Xbox 360 Repair Process – Get That Xbox 360 Repaired

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by bouche

Owning an Xbox exemplifies the fact that you are obsessed with the world of gaming. Definitely the real grip and feel is enhanced by the Xbox 360. But the recent problem that is prevalent in almost every system that was sold is the malfunctioning of the Xbox and the glow of three ‘red rings’ (in the console unit). When this phenomenon occurs, the unit ceases to function and the display freezes. The only Xbox 360 repair process that was available was to send it to Microsoft for a repair which cost around 0 and meant 6 to 8 weeks of ‘NO GAMING’ until recently the problem and its solution was available to the public enabling the repair by themselves.

The problem lies with the overheating of the Xbox stem. So you generally find this problem in systems that have been working for hours together. Though the authenticated process is via Microsoft, people who can’t afford the time or the cost can do it themselves by following some simple steps.

In the Xbox 360 repair process, initially after plugging off the Xbox, remove the face plate and the inner hard disk using the detach knob. The side panels then need to be removed to access the inner parts which can be facilitated by pressing the access ports.

In total, eleven notches need to be removed with four in front that can be removed with your hands and seven at the back which needs a knife to be removed. Make sure you make use of the eject button to remove the top portion and the DVD drive. To access the GPU, layers of electronic components need to be removed with care. The Fans and the RF module cover can be removed with the hand while the module itself needs a screwdriver since it contains three screws in the Xbox 360 repair process.

To reach the GPU, the mother board and heat sinks need to be removed. The problem lies in the overheating of GPU and once this is curbed, the crisis can be averted. The GPU will already contain a thermal coating which needs to be removed and coated with an enhanced thermal compound used judicially. The position of the heat sinks is optimized such that they are safer than they were earlier. Once this is done, re-assemble the entire setup avoiding over tightening of screws and following the steps in the reverse manner. After fixing it up, attach the power adapter and start the Xbox. This should solve the problem of ‘Red Rings of Death’. Detailed manuals and video guides are available for Xbox 360 repair process, online, which give a step by step instruction. 

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