the top event solutions as well as audio visual equipment hire. Piranha installs everything from plasma and projections screens, to fully integrated control systems, using the very latest audio visual equipment.

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