XBox 360 Repairs – Are They Really Possible?

According to some reports, one third of all Xbox 360 consoles will be affected by the red lights problem at some time. Some people even believe that ALL Xbox 360 consoles will fail at some point. What these worrying figures show is that owning a 360 is a rather risky thing to do as there is quite a high chance of something going wrong. As long as this happens when your console is under warranty there’s not too much to worry about as you should be able to get the problem console replaced easily. However, if you, like me, were unfortunate enough to experience the 3 red lights problem after the warranty expired then the whole situation gets a lot worse. There are only two options for those of us in this situation – send the console back to Microsoft for repair or fix the problem at home.

Before I go over whether Xbox 360 repairs are actually possible I will discuss the cause of the red ring of death. It’s actually quite simple, the problem is caused by too much heat in too small of an area. Have you noticed that when you play your 360 it gets extremely hot? In some cases peoples’ consoles have become so hot that they’ve actually been able to fry eggs on the case! All this heat is the result of an inefficient cooling system and can cause major damage to the components. Of course the Xbox 360 is an intelligent gaming system and as soon as damage from the heat is detected the console goes into “lockdown” mode, displaying the 3 red lights to let you know that there is a problem. As long as an Xbox 360 is exposed to excess heat there is a high chance that it will develop the red ring problem, sooner or later.

Some people may choose to send their consoles back to Microsoft for repair. What is important to remember if you choose this approach is that the console you get back won’t be the one you sent away (Microsoft simply send you one of their pre-repaired consoles) Therefore, remember to remove the hard-drive before you send it away so that you have a full backup of save games etc, and remember to remove any discs from the drive as these will NOT be returned. Only send the console itself, no leads, no controllers, no discs, and no hard-drive! The other important thing to note is that the time delay between shipping your console and receiving a refurbished one can potentially be quite large. Between four to eight weeks seems to be the average for gamers living in North America.

So now we come to the main point of this article – discussing whether Xbox 360 home repairs are really possible. From personal experience, I believe that they are possible, I have repaired a number of consoles over the past couple of years with good results. However, I have had prior experience in the electronics industry and therefore know what not to tamper with when it comes to circuitry. Even so, I still think it would be possible for someone with no prior knowledge of the Xbox 360′s electronic components and wiring structure to be able to fix the problem – provided they were given instructions for carrying out the repairs. If you are wanting to get back to gaming as quickly as possible then home Xbox 360 repair is probably the way for you to go.

In this article I have discussed the causes of the 3 red lights problem, namely excessive heat in the small confines of the Xbox 360′s casing which causes the components to heat up too quickly. The pro’s and con’s of shipping your console to Microsoft for repair have also been examined. Finally, my personal opinion of Xbox 360 repairs carried out at home has been revealed. Just to recap – yes, I do think it’s possible to fix a broken Xbox 360 at home.

Find out more about Xbox 360 repairs for – click here now to visit James Phillipson’s Xbox 360 repair website. James Phillipson has worked in the electronics industry for a number of years and has recently started fixing broken games consoles for friends and family members.

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